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Monday, January 31, 2011

What does worthy look like in exopolitical mediation?

Putting the humane back in human

How do we place a value on a human life or their personal experience? Every person is a deeply rooted individual with a unique character impacting the world they participate in. We define a worthy person as being honorable or admirable; having merit or value. What does this mean and how do we recognize it in our field? How do we define a person’s value to human society or human potential?

A good starting place is in understanding the mediator’s greatest pit fall. This is projecting our intentions on the behavior and view of others and calling ourselves objective. We must learn to see ourselves and how we see others. Finding what worthy looks like is dependent upon our ability to determine if what we are looking at is reality or principle-based or if it is a function of conditioning and conditions. The mediator uses its endowments of self-awareness, conscience, imagination, and independent will to act on that awareness; making promises, setting goals or limitations, acting with courage and strength, sharing empathy, uplifting others and being true to our integrity; leading by example.

If we value communication, teamwork, and cooperation, then worthy will appear interdependent or seek interdependence. Interdependence is a very mature concept where greater accomplishment comes from interaction, access to vaster resources and the potential of others or all people. An interdependent person or situation will present an opportunity to share meaningfully and doing so is a choice only independent individuals (participants) can make.

A participant in exopolitical mediation will not always present a physical asset, but it will bring a human asset. This is what the mediator continually evaluates. The human asset is an evolutionary matrix with revolutionary net effect on the human paradigm. The human asset will have a uniquely modified nature, set of values, and an unusual contribution capacity. These characteristics display a unique sense of identity in an individual. Integrity, and self-control is usually pointedly adhered to and trust-based relationships are not an option but a requirement.

The contribution of the worthy will be an influence or influx of profound internalized-growth in consciousness, imagination, and human-will through their presence. It is through that deep contact with our basic paradigms; the values and the vision of what we can become that we discover the degree of worthiness we have encountered. This understanding, gained through interdependent interaction is a time-consuming endeavor made gradually not quickly. A mutually beneficial relationship is built together, endearing their participation and receiving the mediator’s strength and confidence in return. This activity elevates all lives involved and builds bridges where few existed before by the teamwork of conscious endeavor. In the words of Thomas Paine, “That which we obtain too easily, we esteem too lightly. It is dearness only which gives everything its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price on its goods.”

Stephen R Covey on Synergy

Exopolitical mediation is about creating synergy. It is an effort to open the minds, hearts, and expressions of the people to new alternatives in the human experience. It presents us with new options to avoid the great tradgedies and wastes in life by tapping the potential in humanity which usually remains undeveloped and unused.

Stephen wrote in his book "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change" the following thoughts on synergy:

…it catalyzes, unifies, and unleashes the greatest powers within people…simply defined it means that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts….The creative process is the most terrifying part [of synergy] because you don’t know exactly what’s going to happen or where it is going to lead. You don’t know what new dangers and challenges you’ll find. It takes an enormous amount of internal security to begin with the spirit of adventure, the spirit of discovery, the spirit of creativity. Without a doubt, you have to leave the comfort zone of base camp and confront an entirely new and unknown wilderness. You become a trailblazer, a pathfinder. You open new possibilities, new territories, new continents, so that others can follow.

Synergy is everywhere in nature. If you plant tow plants close together, the roots comingle and improve the quality of the soil so that both plants will grow better than if they were separated. If you put two pieces of wood together, they will hold much more than the total of the weight held by each separately. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. One plus one equals three or more.

The challenge is to apply the principles of creative cooperation, which we learn from nature, in our social interactions….The essence of synergy is to value differences – to respect them, to build on strengths, to compensate for weakness. Synergy can create a new script for the next generation – one that is more geared to service and contribution, and is less protective, less adversarial, less selfish; one that is more open, trusting, more giving, and is less defensive, protective, and political; one that is more loving, more caring, and is less possessive and judgemental.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

From the Desk of Cyrellys: My exopolitics articles 2010 - January 2011

I've recently been examining exopolitics in a purely political and philosophical perspective. I've been watching the new global governance form up and its spread of nation dismantling behaviors. Extraterrestrial contact as a political and social issue within the global shared infrastructure is seemingly closely interrelated to many surface actions in a way we generally don't verbalize. One of the issues I've perused extensively is patriotism and rhetoric in the context of the exopolitical paradigm. The following articles are my initial muse... fledgling thoughts in need of further fleshing out but illustrative of some places I'm exploring in regards to exopolitical mediation.

Thoughts On Liberty & Contact Disclosure

The Depth of Changes Rolling Out With Global Governance and The Contact Paradigm

The Future of Learning To Communicate With ET

Shattering A Blue Beam

Global Governance in Early January 2011

Watching End of Sovereign Governments & Rise of Corporations

Global Misbehavior: Information Control

My opinion on bad ET experiences

Patriotism is political


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Global Misbehavior: Information Control

Of Head-Hunters, Attack Poodles, & Communicators

There are three interlocking groups of information controllers operating in the public arenas where exopolitical mediation is concerned. One is part of the journalistic genre, another involves individuals associated with three-letter-acronym agencies, and the other are strong-willed opinionated individuals with their own ideas of righteousness who band together with like individuals and members of the first two groups.

In exopolitical mediation we have referred to these groups and individuals as 'head-hunters'. Head-hunting is a human behavior in which non-believers or anti-disclosure advocates seek exploitable weakness of any kind and then use it to destroy the message of researchers, contactees or insiders, along with their ability to communicate further, their reputations, careers, and public/private lives. This term applies to the toxic behavior irregardless of the truth pertaining to the individual presenting their story or knowledge. The working concept being that two wrongs do not make a right.

"It is hard to contend with passion for whatever it desires to get, it buys at the cost of Soul." ~ Heraclitus, On Nature.

A passionate believer in some ideal, or need will be more inclined to cross illicit boundaries. This being true of those who do not want the manufacturing or manipulation effort ensconcing our true paradigm, publicized in its stark entirety. There is no communication nor disclosure effort which will not have to contend with these forces.

Catherine Austin Fitts describes this in the accompanying video. She refers to head-hunters quite appropriately as 'attack poodles'.

BrasscheckTV publisher puts it this way:

...the three most common ways that the "news" media makes information safe for Corporate America (the actual rulers of the country):

1. Ignore the story completely (a favorite)

2. Dillute daily TV news shows and newspapers with so much junk reporting there's no room for real stories (they've got to put something on the screen)

3. Allow blatant lies on the part of "officials" and bought and sold "experts" to stand without even rudimentary research and analysis (it cost too much, don't you know)

However, occasionaly a story gets away from them (think Gary Webb and his Dark Alliance reporting.)

Then somebody actually has to do some work - that work being the attempted destruction of the reputation and career of the news source (usually a lone reporter or a publisher that's not safely "in the loop.")

There's a revolving door between the "news" industry and the PR "professionals" who take on this kind of work.

The system is so literally innudated with organized corporate interests that any portion can and does get used to control information which attempts presentation to the public. Insiders and contactees routinely express attitudes of powerlessness. This is their feeling that no matter what they do it will have little or no effect on their situation or the direction human life is taking. This in turn reinforces the condition of powerlessness which is the inability to contol the events that shape their lives and the lives of others. Attitudes or perspectives of this form of powerlessness "become barriers to effective self-help, independence, and self-respect."1

Look at the situation many of these individuals reside in. For starters many are affluent in some way. They have careers, some have power, a respectable income, resources, and reputations. These are the exploitable weaknesses. Why? Because they can't imagine how to live without any of it or how to recover from their loss. Many contact participants on the inside in particular have never done without. This is a little described form of poverty. Kenneth B Clark, an social psychologist, describes the poverty of powerlessness happening when human beings who live apart from the rest of society, who do not share in society's affluence, and who are not respected or granted the ordinary dignities and courtesy accorded to others will eventually begin to doubt their own worth.

Head-Hunters or Attack Poodles take advantage of this inherent culture of powerlessness which has been created by the secrecy in order to control the information about it. This culture is passed from one generation of participants to the next as a self-perpetuating cycle. The rest of humanity picks up on this culture through the effectiveness of the information controllers and further perpetuates it by inserting further toxicity through negative derogatory comments, votes of unsubstantiated disbelief, admonitions to speak no further on the subject, exposure of confidential personal life details, and so on which are viewed by other paradigm experiencers. In this way it's passed on preventing any coherent multi-force effort to coelesce together, pushing back the effort to control, supplanting it with an understanding in the mind of the public onlookers.

If we want to understand why the public does not understand or believe in paradigm issues such as corporate controllers, shadow government, global governance, extraterrestrial contact, or alternative human history then we must more thoroughly examine the processes being used to control the current existing information. Those who operate as head-hunters or attack poodles must have every aspect of their operation thoroughly examined and traced; back-engineering, pardon the pun, all the way up the ladder behind them to identify the sources of the anti-reality sentiment. The same is said for being able to function in a mediation or facilitory situation. There should be an expectation of hostile encounters with anti-reality representatives and plans made to address those encounters prior to public efforts.

1 Dye & Harrison, Power and Society, 2005 Wadsworth

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Confidentiality Policy of Compass Morainn

The following policy pertains to work performed as a Member of Compass Morainn (CM) in the field of Exopolitical Mediation and Facilitation. A Member of Compass Morainn is any individual or group who signs on either publicly or anonymously as a member with the Compass Morainn coordinating website or Administrative Personnel and is approached by participant(s) as an active member operating under Compass Morainn Confidentiality Policy. A participant is defined as an individual or group which retains or utilizes the services of a Compass Morainn member operating as an exopolitical mediator, facilitator, or intermediary observing member relaying contacts/information to another member who actively operates as a Exopolitical Mediator, Facilitator, or other CM role.

•All participants are automatically protected by Compass Morainn’s Confidentiality Policy
•All Compass Morainn Members ahere to Compass Morainn's Confidentiality Policy as a term & condition of membership.
•All information obtained from participants is the property of the participant from which it came and public release of any information obtained from a participant is dictated and directed first by the participant and secondly by Compass Morainn's Confidentiality Policy.
•Any potential participant who approaches you as a Compass Morainn member is to be handled respectfully and given due process under Compass Morainn Confidentiality Policy.
•Limit your access to and use of consulting, mediation, and facilitation information to that required by your duties, permitted by law, and authorized by Compass Morainn.
•Use only legitimate and authorized (legal) means to collect information and whenever practical obtain it directly from the participant consulted.
•Release information concerning the person in the program regarding their status only in accordance with the special confidentiality rules & laws that apply to this information.
•Refrain from revealing any participant information unless supported by legitimate Compass Morainn exopolitical mediation or facilitation business or participant care purposes defined by Compass Morainn.
•Do not discuss participant operational or personal information with any person inside or outside Compass Morainn unless it is in connection with your work, permitted by law, and authorized by the participant(s) and by Compass Morainn.
•Be aware of your surroundings and guard against visitors and third parties needlessly overhearing participant information or discussions.
•Refrain from removing or electronically transmitting participant information or records from a designated storage facility or operational area without authorization and the appropriate physical and technical safeguards. i.e. locked containers, encryption, etc.

Compass Morainn members are to operate with the utmost sensitivity to the confidentiality needs of all participants. Even when we do not agree with the stated needs, desires, or intentions of our participants, all Compass Morainn members are expected to and defined by the act to hold themselves to the highest standards of honorable behavior, as well as personal and professional integrity through adherence to this policy.

Rolling Into 2011

Happy New Year! to everyone both inside and outside of Compass Morainn!

2011 is already beginning to shape up into a fantastic year in many respects. Site updates to Compass Morainn have been completed. She's ready to rock! New information has been added. Some of the type cleaned up. And the broken links & widgets are now fixed.

Be sure to drop in and see how we've grown over the last three years. We are now at 61 published members and four unpublished members. If you are an active member in the field of ufology or exopolitics and know someone who would be interested in learning more about exopolitical mediation or in participating in some way, please refer them to the website and invite them in.

This year is beginning with solidifying Compass Morainn's Confidentiality Policy. All members are requested to check out the copy contained either here on the Journal (see next post) or the copy on the website here. Please either make a note on your profile to the effect, "I honor the Compass Morainn Confidentiality Policy" or send Cyrellys an email wrt it so that we can put a honor-flag on all profiles of approachable mediators, facilitators, researchers, etc for our prospective participants. Observers need not foward or post any notation on it if they do not wish to.

We have many new members that have joined us in 2010 and I'd like to take this moment to welcome all of them as members of 2011 too. To all of you who are new or who had not heard, the Compass Morainn Journal is open to publishing for all Compass Members on the subjects of mediation, facilitation, contact issues, contact insider/contactee communication & interaction processes, exopsychology, exopolitics/anthropology/sociology, current events, activities, and news pertaining to Exopolitical Mediation & Facilitation. The broader scope of news may be posted at the News & Data page on Compass Morainn's home site. Personal experiences not related to Exopolitical Mediation/Facilitation, off-topic research or other articles still in the realm of Exopolitics are provided the Exopolitics Wikizine at Zimbio. Those interested in posting in the Journal need to sign in to Blogger and request an invitation to be sent to you from the Admin.

Here's hoping everyone had a great holiday! We look forward to working with all of you through this coming year.