Peace to the Sky
Sky to the Earth
Earth beneath the Sky
Strength in Everyone.
~ from Morrigu’s Prophecy

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Developing Criteria to Assess Ethics of ETs

We are a relatively young planet in terms of our Galactic socialization. We do not have ambassadors on other planets; we do not speak their languages; we do not openly do business, barter, trade or ally with other societies.

We continue to fight among ourselves over resources that we yank out of Gaia as if our planet Herself is a marketable object. Never mind, our Home. We continue to fight over Ideology and behave badly toward ideas. We count behavior as secondary to politically-CORRECT thoughts.

This is crazy; it is paranoid disorder of the ethical system.

We ought to be able by now to discriminate between and among cultures based on their embrace of certain unalienable outcomes that occur according to behavior.

People who do not lie, steal, cheat, deceive and seek advantage are labeled as "civilized." Why? They do no harm, they make no mess, they do not take what does not rightfully belong to them.

People who are "decent" help other people along the way to being civilized. They don't pander to wrong-doing; they don't filch on responsibilities; they don't favor oppression. They're not cruel, exploitive, slave-driving, indifferent.

So, it ought to be simple to assess other Planetary ethical systems accordingly. But instead of doing that, instead of beating them at being better people, our Planetary leaders (from Cecil Rhodes' Round Table on down to today) JOINED THEM in stooping, pandering, whoring, drugging, stealing, fighting and playing out the role of conquerors even while we don't have a coherent methodology for self-rule.

A civilized culture self-rules. It is not ordered top-down by Rules of unnamed Others, Committees, Agencies, Directives, NGO's, Institutes, Cabals, and so forth, behind closed doors, curtains of secrecy and covert operations.

What got in the way of our, the peoples', KNOWING about changes that occurred in Governance (no longer by us the people), in Science (no longer being told the Truth about What's in Space), in Medicine (no longer focused on Healing, but substituting profit-motive drugging and "procedures" for healing), in Education (reducing the vocabulary of Decency and Civil Life down to a Lexicon of obedience and intimidated, terror-driven conformity). That's how predators ACT. That's not a benign nor civil Government that operates that way. The whole Globalist MODEL presupposes the use of force and coercion in its establishment of a New World Order.

Never mind chastity, honor, honesty, candor, dignity, beauty, generosity (without influence), compassion, mercy, forgiveness, forbearance, patience, kindness ... these concepts are no longer articulated for our children in their school experiences. What substitutes are excuses for deploying compromises: tolerance, diversity, political-correctness ... which are terms that limit our willingness and ability to relate. The outcome is that each of us now lives in a private cubicle which no one else enters. And this is what is politically-correct.

Subtle and gentle aspects of life are NOW without mention, without honor, without meaning. Getting ahead, getting that financing, getting that job, getting that house, getting and getting some more ... have become the end all and the be all of this nation's culture. Materialism.

And so what I can say about the Terran response to ET-UFO incursions is that, "We have joined whom we fear in their bad behavior. We are no longer a civil people. We do harm; we kill the innocent; we allow corporations to wreck the planet; and we let Governance demand from us --filial piety and word-worship--that our representative government doesn't return or give back."

Please think some more about the kind of behavior you want for your grandchildren and their futures. If it's okay for governments to do harm, but we can't raise objections; and if it's okay for government to lie and deceive and cheat and punish, but we can't defend ourselves; and if it's okay for government to keep such secrets that none of can know the real circumstances of our own lives and futures -- then our no longer living in a civil society has created an apocalyptic situation in full military dress.

Think about it.