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Saturday, July 18, 2009

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In Support Of An Insider Amnesty For ET Contact Disclosers

In Support Of An Insider Amnesty For ET Contact Disclosers
By Cyrellys Geibhendach
July 18, 2009
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We are in need of ideas which continue the present synergy of positive pro-disclosure movement, allowing fresh avenues and incentives toward Disclosure; raising our R-Value in life. An Insider Amnesty created and applied to the Extra-terrestrial Contact Paradigm here on Earth would be an effective one. It would be a conscious endeavor toward modifying our current situation to initiate a large scale change. I believe that much of the initial change however must occur on a self-actualizing level. We must take pro-active actions to move the process beyond the baby steps it is currently making.

I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to
elevate his life by conscious endeavor.
~ Henry David Thoreau


In fact, until we take how we see ourselves (and how we see others) into account, we will be unable to understand how others see and feel about themselves and their world. Unaware, we will project our intentions on their behavior and call ourselves objective.

This significantly limits our personal potential and our ability to relate to others as well. But because of the unique human capacity of self-awareness, we can examine our paradigms to determine whether they are reality or principle-based or if they are a function of conditioning and conditions.
~ Stephen R Covey, Seven Habits of Highly Effective

I believe the vision of continuing in a paradigm without an amnesty & a synchronization with the history and knowledge, held by the insiders, is a vision disjointed and to say we can hunt the elites down successfully in their entirety without causing the WWIII response from which humanity WILL NOT recover is a vision out of is as the saying goes more projections than reflections, projecting the concerns and character weaknesses of people giving the input rather than accurately reflecting what we take that course is to be determined by the conditioning in our lives. The parameters of our lives must be changed.

The efficiency of the envelope is determined by two factors: the degree of insulation of walls, floors, ceilings, windows, and doors, and the rate of air leakage through these components. ~ Paul Lcinski & Michel Bergeron, Serious Straw Bale: A Home Construction Guide for ALL CLIMATES

Basically the issue of Amnesty is really not about relinquishing Justice. Not at all. It is about our personal right to choose. The choice we face is whether to go into and through our future backwards dwelling upon our past, or whether to go into and through it foward, focusing on our character and potential. It is a choice to be pro-active about our human paradigm to use our imagination and conscience to take over the governing of it; to access our unlimited is the path between stimulus and response.

Our bloom of awareness allows us to enlarge our circle of influence. With Earth's dawning of contact paradigm awareness it will become more difficult for such old paradigms to continue or renew themselves. Amnesty does not mean that the elites would get to continue business as usual with any certainty. The pro-active change approach is to change from the inside-out. To be Different, and by being Different, to effect positive-change in what's out there.

Right now just what is our circle of influence? Just how much influence do you really have in how the world functions or chooses to act? Not much. Amnesty inserts you into the equations. You must then be taken into account and have for your circle of influence an interface....that is if you use the structure of it without malice. That is a responsible act. Respons-able is fundamental to effectiveness and to every other aspect or habit of effectiveness.

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what
lies within us.
~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

Beginning with the end in mind. I fear only the absence of creative, constructive, and corrective responses to mistakes. And there were the mistakes of the past and there will be mistakes in the future where we are not more mindful; aware. If we are to be world (planetary) centered, then the reflection we create of our center may be the following:

*We retain the correct principles which benefit all, that do not change, regardless of external conditions.

*Our security is founded on extra-planetary acceptance.

*Our sense of personal security is as volatile as our people.

*Our feelings of self-worth become based upon our human reputation.

*Our human reflection becomes the scripting source of our correct attitudes & behaviors.

*Our judgement encompasses a broad spectrum of long-term consequences and reflects a wise balance and quiet assurance.

*We see things differently and thus we think and act differently from the largely reactive world of the past.

*Our decision-making criterion is what is good for all of humanity, or what our collective human family wants.

*We gain the option to interpret all of life in terms of the inter-planetary standards, creating a partial understanding and a healthy form of narcissim.

*We adopt a pro-active lifestyle, seeking to serve and build others.

*We interpret all of life's experiences in terms of opportunities for learning and contribution.

*Our actions expand to include awareness of larger models and allow new traditions or evolutions to form.

By changing our paradigm, we change the source from which all attitudes and behaviors flow. By pro-actively taking responsiblity and initiation toward change we are taking a leadership role in our lives. That role is an ongoing process of keeping our vision of our future and our future selves, our vision and values, before us and aligning our lives to be congruent with those most important things. This then allows the insiders and elites to begin to reflect us rather than the other way around.

Such choices create unity and tremendous commitment. It allows them to buy into the changeless core of what your vision is about too, changing them....change occuring from inside-out because in truth you are that inside.

"If the capillary action is not blocked, water will continue to migrate into the material until it is saturated." ~ Lacinski & Bergeron


Monday, July 6, 2009

Social-Genetic Engineering an Advanced Society - By Ed Komarek

Social-Genetic Engineering an Advanced Society
By Ed Komarek
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My blog:

I believe some advanced ethical extraterrestrial human civilizations present a positive role model for earth humanities future. Only until there is full disclosure will the general populace be able to experience directly what I call a Type II civilization but until then some of us are able to speculate and prepare humanity based on indirect data derived from declassified or leaked government documents and contact witness testimony.

I call emerging global autocratic civilizations with a developing space faring capability such as ours a Type I civilization. I believe a civilization with macro-problems including overpopulation, inequality, autocracy, environmental and internal warfare can flourish only if it has room to expand. If its expansion is limited or contained and the people unable to deal with the above macro-problems then natural forces will force the civilization to collapse and reemerge from the ashes of its destruction like the proverbial phoenix legend. As the civilization reemerges from the prior collapse it sows the seeds of entrenched autocratic interests that later bring about collapse and reemergence again and again.

I think a Type I civilization is inherently unstable and relatively short lived in comparison to a Type II civilization. A Type I civilization is founded upon natural principles by which competitive forces soon overwhelm cooperative elements of society resulting in the primitive civilization cycling over and over up against a glass ceiling. In contrast a Type II civilization is organized cooperatively like the way individual cells are organized in our bodies giving great benefit to the individuals organized in such a society.

The problem is that individuals in a Type II society must sacrifice a considerable amount of freedom of choice and individual liberty to participate in this more complex society just as individual cells in the body are so limited in their movement and freedom of choice. But as one door closes to certain choices and liberties other doors open up for increased choices and freedoms brought about through the benefits of a more advanced civilization.

So what might be both the benefits and sacrifices of living in a Type II civilization? In a Type II civilization that fosters a lifespan of 800 years or more it is obvious that individuals must agree to severe restriction on reproduction. Obviously only a small percentage of people can be allowed to reproduce with such a long lifespan else overpopulation would force a collapse back down to a Type I society.

Even one child per couple would be way too many children for a sustained and stable growth of population unless the civilization was colonizing new frontiers. I suspect that things could be getting a bit crowded across a universe as old as ours. I can envision a situation where only a small segment of the population is involved in reproduction and childrearing and even then several children might be raised by an extended family of adults at different stages of their early lives.

I suspect that because of advances in genetic screening and engineering conception may begin in a test tube with embryo implantation into womb in an artificial manner. It might be considered to risky for the future well being of the child for reproduction to happen naturally. This might mean all citizens would be subject to a medical procedure to block natural reproduction before puberty.

We are not talking about the haphazard, indiscriminate creation of dysfunctional mutts anymore but of recreating ourselves into human thoroughbreds. This resurrects the uncomfortable notion of eugenics and the superman and woman in the minds of many. Were the Nazi’s on to something just that they perverted the concept? Are we ready to reengineer our bodies for maximum expression of our soul’s finer qualities? (I have suggested in other articles that we might be being mined as a primitive gene bank for just this kind of activity by other extraterrestrial races.)

Thus we can see that the benefits of a long healthy lifespan in a socially supportive environment would require individual reproduction sacrifices that many in a Type I society would consider severe restrictions on individual reproduction rights and liberties. Such restrictions on what we consider individual freedoms and liberties may not stop here.

I can envision a situation where we all are so telepathically connected that not only individual destructive actions have to be curtailed but even destructive thought processes as well. Even with our primitive Internet that has not yet become telepathic we can see problems developing that require restrictions of individual freedoms and liberty to say and do as we please without regard for others. I can envision a situation on a telepathic net where an individual is defaming another individual just by thinking bad thoughts about this other individual. Thought control and thought police will become a reality for such a civilization.

Still even with restriction on actions taken over the Internet most people would not be willing to give of the benefits of the Internet and so are willing to make the personal sacrifices. I think it would be the same for individuals in a Type II civilization. Once the benefits are seen and experienced of a Type II civilization it might feel like descending back into hell reentering a Type I civilization. In fact I believe contactees have experienced this by participating briefly in contact with ethical extraterrestrial races.

I am beginning to think that unless we have full disclosure soon where citizens can experience a Type II civilization directly and experience its benefits in mass we are headed for a population crash and societal collapse. Social engineers must try to steer humanity in the direction of the ethical extraterrestrial races and away from involvement with the less ethical races. An honest, truthful, full and open UFO/ET disclosure is a necessary radical step in the right direction. We must completely stop the lies and the deceptions now! We can’t build a healthy enduring civilization on a foundation of lies.

A Question for Dr. Henry Kissinger - By Ed Komarek

A Question for Dr. Henry Kissinger
By Ed Komarek
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My blog:

There have been indications from many sources over the years that Dr. Henry Kissinger is or was near the very top of the autocratic power structure that is responsible for the UFO/ET cover-up. It has been rumored that Henry is or was the most politically powerful person on the MJ 12 committee most likely beginning his tenure in the 1960s. His name would not be in the leaked MJ 12 documents because the documents released are dated prior to his tenure.

As far as I know there have been no leaked MJ 12 documents that include living individuals. For the reasons listed above Henry would be the one person I would like to have an open, honest and truthful discussion with regarding extraterrestrial reality so as to understand how best we can get human evolution on earth back on track. Of course mistakes have been made in the past by autocratic global leaders beginning with fear of the unknown and a lack of vision, and later by self serving entrenched special interest.

There are sure to be some that would ask why I should be reaching out to those who may have intentionally or unintentionally supported what Thomas Jefferson and other founding fathers would have called a tyranny over the mind of man. The reason I am reaching out is that we need to collectively realize that the UFO/ET cover-up has had severe unintended consequences that have retarded earth human evolution and we need to come together to end the cover-up once and for all.

Statements made by Ben Rich and Bill Uhouse indicate that MJ 12 influence over all UFO/ET affairs has diminished considerably after the Nixon purge, internationalization and privatization of extraterrestrial related information and technology. It would still seem that nationally MJ 12, while no longer and in overall control over collections and analysis of all related extraterrestrial knowledge globally still retains considerable influence in the United States and elsewhere.

It has been my supposition that human evolution was derailed beginning in the 1940s and early 1950s and the leaked MJ 12 historical documents seem to bear this out as counter-intelligence operations were ordered and authorized against not just the American public but around the world. I believe that the effect of this over time has been the empowerment of global autocratic leadership, disempowerment of the people and democratic and republican institutions, and a general suppression of global human evolution.

In order to bring human evolution back on track its going to be necessary for those in government that now have inherited this mess to come to a consensus to stop the lying, deceptions, propaganda, acclimation-propaganda programs and just start being straight up and honest with the national and global public. There seems to still be a lack of political courage amongst national and international leaders for radical honest change so we continue to muddle along continuing the current evolutionary disastrous middle road between non-disclosure and disclosure that includes a so called “public acclamation-propaganda program” that never ends.

I think part of the solution toward getting back on a positive evolutionary track is to understand just what has happened to get us into this mess so as to make a radical course correction and get ourselves back on track. In order to do this we must gain some perspective as to just what is the overall lay of the land, so to speak. Over many years I have tried to construct a model that I hope is at least close to the truth. This model involves a critical scenario that if true and understood could provide guidance toward getting back on track.

The scenario is this: Our rapid technological advancement in World War II combined with the first atomic explosions caught the rest of the cosmic neighborhood by surprise. This resulted in a hasty and rapid increase of surveillance especially in technologically sensitive areas that resulted in crashes of extraterrestrial craft with occupants. By at least 1952 or 1953 several very different extraterrestrial races began to contact the recognized leadership in the U.S. and perhaps other countries as well. These races had a variety of agendas, motivations and ethics.

What is not exactly clear is if it was it the ethical extraterrestrial humans, called Etherians at the time, who first contacted leaders like Eisenhower, or was it the less ethical races called EBEs or Ebans, now called Zetas or Reticulians. The contact between these two races seems to have been within a year or two of each other with the Etherians warning the Americans about involvement with the EBEs. It would seem by the end of the 1960s several different types of extraterrestrials had introduced themselves to American leaders in utmost secrecy.

From the scarce information at my disposal it appears as if the American government and MJ 12 felt they could not meet the conditions of contact offered by the ethical Etherians. These conditions of contact included an end to atomic testing and a serious attempt at global arms reduction and ending war as a means of settling international disputes. These conditions would of course force a radical change in earth human society to meet these challenges.

It is unclear to me that if these were the only conditions expressed by the Etherians at the time or if other conditions were expressed later including a serious effort toward population control, dealing with environmental problems, equitable distribution of resources, and an end to the UFO/ET cover-up. Clearly the Etherians were concerned about the evolutionary direction humanity was taking and that this track would lead to social and environmental catastrophe if not arrested. It would appear they were willing to help us solve these problems if their conditions were met.

Unfortunately the American leadership could not accept these conditions and felt that the people were not yet ready for full and open disclosure. Apparently the less ethical races including the Ebans or EBEs were not so hard to please and did not demand radical changes in earth human society. The politicians and generals also could see the likelihood of tangible technological assistance being offered by the less ethical races through contact even if there was a unsavory flavor to the contact. I think technology was something the Etherians were holding back on presumably because they felt our technological advancement was dangerously exceeding our ethical and moral advancement.

In my estimation this scenario set in motion a sequence of events that bedevils us to this day. Now with the environmental and social catastrophes envisioned by the Etherians right around the corner, radical disclosure and social change is necessary if we are to avert a simultaneous environmental and social collapse of the human population perhaps as much as 80%. So the question is will the autocrats finally relent in their disempowerment of humanity through UFO/ET non-disclosure for their own benefit as well as the people as a whole.

The question I would like to ask Henry Kissinger requires a simple yes or no answer. The question is, are my deductions essentially correct? Through my contacts with a source I have the email address of Ramsey Clark who I have heard knows Henry Kissinger. I intend to pass this on to Clark hoping he will pass it on to Henry for his consideration. Perhaps Clark himself may wish to make a comment or two. :-)

There are as always going to be those who would say that I am just wasting my time. I would point out that in the past I have communicated with some pretty high level people because I made the effort to reach out. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I do not. I think others in the public domain should be doing the same in order to build the networks needed for a consensus to develop and end the UFO/ET cover-up rapidly.

If I am essentially correct in this assessment, then the only way out is to rapidly build a consensus in the intelligence community and with the military to take the radical step toward ending the cover-up once and for all. I suggested this in a previous article called Suggested Disclosure Speech for Obama. Of course Obama would not be doing this on his own but flanked by those representing different aspects of the intelligence community, military and congress.

My friends we can do this, our very survival as a species is at stake. At this late date I suggest a straightforward truthful radical disclosure policy of Shock and Awe that favors interaction with ethical extraterrestrial races and disfavors interactions with less ethical races and civilizations.

I don’t believe world populations will ever make the radical social-genetic engineering sacrifices needed to solve our extreme social, overpopulation and environmental problems unless there is outside assistance of an ethical extraterrestrial role model where the benefits of radical change become clearly evident. People have to see the benefits of radical change for themselves before they are willing to make the very rapid difficult social-genetic engineering sacrifices needed to bring about a better world and avoid social-environmental collapse of our present civilization. We can do this!

Technological Growth In Relation To Population Size - Article By Temporal

The following Article was posted by the exopolitical mediators Clay & Shawn Pickering (Temporal) at Open Minds Forum on June 23, 2009 post #1940.

It is a prime example of Exopolitical Mediators at work analysing long-term emersion in one aspect of the information & concerns originating through their experience in the 'Source A' military officer communication and disclosure event of 2008 through 2009. It is provided here among the Exopolitical Mediation development media as a particular case study open to further analysis, discussion and response. Cyrellys

Temporal posts:

Dear OMF,

As promised. Below is a paper on the many discussions we have had on population and technology. For some, this paper will be highly controversial, and for others it will resonate that we are indeed in an open system and not a closed one. As we have said in the past, how we govern ourselves as a specie and what we do with "our" planet is up to the human race. We believe this wholeheartedly. It is not up to ET. We truly believe that we as a specie can control our destiny and take hold of our sovereign right, unalienable, self-determined, and contribute not just on this beautiful oasis in our galaxy, but amongst other intelligent sentient beings and what they might offer, and we they. The prospects are limitless.

Technological Growth In Relation To Population Size

The last hundred years has shown a rapid increase in technological development. From 1600 to 1800 not much changed. From 1800 to now, wow. However, the real question is this: Will we, as a species, continue this steep upward trend? The answer: Maybe no. There may be an inverse relationship between population growth and technological development. Here's why: As societies expand their infrastructures, a populous class of people becomes dependent on the state for its livelihood. The capacity of the state to respond to the day to day living demands is stretched thin. The profits generated by private capital are skimmed off in taxes to support the greater portion of populations. These people become mere cogs in the wheels of the modern mechanistic system. They are not encouraged to use self reliance or ingenuity to better themselves. In a sense, they become drones. The ripple effect of new technologies becomes less and less as it spreads out into an ocean of want and need. Those who seed technology must consider the multiplier effects of innovation onto a system that has become entrenched in the older technology. That system, which depends on tax dollars to fund basic needs and wants, may be resistant to new technology. The bureaucracy, built around the Keynesian Model, holds on dearly to their jobs. The elasticity (How market supply and demand responds to injection of input variables) of technological growth becomes limited, due in part by a dependent inelastic population. As the number of people increases, the rate of technological change decreases. As a result, a "least common denominator" effect takes hold to maintain a stasis.

This is clearly evident in the transportation sector of the modern world. Today, we're still hooked on hydrocarbons to fuel our cars, buses, trains, and planes. Private industry is reticent about moving onto new transportation technologies. The negative effects of switching over to green technologies quite frankly scare industrialists. It frightens those who wish to zone our world for the next century. What would become of the many who lose their jobs because the labor intensive industries vanish in whirlwind of green technological investment? The answer: New jobs will be created for some, but at a slower rate compared to labor intensive industries of the past. The slower rate is coextensive to the productive of capacity of technological capital. If fewer people existed, emerging technologies would be much more elastic in terms of satisfying the needs of market supply and demand.

Let's add globalism to the paradigm. In India , the multitudes want their first car! Will it be a hybrid? Will it be electric? Will it contain a fuel cell? How is the infrastructure going to be built for unproven technologies? How about roads? Parking? Accident insurance? Hospitals for those who are involved in accidents? What will be the social ramifications of a new mobile billion plus people? How are cities going to handle the new traffic? The capital demands, needed to satisfy new consumer demands, are pushed to unpredictable limits. The social fabric of evolving economies becomes stressed. With high populations, this stress could be extreme.

At this point, industry must decide whether or not to exploit excess labor. Historically, the capital class has almost always opted for exploitation. Under an international rubric, absent are certain anti-monopolistic structures: International Securities Exchange Commission and International Sherman Anti-Trust Act, International Occupational, Safety and Health Administration or International Environmental Protection Agency. Where is the international legal structure where people can sue for damages brought on by reckless safety practices of multi-national corporations? The function and need for these legislative safeguards becomes daunting when larger global populations come into play.

Concurrently, because of outsourcing, the economies which once held industry become stressed. Huge blocks of workers find themselves unemployed as a consequence. This kind of capital movement challenges existing economic developmental models. In terms of economic downturns, the reactive fiscal policies of governments have unpredictable or even potential deleterious outcomes, perhaps caused by budgetary deficit spending. The value of a nation's currency can be adversely affected by such practices.

The elimination of older technologies poses significant obstacles. For example, a huge stumbling block is the hydrocarbon. This energy source permeates many aspects of modern life. Everything, from the clothes we wear to the chemicals we use in fertilizers, is based on the hydrocarbon. Technology does not just answer to opportunity. It must respond to existing technologies woven into the fabric of modernity. Each innovation is not an island unto itself. It is part of a system that reaches into every quadrant of life. This system produces competing technologies, each vying for market share. The technologies can cannibalize and consequently cancel each other out in the pursuit of progress. Green energy investments such as wind, solar and biofuels are innovations fighting for market share in the same energy arena. The demands by an overpopulated world challenge these inspirations and subsequent investments by innovators who wish to wean humanity off of hydrocarbons.

Because the oil industry's veins reach so deeply into the consumers' needs, the investment into alternative sources becomes a half effort and nothing changes. Oil remains king. The late 70's, early 80's and the mid 2,000's proved that green technology has been ineffectual in gaining market share. Despite the Department of Energy plans to diversified America's energy sources, people still hold their breath that the Saudi's don't decrease their swing production of oil. Most likely, if the population were smaller, the response to new green energy technologies would be much more elastic.

Looking at this issue from another angle, technological advancement must also countenance the patent industry in order to get a foothold in commerce. The cost of research and development of any product is quite significant. Because of our litigious society, any new product must go through a battery of tests before it goes onto the consumer market. Government watch groups/regulators and consumer advocacy organizations scrutinize the introduction of any new product. The welfare of the people is at stake. Add the patent process to the mix--a process in place to protect intellectual property rights of any innovative investing entity-- a formidable gauntlet is created. Rightly so, these failsafe measures have been put in place to protect the safety of consumers; however, the rate and extent of technological innovation is slowed down. Again, its elasticity is coextensive to the size and complexity of the environment where it is created and introduced. The ripple effect of resistance to new technologies is more manageable in those societies which are smaller and more homogeneous--the like-minds scenario. Any investing entity wishes to see its intellectual property protected long enough so that it may recover the cost of R&D and earn an eventual profit over an agreeable span of time.

The effects of technological investment concerns permeate not only the domestic environs, but the international as well. If we have 7 to 9 billion people on this planet who wish to have the same quality of life that industrial nations now enjoy, the mindset will be "it’s our time, now." This desire may be a problem even with renewable energy. The global information machine will pump out the notion of the "good life" for emerging industrial states. They will embrace and strive for it. The religion of materialism will establish a beachhead on cultures newly introduced to industry and technology. Lost, will be the balance they once experienced. Yes, the good life is good. However, the technotronic life comes with a price. Rich, as well as poor, must come to grips that we exist in a world of finite resources. Waste management and water resource demands will be the most daunting challenges humanity will have to face in the forthcoming decades. Technology, in balance with nature, must be the way to go. If population size were stabilized, and then reduced, the onus placed upon resource use and allocation will be lessened; as a consequence, a harmony in ones living space can hopefully be achieved.

Issue of food is another trying example. Food technologies have been put through vigorous stress tests by the world's growing populations. From industrial caged chicken farms to genetically modified, drought and insect resistant grains, technology has tried to answer the clarion call. The bio-engineered food industries are being pushed to the limits to meet the demands of a growing world population. Consequently, innovation has been squeezed through the wringer to feed the world's growing multitudes, at the risk of humanity becoming ill. Simply put, medical science does not know the long range effects of genetically modified grains, recombinant bovine growth hormones, or industrial chicken farming as newly developed methods for food production. How much do we know about the stress related secretion of enzymes into the systems of caged chickens? Is the fowl safe to eat? What are the long term effects of animals treated with subclinical antibiotics and/or exogenous growth hormones? The notion of: You are what you eat, comes to mind. Is humanity consuming technologically designed toxins? To reiterate, over population puts stress demands on technological innovation. It becomes a reckless reactive process where a system becomes so complicated and overburdened that oversight is virtually impossible: One has only to watch congressional oversight hearings on C-Span to get an idea that the system is an overburdened hydra.

On this last point, technology must move through this bureaucratic taffy to establish itself in international commerce. The World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the UN organizations connected to world food and disaster relief, regional trade schemes such NAFTA, CAFTA, APEC, and the European Union are a few examples of bureaucratic inventions which stress-test technological innovation. The size of these organizations and their effectiveness is coextensive to population size. The fewer the poeple, the more utilitarian these bureaucratic structures will become. Parkinson's Law States: Consensus can be reached much more quickly with 100 people in the room, rather than a 1,000.

These are but a few issues to be examined. If world's population were smaller, transition to newer technologies will become more effective and smoother. Scientists, engineers, inventors would be constantly on the innovative move. Conversely, if the population remains high, then the movers and shakers hold back their dreams and efforts for the sure bet of proved, reliable--albeit, environmentally destructive--technologies. As an aside, perhaps the real innovation has been relegated to the black world. Perhaps, it is in the compartmentalized world of private industry where the real technology sits, waiting for the day it can be seeded usefully to the public sector. To what extent, it is hard to say.

In Zbigniew Brzezinski's Book, "Between The Two Ages" much time is spent on the technotronic era. One glaring prediction is that the demand for labor shall diminish in response to capital innovation. This certainly is happening. Mechanization demands fewer workers. We can produce many more goods and services with fewer workers. In a sense, less flesh and blood sweat equity is needed to sustain or expand global GDP. Consequently, humanity must recognize that birth rates must come down if the standard of living is to remain stable or even improved. If the slice of the pie becomes too thin, then social chaos will result; all advancement in living standards will diminish. Is this the legacy we wish to leave our children? Certainly not. The spiritual, economic, political, and metaphysical structures demand that man need not respond to the Hobbesian notion that life is short and brutish. Poverty need not be an historical inevitability.

How can we achieve the humane goal of population reduction? The first step is to realize that we're here because of many complex factors. Keep it simple is the mantra. Let's not over reach and go for reduction! Let's first attempt the effort of stabilization. If we can stabilize; then, and only then, can we set our eyes on the goal of reduction--baby steps, as it were. Do we give ourselves a timeline? Maybe yes. Hypothetically, let's give ourselves 3 generations to stabilize. With enough time, economic dislocation can be mitigated.

At this juncture, it is important is recognize the moral and religious implications of population stabilization/reduction. Nowhere in the fair-minded, moral, spiritually aware world is the desire to rid terra firma of humans in some hideous manner. Surely, the world has rejected the Nazi notion of ethnic cleansing. The good news is that 80 years ago, we maybe would not have made this statement. Times have changed. A moral imperative has blossomed; it is no longer deciduously demanded that humanity should care about all races and ethnicities.

So, is population stabilization/reduction incongruent with the current moral imperative? Scrutiny demands, no. With a little effort and discipline, modernity can reach a balance in population humanely. This can be obtained within the bounds of love and caring. The choice resides with individual empowerment. Man and woman can realize, together, that they are the only ones who have the power to choose. Through proper knowledge, they can take it upon themselves to decide to have just 1 or 2 children. This is where the moral compass should point--personal empowerment. If not, the state dictates. Draconian, totalitarian measures will plant themselves in the minds of those who wish to rush to a quick fix. War, famine, bio-eugenic actions, the use of food as a weapon is not, nor ever can be, the answer. It is anathema to man's spirit and is certainly not agreeable in a democratic, free society. The sense of brotherly love, or what the Greeks termed as Agape, must be instilled in human consciousness. Each individual’s decision must be made with the 7th generation in mind. Tomorrow's child must have a voice in the minds of today's generation. We must strip-mine the notion that a need today can be dealt with tomorrow.

What must be done to create the fertile ground upon which people willingly reduce the size of their families? In economic terms, a taste for this must be established. Taste is one of the most abstract concept in economics. How is taste determined? How is it fostered? If we look at the anti-smoking campaign, then we can plainly see how taste can be created. When the cost of smoking was hiked through taxation, coupled with anti-smoking laws, married with public health concerns, the perception of smoking began to change. Perception changed; taste was affected. Similarly, if a public campaign is waged to illustrate the need for smaller families, coupled with tax incentives for 1 or 2 child households, then a taste for fewer child households can established. Men and women will go into marriage with the expectation that their family size will be small. Certainly, so prevalent a century ago, 8 to 10 child households are rarer. Now, there is a taste for small families.

This notion of a taste for smaller families can be introduced to migrating populations into industrialized nations. The smaller household size seems to be taking root in third world societies. These migrant workers are bringing the taste for having fewer children to their native lands. They've experienced the first hand benefits of having smaller families. If public awareness of this issue was driven by the media, the process could be sped up to change the perception of procreating couples that smaller families are a good thing for everyone.

Religions should be asked to reassess the view that a smaller family size is not incongruent with God's design. It would be wise to stay away from the abortion issue here. It is volatile and unmanageable. Besides, the love for life seems to be at odds with this method of retroactive birth control. If it weren't, then abortion would have established itself firmly and without contention. This has not happened. Abstinence, celibacy, prophylactics (IUDs included) seems to be a better way to go. For married couples, perhaps legislation can be offered to give tax incentives for those couples who opt to have vasectomies after having a second child. This can be easily woven in the tax code. Maybe, grants for higher education can be offered to any couple who chooses to have a small family.

This must be a reward system, not a punishment system. Twins, triplets and quadruplets could be consider one birth, if retroactive measures are taken by the couples. The key to these measures: To ensure that society approaches it in the least intrusive way. It must be conveyed to world religions that their respective influences are not dependent on the size of their members. Population size does not have to be the main factor ensuring a belief system's survival. Religion can be pliant to current secular needs, yet still be true to each belief system's dogma: One saved soul is one saved soul. "Be plentiful and multiply" does not have a specific number attached. It is up to man to decide on the quantity, as long as the basic law of life's sanctity is not violated.

Much more could be written about this topic. However, the purpose of this essay is to offer up for discussion the essence of how technological innovation services the world's population. This does not pretend to be an academic paper; sometimes the seed of growth resides in the first drop of rain.

All the best,

Shawn, Clay & Source A.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Project Camelot: A Gem in the Sky of the Online Universe

By Michael A. Melton, Psy.D.
MUFON Field Investigator #9744

In the field of Ufology and Exopolitics, we are observing changes, somewhat like a quickening of events. The number of UFO sightings are growing, and we see increases in the types of craft reported – specifically, orbs and triangles. There is a focus on disclosure, like never before. Recent polls show that the majority of Americans, and indeed people all over the world believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life. Cable channels such as The History Channel and The Science Channel feature a great number of shows and series on unidentified flying objects, and associated phenomena. On mainstream TV, the number of shows with a science and/or paranormal focus have grown in number season after season. Even the Catholic Church, Via the Vatican, has reassured its faithful that it is acceptable to believe in extraterrestrial life. Normally, I don't like to plug a site from my own soapbox here on the web, but I find myself today making an exception to this rule.

So with this quickening taking place, where might one look to be kept on the razor’s edge of what is going on, to stay in the know, and to be updated on a regular basis so as to not lose ground? I cannot stress the importance of staying in touch with what is happening, not on CNN, or on the evening news, but in the real world you can only find if you look on the internet. One excellent source, which gets my highest recommendation, is Project Camelot ( Since late summer of 2007, Project Camelot has been the most reliable and impartial place on the web to be educated, fascinated, and literally astounded by the news and information imparted on this website. Creators and owners Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan are at the helm of this fantastic well of information. They present their interviews and news with complete impartiality, and provide a forum for readers and whistleblowers alike to present their cases and opinions via the Project Avalon Forum. Bill and Kerry have the following mission statement for their site:

• “To provide researchers, activists and ‘whistleblowers’ with access to all forms of media in order to get the truth out.

• Our focus includes but is not limited to the following:
• extraterrestrial visitation and contact
• time travel
• mind control
• classified advanced technology
• free energy
• possible coming earth changes
• revealing plans that exist to control the human race.

• To establish ‘safety in numbers’ and unite these disparate factions under an umbrella of protection for activists and ‘whistleblowers’ who may have concerns for the safety of themselves and their loved ones.

• To provide a tribute to all activists in paradigm-challenging fields who have worked for the benefit of humanity... and who have suffered or been silenced for speaking the truth.”
There isn’t another place like it on the web, and for those who are interested; it should be the first link in everyone’s favorites. If you wish to commit to the cause, you can sign your name to the “Round Table,” the “safety in numbers” assurance tool. You can find my name among the 1200 names who have committed to the cause. It also creates a sense of community in that you truly feel a part of this movement of truth and validation.

One of the most informative and fascinating sections of this incomparable sight is the “interviews and reports” section. Within these web pages you will find interviews from scientists, whistleblowers, and superb sources of truth, such as Robert O. Dean, probably the most gentlemanly and convincing of the interviewees, Richard Hoagland, John Lear, Jim Marrs, and many, many other individuals whose interviews not only have you riveted to your seat, but you will learn a tremendous amount of information as well. These and others' reports are woven together with other whistleblower's tales and reports, and it seems that the web fits together in such a way as to reify the factual nature of the reports. Project Camelot also offers thorough analysis of information, and puts many of the pieces of the puzzle together for the reader.

As an avid fan of Project Camelot, and a strong supporter of the work that Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy are doing, and in such an undeniably honest, impartial and professional way, I highly recommend that Project Camelot be your “go to” source for all things in the contemporary UFO, paranormal, and scientific news fronts. As well, if you are interested in the prophecies of the 2012 phenomenon, or are interested in knowing just how advanced science is over what we see, use and experience around us, then join the multitudes of people who use Project Camelot as their source for information. If you can, support it with a donation, as well as Compass Morainn, and assure that this project and ours never has to shut down. We are all working hand-in-hand for a common goal: Peace, Truth, and Universal Harmony. There is nowhere else you can go to get so well informed, anywhere in this end of the galaxy.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

UN’s roaming mediation team termed a success

Here in the CM Journal I'm not specifically in a habit of pulling in outside articles but these are of particular interest in Exopolitical Mediation. With a burgeoning trend of change toward the introduction of the Contact Paradigm on a global and official level, I think it is worth noting that the United Nations is also exploring the value of mediators and mediation. I have been reflecting on how the nature of the work exopolitical mediators do will change. I think that certainly the scope of their involvement will broaden. They may well find themselves working in teams with other traditional mediators who specialize in conflict on an international level, to help mediation transition to a new definition of mediation on a global scale.

"10 June 2009 – The United Nations special on-call mediation team has helped respond to sticky problems all over the globe in their first year – and should do more, according to a top official at the world body.

So far, the Standby Team of Mediation Experts, established last year to help the UN respond more quickly to crises, has been asked to help with the Organization’s peacemaking and preventive diplomacy in nine areas in Africa, Europe and the Middle East, said Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs Haile Menkerios.

“Responding effectively to peacemaking opportunities depends on getting to the field quickly with the right kind of expertise,” said Mr. Menkerios. “The Standby Team is helping us to do just that.”

The six-member team “should be used more widely as a resource by envoys in the field,” he said at a luncheon honouring departing members of the team who serve one year terms. " UN News Center - Read More Here....

Thinking more on this. I have considered what work the 2008 UN Meetings on UFO-Contact Paradigm Disclosure may have initiated. If the interservice groups aren't already developing relationships with international mediators perhaps the value and experience gained by the UN's team will open that as a possibility at a later date....

"Some of the world’s most experienced mediators, high-level decision makers and key peace process actors will meet in Oslo, Norway, from 16-18 June 2009, to share their experiences of peacemaking and reflect on current mediation processes.

The focus of this year’s forum is “Reasserting diplomacy and mediation in a fragmented world”, focusing on the utility of mediation versus that of military force to resolve conflicts. How can mediation and diplomacy be made more relevant and effective? Issues will include experiences of negotiating with organised Islamist groups; " Read More - Click Here

Seeing The Forest, In Spite of the Trees...

By Michael A. Melton, Psy.D.,
Compass Morainn Journal
Please distribute freely.

I guess this is more of an opinion paper than an article, per se. Perhaps it is a plea. I feel, however, that we need to really understand some fundamentals about the way things are. I have always asked “Why?” I have never been afraid to ask. We must learn to pay close attention to our existence, and our place in this world. I want us to stop being used, and become empowered, in order to take back what is ours, namely, the earth and all of it’s resources and wonders. So, bear with me, and I hope you get on board and take action. It’s the only way we’ll get out of this alive…

Did you ever have a day where you had an overall goal you wanted to reach by days end? What normally happens with me is that I get caught up in the details, and by the time lunch rolls around, I forget what it was I wanted to accomplish that day, until it’s too late. Laying in bed at night it suddenly hits me! I did nothing to reach my goal, and I feel frustrated and cheated. And of course, the only one I have to blame is myself. Now, I want you to remember this little snippet of my life, because it comes to play a little later on in this article – like, when it comes to the moral of the story.

I have bad news. We are all being grossly mismanaged. We are allowing ourselves to be manipulated, and fed, and gagged, on details that have no relevance to our reason for being, living, and surviving. It is pervasive. On our TV’s, radios, billboards, and anywhere where the consumer is afoot. I think everyone has read an article at one time or another recently that points this fact out. We are an intelligent species, and yet, we fail to learn even the most fundamental lessons. Those who don’t study and learn from history are bound to repeat it, for whatever it is worth. Or perhaps what we learn as history is not quite how it happened. Perhaps it is an embellishment on the facts, created to suit some nefarious purpose. What if I am correct? What if the truth were something so shocking, so culture-shaking, so strikingly different than what we are used to, that we have been kept from it? What if the “what if’s” are what is?

I refuse to focus on religion or politics in a direct way, although those institutions are affected. But our faith, well, that is something that might just get us through the revelation of the truth – the forest, if you will. Remember – the truth will set you free, or will it? There are no guarantees, only the chances we take in our quest for answers.

Whether you agree or not, in my estimation, the last president of the United States elected by the people with any validity was John Fitzgerald Kennedy. He was just a tree in the forest, but my God, what an important tree. After his assassination in 1963, reality changed significantly. In my lifetime, that was one of the first major jolts I suffered that woke me up. I was only 8 years old then, but I still recall the anguish I felt as I saw both of my parents, and my aunts and uncles in tears, wondering if this would be the end of the world. Well, to me, it was. I held on to that anguish, and I never forget it, even to this day. It is the foundation on which I have built my reality. There occurred a true break from the innocence felt by many Americans, which at first we appropriately focused outward upon some strange and foreign culprit, bent on taking away our way of life. As time went on, I think I, along with many Americans realized that it was the first signs of a cancer growing from within. Every president since then has been pre-selected, in order to suit a particular elitist group of individuals who think they are intelligent enough to tell everybody else how to live. In 1963, the cancer attacked the Sovereign United States of America in a visible and open manner. And we stood by and watched, helpless.

It is solely my expression of feeling, but what is being held back from us in terms of technology, energy, as well as science, is incredible. We must all learn to follow the money if we want to find this incredibly pervasive cancer. Did you ever stop and ask yourself “Why don’t we have more electric cars?” “Why don’t we have a more efficient way to deliver electricity?” “Why are my energy bills so high?” “Why am I paying so much for fuel?” Well, the answer is, that we are all being grossly mismanaged, as I said earlier. And we are to blame. It is time for all of us to begin reading between the lines, to ask questions, and not be afraid. It is so important to wake up, because this will help us move on as a race and a species. We must live by the assumption that you can’t always believe what you read, what you hear, or even what you see. Allowing ourselves to be more sensitive to the evils in the world will help prevent it taking hold, but we must do more. We must call out to our fellow humans, and loudly let them know of the injustices we see and feel. We must set the example and take care of each other, and fight against being told what our reality is, and what we are allowed to think and feel. Wake up, my brothers and sisters, and with our Creator’s help, and a strong faith in a positive outcome, we shall prevail. Time is short, and we are many, many more than they are. Stand tall and strong, and know that truth is the only answer we will accept. And do not worry. When we work together as a people with a purpose and goal in sight, we are invincible.

The Big Picture

“Okay,” you say, “What the heck are you trying to say?” Well, in this small space, I am trying to say that each and every one of us are responsible for our own behavior. If we succeed, or if we fail, it is our work or lack thereof that created the outcome. The catch is, that we are also responsible for our fellow man, or, as the Youngbloods sang in that anthem of a sadly passed era “Come on, people now, smile on your brother. Everybody get together, try to love one another right now.” So, in the future, if we fail as a species, or propagate, we are all responsible. For every child that is starving, every heart that is breaking, every job lost, every marriage failed, every soul lost, we are responsible. We live in a difficult and “dis-informed” time. We live amongst the greedy, the power grabbers, selfish ones, people out for themselves, and we need to stop, and come together. We need to do simply that. If we want to get anywhere in this world, in this universe, we must first come together. Remember that little snippet I asked you to remember? Well, tonight, I shall lie down to sleep knowing I did something I planned today. I took responsibility, and I ask you to do the same.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Testing and Attending to Group Coherency In Exopolitical Mediation

Testing and Attending to Group Coherency In Exopolitical Mediation
By Cyrellys Geibhendach
Copy & Distribute Freely
Compass Morainn
Compass Morainn Journal

The exopolitical mediator closely observes participant coherency or group coherency in mediation situations. The observations are used to manage the group communication perspective. A litmus test for evaluating the dialog compares and applies the most useful communication questions to the trends or events within each revolution of the discussion or communication event. This allows the mediator to recognize the development of new levels of stress associated with unfulfilled needs, and the subsequent trends transcending fair reason in participant expectations.

“Taking a communication perspective, the most useful questions are not "can you hear me?" or even "do you understand me?" They are "what are we making together?" or, referring to specific events or objects such as a person, an organization, or a culture, "how is it being made in the process of interaction?" or, "how can we make better social worlds?"” ~ W. Barnett Pearce (1)

W. Barnett Pearce discerns and illustrates the root intent of modern group communication. These questions being descriptive of the effort embodied in exopolitical communications regarding the contact paradigm can then be applied in the evaluation of the following exopolitical trend issue: would exopolitical researchers be reasonable in expecting or demanding that Insider disclosers of the Contact Paradigm violate national security in order to produce a proof of paradigm along with their communication event in order for the event to be seriously receivable by the exopolitical community? It has been suggested that due to past disinformation campaigns, information obscuring, the use of exit strategies, the preponderance of unverifiable stories, and the heaps of community conjecture thrown upon every event which researchers must wade through, that the future of insider communications is in severe jeopardy. Rather than engage in the formulation of an equitable solution such as an Amnesty for insiders or the contact control structure itself as has been requested repeatedly by insiders, some participants in the exopolitical community have agreed with the following in regards to unproven communications (communication events without verifiable proof of paradigm claimed), “If they are intending to obscure, then they have. For now, we are no further in knowing the truth. Perhaps we should put a sign out in the front: "Proof, or no entry".” (2)

The individuals who would consider this constriction are indeed asking, "what are we making together?" In their perception the Insiders communication events fail to fulfill (with 50 years of routine consistency) the expectation of working together; producing clear forward movement. However, asserting such restrictions upon the communication event, without first providing an avenue for them to legally produce and release that level of expected proof (without undue risk to personal self-injury), is certainly unreasonable. It is an example of failure to partake in a team effort or the outright withdrawal from group coherency. In promoting such restrictions they may be asking "what are we making together” but they are not allowing an equitable joint effort to occur. Therefore their response becomes self-defeating for their particular needs.

Of serious concern, when participants retreat from group coherency, they open themselves to follow with even greater emotional responses, exerting their personal power of self-assertion and aggression in order to cut through barriers, penetrating the consciousness of the other participants, such as considering more extreme requirements or actions which violate the sovereignty of other participants. An example in this manner of a further reach for proof and power can be found in the suggestion that abductees, contactees, and MILAB victims relinquish their sovereignty by allowing themselves to be chipped with a device like the RFID tag made by Verichip which can then be tracked via GPS. According to this suggestion, such a device would be formatted to output a minute by minute log of where the device has been and could even be networked into Google Maps to track its movements in real-time. Verichip’s human implant device has been almost wholly rejected by the major public whereas in contrast it has been toyed and experimented with on a small scale by elites and their high security facilities. It’s blatant violation of human rights and privacy has largely restricted its use despite international governments plans to implement it as a data gathering, security and control staple in human society. Allowance of this suggestion to manifest into real use could carry consequences which legally impact a population subgroup of unknown size around the globe and then traverse the scope of application to enact itself upon a determinedly unwilling global population which creates a spiral of conflict outside of the contact paradigm. Such a conflict would be a detriment to both the Disclosure process and the secrecy maintenance proponents.

In exopolitical mediation, the participants are struggling for their legitimate rights to power and affirmation. We tend to look on power in a negative way and associate it with abuse. Rollo May, however has a different take on it. Mr. May, a psychologist of distinguished career, “whose contributions to the humanistic movement are highly significant, contended that power is a fundamental aspect of the life process. Indeed, he believed that powerlessness corrupts the human personality by robbing the individual of a sense of meaning and significance…He argued that power occurs in an individuals life in five functional forms.” (4)

Those forms are the ‘power to be’, ‘power as self-affirmation’, ‘power as self-assertion’, ‘power as aggression’, and ‘power as violence’. A legitimate use of power can include actualizing one’s own self in a perceived hostile environment. Many in the public, and the exopolitical/ufology community view the secrecy paradigm as a hostile environment. Therefore a leap to the destructive use of power occurs when tolerance to powerlessness is exceeded. This can be seen when exopoliticians leave the group coherency in aggression to inflict injury, unjust restrictions, or the taking of power simply to increase the range of their control. In the personal experience of these exopoliticians the sense of meaning and significance they gain through the mediation event has been lost.

The application of the communication perspective questions, open the door to an extended depth of dialog regarding what limitations or extent should be applied to the pursuit of truth and participant expectations, in order to maintain human liberties and ethical conduct on all sides. In the evolution of the contact paradigm, wide ranging impacts and consequences to participant approaches, touch everyone on the planet. It has the potential to set disconcerting precedents that can be applied even beyond the management of the paradigm’s direct influence. It is therefore highly important for Exopolitical Mediators to be very conscious of the directions communications among participants take.

An exopolitical mediator may choose, upon perception of these trends, to intervene with a directional comment or open the floor to a discussion of the larger picture where the consequences of the limits or extents of the pursuit of truth are addressed. If the participants can discover for themselves through topic interaction, an understanding of how their expectations and efforts impact the other participant members or the wider global scope then a reformulation of group coherency may evolve with positive results.

“that which is utopian is not that which is unattainable; it is not idealism; it is a dialectic process of denouncing and announcing; denouncing the dehumanizing structure, and announcing the humanizing structure.” ~ Paulo Freire (3)


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  4. Power and Society, Thomas R Dye & Brigid C Harrison; © 2005 Wadsworth – A Division of Thomsan Learning Inc. page 159

Saturday, June 6, 2009

An Abstract on Rise of Assumptions in Exopolitical Mediation
By Cyrellys Geibhendach
Copy & Distribute Freely
My Website: Compass Morainn

It is amazing how difficult we make human interactions when we use assumptions within environments in which the adherence and protection of the integrity of details is so incredibly important to the disclosers and to the long-term effects of the information beyond the original communication event. The relationship between exopolitical mediators and the participants in their mediation depends on the objective receipt, relay, & extrapolation of facts. In a tenuous inter-group social climate which ensconces the parties involved, any misunderstandings which result from assumptions can cause those communication events to literally fall apart as stress levels shred the veins of trust built through the act of mediation.

There has always been a limit of tolerance for disbelief, fact-twisting, emotional-grandstanding, and sensationalizing no matter which end or version of the participant spectrum is involved. Participant sensitivity, particularly when Insiders or Whistleblowers are involved, is rife with communication apprehension. The importance of cognitive listening is rarely understood by public observers or public participants in particular. Cognitive listening is the opposite of assuming. It is the mental process of understanding and remembering another’s message clearly and concisely.

The benefits of cognitive listening are the same as they are in other relationships. Lorna Doone of the blog “Something Good” wrote the following series of articles in which she explains that assumptions can be avoided by asking questions and verifying or clarifying the responses by asking them once again:

The Four Agreements Part Four: Don't Make Assumptions
Part One - An Introduction
Part Two - Be Impeccable With Your Word
Part Three - Don't Take Anything Personally
Part Four - Don't Make Assumptions
Part Five - Always Do Your Best

In part four, “Don’t Make Assumptions,” she gives a very nice list of the benefits of cognitive listening without defining the term as the opposite to the making and use of assumptions. She says, “This actually has a lot of benefits. First of all, you’re spending more time actually communicating with those you care about. They are able to see that you are willing to take time and effort to really listen to what they have to say. Secondly, you are going to be able to avoid a lot of stress and drama by not making assumptions. Finally, you can help create a great example for how you want to be treated. In fact, you can use your new-found ability to ask questions in order to let others know what you want in life.”

In exopolitical mediation, the participants are communicating for the very purpose of expressing what they want in life. Therefore the leap to assume which is a natural human tendency or habit inhibits this form of communication. This use of assumptions occurs during the maturation phase or middle phase of relationship development in which the participants learn each other’s idiosyncratic nature and develop a sense of identity through symbolic labels of the relationship. The assumptions are synonymous or indicative of the labels that are being developed. It might therefore be suggested that the participant’s inherent understanding of the information providers involved may be flawed. It may be useful to return to that foundation introduction for a revitalization of that understanding or to modify the interaction to expound and improve upon the perception of the information provider(s) among them.

It is within the Mediator’s legitimate power to direct the conversation where improvements in or reiteration of information, or even the use of mnemonic devices may assist the participants to more appropriately and accurately recall or understand information in the way it was intended. The assigning of symbolic labels or connotative meaning to information given will elicit a personal emotional response on the part of the information giver(s). The mediator can work through the detriments of assumptive responses or returns on given information by developing a cooperative strategy with willing participants that is complimentary to the communication purposes early on, fully understanding that this occurrence is not atypical in exopolitical mediation.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

On Taking Care of the Self: relaxation, Centerdness, and Effectiveness

By Michael A. Melton, Psy.D.
Compass Morainn Journal
Print and distribute freely.

In the talks and discussions you read on this blog you frequently come across many references to being “in control,” and “maintaining neutrality,” and “knowing one’s self,” and the like. All of these are so very vital to the task at hand, whether it be negotiations, research, or investigations into phenomena. I might even allude to the fact that successful grocery shopping, for example, is only accomplished by employing the above conditions of the self. So, the question posed in this discussion concerns how to conceive, achieve, and maintain a relaxed, centered and effective stance, and thus, project this stance into the situation it is applied to. I will give the reader a simple primer. The concepts are all one might need to begin building their own defense against stress and anxiety.

Core Concepts:
The first concept I want you to understand is “incompatibility.” Simply put, incompatibility is when two of anything simply will not go together. Think of oil and water. The absolute best you can do to get these two substances together (in everyday applications) is to shake vigorously, and even then, separation, or their incompatibility, shows itself almost immediately. They separate. Now, let’s think of emotions for a moment. When we are nervous and excited, or unsure, we feel stressed, we act stressed, we are, in fact, stressed. However, what if we learned how to behave in such a way as to thwart that anxiety? What if our thoughts, attitude and behavior reflect incompatibility with the onslaught of a stressful situation? Exactly – just like the oil and water, stress slides off our backs, and we remain cool, calm, and collected, ready to accomplish the great things we set out to do.

The second concept is “breathing.” Controlled breathing is essential to maintaining a cool head. Begin by allowing yourself to empty your lungs of stale air, and inhale deeply. Hold for a count of five, and release completely. Repeat this a few more times, and you are ready to tackle a stressful situation. The extra boost of oxygen energizes your brain, and assists you in making critical decisions, educated choices, and the like. Practice breathing awareness. Notice how, when you are under duress your respiration increases, depending on the stress. Using the “incompatible behavior concept, and integrating “breathing” in a controlled manner, you are already ahead of the game.

The third concept is “thinking.” To coin an old, time warn phrase, “don’t get caught up in stinkin’ thinkin’!” We set ourselves up at times by predisposing our situation to the realm of negative thoughts. Adding the concept of positive thinking to the mix is vital to maintaining calm. We give those automatic thoughts such power at times, that they literally drive us into an anxious state. Additionally, if you notice, all of these little functions are beginning to work in harmony. Knowing that staying relaxed is incompatible with feeling stressed, adding breathing awareness, controlling our breathing, and thinking positively, we are well on our way now to success.

The fourth concept is “staying loose,” in a muscular sense. For just a moment, clench your fists. Pay particular attention to just how far up your arms, into your chest, and so on, that tension spreads. Notice your thought pattern. You might complain that your wrists hurt. You have a pain in your neck, or even how you might use one of these fists to settle some dispute that is still on your mind, even though you’re not aware of it. Remaining loose and flexible is another way, added to the above, we can thwart anxiety and stress from overtaking us. Our musculature becomes stiff, and motor memory kicks in – we are feeling stressed, and tight, and irritable. “Shaking it off,” literally, is one way to stay relaxed and to prevent stressful muscle memory from kicking in.

The fifth concept is simply “being.” Awareness of being is perhaps the most important concept. I don’t want you to think of it as being applied in a grandiose and overinflated concept of self. I simply mean to maintain a high level of confidence in your skills and abilities. As a mediator, you are an important cog in a massive system of wheels and gears that have to turn in order to meet a mutually beneficial resolution. As a mediator, you are the cog that unites the two systems to run in harmony. Your role is vital and important in the outcome, and taking pride in the importance of your functioning in this complex system is in no way a boast or an overzealous gesture of self importance. You are needed in this process by both sides. So, it helps one to stay loose, and harbor positive self affirmations and thoughts, and to breathe easy.

The result is a competent, confident interface for negotiations – an impartial mediator who is well aware of self, and ready to meet the challenge that lay ahead. The complex role that exopolitical mediators will face in the future demands a relaxed and confident stance. We might find it hard to imagine the possibilities we will face! And it is good, prudent and timely to “be ready!”

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Discussion on Active Exopolitical Mediation & Extreme Participant Negotiation Styles

A Discussion on Active Exopolitical Mediation & Extreme Participant Negotiation Styles
By Cyrellys Geibhendach
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In this article I will discuss an aspect of the active exopolitical mediation in which the mediator’s emersion in toxic mediation environments characterizes some of the difficulty in this branch of mediation. The active exopolitical mediator will experience toxic mediation environments in this field. That is a fact. These environments are the result of extreme participant negotiation styles. When I use the term negotiation, I use it in such a broad sense to include the various displayed communication styles and the needs which propel their use. In both traditional and exopolitical mediation, these styles are known as forms of negotiating which are used by the participants to communicate their particular needs and goals.
Just as there are individualistic personality types so too are there differences in participant negotiation (communication) styles. There is a variety of materials available on mediation approaches for working with extreme ‘negotiating styles’ in the traditional field of mediation. It is helpful for the exopolitical mediator to familiarize himself with them. Understanding styles in negotiation which participants use, gives the mediator an understanding of the levels of extent to which participants may resort in managing their needs and objectives at the mediation table.
Stephen Marsh of ADR Resources has provided an outline of Negotiation Styles in Mediation [1]. This outline describes the five methods of negotiation that participants bring to the table as:

1. Attack or fight. This type of negotiator is often called an aggressive

2. Appease or attempt to convert. This type of negotiator is often
called a cooperative negotiator.

3. Flee or attempt to evade the problem.
This kind of negotiator is often called a distractor.

4. Displace or analyze the problem. When a man is told not to come in
to the office today because it has burned down and responds by analyzing the
changes in traffic patterns the fire trucks will have made, he is engaging in
displacement. This kind of negotiator is often called an analyst.

5. Truth seeking. This kind of negotiator is often called an idealist.

He goes into a brief description of the basic understanding of each style which is helpful for use as a reference or introduction tool. Each style is designed to achieve different goals. Mr. Marsh says, “Often, the various styles need a mediator to buffer the interactions and turn a toxic negotiating atmosphere into a successful mediation. “ [1]. An effective mediator is a flexible and aware individual who assesses every situation and keeps at his disposal a variety of methods to achieve their intended results. Exopolitical Mediation is notorious for containing toxic communications and atmospheres. The effective exopolitical mediator has to be prepared to be a more stable and facilitative individual than the other participants often are capable of being.
In the example of an active Mediator working below, you may note that the Exopolitical Mediator, Ed Komarek uses a basic publicly understood fact to describe an element of toxicity inherent in one group involved in the Contact Paradigm to another group involved. He says the group referred to “is usually anything but civil. I need to explain to the Pickering brothers that while uncivil with all the petty bickering, joking, insults and squabbling this bickering and squabbling is more a form of entertainment than anything else.” [2]
This is an example of what Mr Marsh described about the Mediator acting as a buffer between the interactions. In this example there is no direct contact between the participants, only a limited indirect contact, between five parties in the mediation. The four parties are:
1. The Dan & Ron Pandolfi
2. The Pickering brothers, Clay and
Shawn Pickering & UFO Working Group
3. And the Sarfatti Group
4. The Exopolitics Community
5. The General Public
There are two specific toxic styles at work in this mediation example. One, I described above, and the other is the approach taken by Dan Smith & Ron Pandolfi in which the mediator has determined there is some unethical communications going on to achieve personal goals held by them. The method Ed Komarek as the active mediator is using, is to bring to public light and the participants’ attention, the behavior and calling for an explanation of the backdoor accusations involved and requesting any pertinent proof if there is any.

Live Example [2]:

Subject: Suggested Source A Hoaxing
To: "Ronald Pandolfi"
Cc: "Dan Smith" , sarfatti@.......
Date: Tuesday, May 26, 2009, 7:12 AM

Hi Ron:

For quite awhile Dan has been suggesting that you have been telling him that Source A has been hoaxing the UFO community. Now I have heard that you are unambiguously and directly telling others in the Sarfatti Group that Source A is nuts and that he is committing a hoax. Is this true? If so are you also saying the Pickering brothers are involved in this hoax you are alleging or have they simply been deceived by Source A?

I am sure you are aware that Source A met with Dr. Bruce Maccabee in Bruce’s Navy office in full uniform and that Bruce verified Source A’s credentials. This was before Bruce retired. Other researchers have verified Source A’s credentials as well. I am sure you are also aware that others have verified that the UN meetings that Source A, broke to the public, did in fact occur.

If it is true that you are in fact telling others that Source A is nuts and that he is committing a hoax on us in the UFO community don’t you think that you should give some evidence backing up this claim. Such a claim not only impinges on the credibility of Source A but the Pickering Brothers as well? Is your claim based on confidential information? If the claim of hoaxing is based on confidential information then is it even remotely possible that you yourself have been deceived?

Under the present circumstances if Source A is legit then you seem to be attempting do drive a wedge between any attempts to connect the UFO Working Group network with the Sarfatti Network. It seems that your claims of hoaxing have recently become more pronounced as I have attempted to assist in networking between the two groups. This gets me to wondering why you would be doing this.

As I am sure you realize creating nodes of communication is not easy between the two groups because the Pickering brothers believe in civil communication and conversation while on the other hand the Sarfatti Group is usually anything but civil. I need to explain to the Pickering brothers that while uncivil with all the petty bickering, joking, insults and squabbling this bickering and squabbling is more a form of entertainment than anything else.

Rarely does this entertainment become mean spirited and when it does it does not usually last long. I mean what would one expect from a band of egotistical rogues anyhow? At the very least the uncivil conversation is honest and upfront. That’s what I like about it I guess. Very often so called civil conversations can be contrived and dishonest and it is refreshing to just let it all hang out sometimes.

Dan, while I did not mean the other conversation to be publicized it was my fault because I did not say confidential on the email. Still the information was not specific and I must keep that confidential. I think Jack needs to try harder and do a much better job of kissing ass if he wants more of that money steered his way. The ass kissing is getting pretty competitive lately with more real money coming to the table all the time as disclosure progresses.

This email I don’t mind being publicized of course as it is meant to stimulate public conversation, just xxx out Ron’s email address as before. I think Ron has some explaining to do.


This communication reprinted with express permission from Ed Komarek for public education purposes.
In exopolitical mediation, some of the current forms of mediation take place in the public arena. This example presented above is one of those. It is a common difficulty of such mediations that additional backdoor sniping or cold treatment between participants occurs while the mediation is in progress. A mediator in this field needs to be aware that this is typical and be prepared to work under these conditions.
Ed Komarek uses his years of experience in the exopolitical/ufology field and his development of private and pubic source networks to be aware of such backdoor shenanigans. Not all exopolitical mediators will have the same length of experience within the field of the Contact Paradigm, so awareness will need to be utilized and new mediation support tools developed to work under these and other conditions unique to this paradigm and the mediation tables available to it.
Zena Zumeta, who is a professional traditional mediator, has written an excellent description of traditional mediation style methods used by mediators. In her description she lists the following styles available [3]:
1. Facilitative Mediation
2. Evaluative Mediation
3. Transformative Mediation
The last one in the list, Transformative Mediation, is the one most often used in exopolitical mediation. She describes it as, “Transformative mediation is based on the values of "empowerment" of each of the parties as much as possible, and "recognition" by each of the parties of the other parties' needs, interests, values and points of view. The potential for transformative mediation is that any or all parties or their relationships may be transformed during the mediation. Transformative mediators meet with parties together, since only they can give each other "recognition".”[3]
There are differences however in this definition of the traditional form and that used in exopolitical mediation. Primarily that difference is that the mediators meet with parties together. In exopolitical mediation, direct communication between all parties in the holistic mediation scenario has not yet fully manifest itself. The sixty plus years of secrecy has placed many road-blocks to direct face to face communication of the Contact Paradigm. As these road blocks break down, more instances of communication are occurring and in the current state of the paradigm, these communications are occurring on the Internet in forums and specialty communities like Facebook. In this sense they are almost ‘in the same room’ together. But this still entails the mediator ferrying back and forth among the parties who are scattered throughout the broad realm of internet addresses. In this sense the Internet is showing its ability to be the representation of the human global village.
Additional information on Exopolitical Mediation can be found at: Compass Morainn Journal. Additional resources for traditional mediation to be adapted to exopolitical mediation may be found at and ADR Resources.


[1] Negotiation Styles in Mediation, article by Stephen R Marsh, ADR Resources, Stephen R Marsh copyright 2000.

[2] “Suggested Source A Hoaxing”, by Ed Komarek, email communications material source May 26, 2009, reprinted with express permission of author.

[3] Styles of Mediation: Facilitative, Evaluative, and Transformative Mediation, article by Zena Zumeta, – Everything Mediation copyright 2000.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Alien-Human Interface: A Brief Analysis and Food for Thought

I really did not want to write another article until next week – however, I woke up this morning inspired by a dream from last night. In it, I was preparing for an article for this journal. Isn’t it wonderful when something becomes so important to us, we pull it into our consciousness, and we become inspired? This is what I was working on in the dream. Please read:

We have all seen many, many science fiction movies, from “Plan 9 from Outer Space,” to “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” to the current new release in the Star Trek series. As we have seen over time, the alien has changed shape. In some of the earlier SF movies, Aliens were portrayed as being hideous, sometimes like monsters, complete with claws and exoskeleton. They were depicted as the ultimate enemy, hell bent on taking over the Earth, and killing us all, or enslaving us, like a large herd of cattle for whatever they wanted to use us for. Over time, in the popular media, the alien being slowly changed to resemble us – with two arms, two legs, a head, and a face. As the alien presence entered into our consciousness, we assimilated them into our mental set, and somewhere, deep inside, we began to think “We are not alone in the Universe.”

Is this assimilation a real phenomenon, meaning, are we slowly being inoculated with the presence of new friends from outer space – by them; or is this a level of consciousness that we are slowly being awakened to by our own evolution at a certain place in time and space, and which is now getting stronger day after day? All good questions, but at this time, we really cannot pin down any answers. I believe it is the second option above, and it is felt on both sides of the atmosphere.

And so, I present an article to make the reader think, perhaps to imagine or to unravel new knowledge, new possibilities, a new way of getting one’s self ready to meet our alien “images and likenesses” from outside our tender blue marble.

I want to get back to the movies for a minute. Two landmark films, in my book, began to alter our view of aliens once and for all. The first one was “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” In this movie, members of the human population began receiving telepathic messages and images. And I emphasize a select few. Even the presidents, kings, queens and armies were not elite enough to be involved in this first contact. In a way, the aliens picked what appear to be the simplest, most unassuming, normal people they could locate. The visions and impressions pointed to Devil’s Tower, Wyoming. And even though the military were assisting the aliens in their attempt at contact, it was this group who fought their way, against all odds to get to that location so they could witness the event. Not all of them make it. Only two actually get to the landing scene. And in the end, Richard Dreyfus’ character is “chosen” by the alien representatives to return to their home world. Very interesting, isn’t it? What a unique way, and yet, very purposeful way, on the part of the aliens to choose the best “mediator” to suit the job. The aliens were portrayed as compassionate, with smiles and waves as they set off on their return home. They chose the strongest of the lot, who will likely be an excellent representative, and the point is, he had no prejudice, no fear, but a sense of wonderment as the aliens crowded around him and touched, felt, and embraced his honesty and abilities.

What a change in image the aliens were given; from fifties monsters to heartfelt, human-like entities, as curious as we are. Now, the second movie I want to discuss for a moment came out a few years later, and the movie is “E.T. – The Extraterrestrial.” Although portrayed not quite as humanoid, this seemingly harmless alien being is portrayed as a childlike intelligence, with curiosity, emotions (“E.T. phone home…”) and thought. There was very little fear involved in this movie, just surprise and excitement as ET played harmless havoc on earth.

I believe these movies and others like it were indoctrination tools, and perhaps not even in the conscious sense. ET’s were granted much more “positive regard” after these movies, and perhaps we even felt a little affection for them. Some, like me, yearned to be in contact with our alien brothers. The alien-human interface was created at last.

So what does that tell us? Well, it sets a subconscious set of goals, and puts them to work. We become inspired to research things UFO and alien a bit closer. We begin to develop a new sense of who we are in the universe. We begin to work toward more peaceful interactions with our fellow man. We start to identify with the fact that “they’re here!” Even the Vatican has announced what I have felt most of my life: Why should we humans be so bold as to think that we were the only intelligent beings created in the universe? When the Old Testament, in the Book of Genesis states that God created man in his image and likeness, why wouldn’t he have created other beings in his image and likeness?” The Vatican Observatory has been looking for ET for a long time. These are our relations – our counterparts in the universe. (Please note – before I go on -- I do not mean to offend anyone by using my religious inclination to describe the obvious – it is just a handy example, which is also based on fact – the Vatican did announce these things.) Not everyone is chosen, however. We who are involved in Exopolitics, Ufology, Paranormal Research and other related fields should feel the privilege of being a part of it all.

Whether you know it or not, believe it or refuse to believe, the Alien-Human Interface is alive and well in all of our psyches. It is part of the collective unconscious. This is the same way we learn to interact with other people. We are social, inclined to live together, to be part of a group. We are part of a group, not only here on earth, but out there. We are members of a universal body of, well, people. Perhaps we look a little different, some are taller, some are shorter, whether they be Nordics or grays, our thoughts, feelings and emotions are the same. We are all curious. We want to make contact. And I truly think we will, and soon. The tools are inside of all of us, and I mean universally, all of us. I predict that we will encounter the same curiosity, the same sense of wonderment, and actually, will that day be anything other than the greatest day in mankind’s history? It will be the greatest day for them, also.