Peace to the Sky
Sky to the Earth
Earth beneath the Sky
Strength in Everyone.
~ from Morrigu’s Prophecy

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Why some get abducted and not others.

Since at the age of about eight or 10.It is hard to exactly remember going back almost forty years.And who can remember what year anything is at that age.My first experience I remember very well and all the others there after.It started like so many others .I was in bed and woke up to a extreme pain .To the point I could not move my body.It appeared to have a very sharp pain probably were my prostrate is.When I woke up I saw this little orange light in my room going right threw the window.I screamed for my mom.Her bedroom was threw the kitchen about 15 feet away.My pain was gone it was just enough to have woken me up .But then was gone.My mom came in the room and asked why was I screaming I told her of the pain and the light in the room that went out the window.She told me I was having growing pains and a nightmare. A short time after that maybe about a years or so.I was at my uncles house .My cousin was over and we put a tent in the back woods on the tree line about 100 feet from the house. There was no people in the Small town of Shirly Ma at that time. My uncle when it got dark started making ghost noises to scare us .We new it was him. A while later we heard something coming from the woods walking.It sounded like someone blowing in a bottle.I said to my cousin its uncle when he gets close to the tent lets yell real loud and scare him. The sound got close we then screamed.All o0f a sudden my uncle came out from the house and said to be quiet he and my aunt were trying to sleep.We ran to him told him there wa something out there in the woods. He said there were cougars around that he would get a flash light and we would look for tracks.We started walking in the woods looking on the ground .We say nothing.We came to a clearing and there was this white light just hanging about 200 feet or less over the ground.It was about 1000 feet away I am guessing.I said it must be a helicopter.My uncle said no it is not making any noise.Well as a kid I grabbed the flashlight out of his hand and shined it in the direction of the light.It was gone like a bullet as if it was never there. This is just the start of encounters I have had till my last one in November of 2007.Why these things happen I do not know. I am not scared I do not think I am some how better then anyone else.But I am always happier after a experience then before.I do look at it as special.Not some evil plot to take over the world of earth. For with there technology they could have done it already I believe.