Peace to the Sky
Sky to the Earth
Earth beneath the Sky
Strength in Everyone.
~ from Morrigu’s Prophecy

Friday, May 15, 2009

Can you stop from being abducted .

As things go I have read a lot about abductions as well as my own experiences.I am one that likes the experiences. I am just a regular human with faults like everyone.Nothing special.No special talents just living my every day life. Except for every once in a while I get lucky and am abducted or see the lights coming over me.Or the missing time with my brother I already wrote about. Now I also read that some time during the 40s or fifties. Aliens came down talked to our president at the time.And he was told that if we let them abduct some of us.The aliens would give them technology that would help us get further then we would get for years.Like fibre optics or other technology that came from the craft that crashed at Roswell in the 50s.Some will say shot down.My question is why would the aliens ask for permission to abduct some of us.When there would be no way to stop them from just doing it.They have been doing it long before the 40s or 50s.What could our government have done to stop them with planes that only flew a few hundred miles a hour.Missiles that were not guided as well as today.And computers that were so big as a full sized house.That had very limited information compared to today. We from all accounts still cannot catch them shoot them down.That is even with our great technology of today.The ships from above go up down sideways in a instance.They shut off Nukes .They disable cars.Take us and try to make some of us forget.I have read people selling thought screen helmets so they do not pick our brains.So beings that may have been around since the Mayans and before need our permission from our government officials to take some of us.What would they have said if the president at the time said.No you can not take some of my people.Would they just said in alien language oh crap.Where can we go now.I do not think so.The aliens will do and keep doing what they have always done .With our permission or not. Have any abductees said to the aliens hey cut the crap I do not feel like going I got to be at work in hour and I cannot be late.Plus that whole probing thing really bothers me. I do not care if you want to make alien hybrids with my D.N.A you cannot have mine give it back. Being human is pretty fun some times .Everyone has there idea what is going on.You have the they want to take the world over people.The alien hybrid people.The spiritual people that's me.I know over the deep end.I am just not one who thinks because I do not understand something or it looks like something I have never seen it is evil. But hey maybe that's why they do take some of us.Maybe they want to see what makes us have a sense of humor. Maybe they what to take our D.N.A to mix with there own so they can laugh.I guess I cannot understand why some other beings that are so far more advanced then us want our D.N.A. .So have we mixed our D.N.A with a rat to see if we can make our selves smaller to fit in that little whole under the sink yet.Or so we know what a rat is thinking.Who knows maybe .But that's a topic for another day .Peace to you all.