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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Getting Kids Involved In Contact Preparation

As interested and concerned individuals, people are beginning to look at Contact as an event that requires some forethought....some practical preparation. While debates rage over in the U.N.'s paper-tiger-ville over the creation of real infrastructure, there are others in surprising places who are taking the bull by the horns and turning his energy to constructive work.

In the UK schools like Sanford Primary School are looking at the needs of potential contact senarios such as if a crash of a ufo were to happen in the vicinity of children. They are discussing openly with their children about what such a situation might be like and what to do in the event they are there to experience it or its aftermath.

On October 10, internet author Lounge Daddy published an article on the UK school drills. In it he inquired if the UFO Drills were becoming "something of a routine part of the curriculum in the UK."

From a practical standpoint it makes sense to practice emergency procedures in the event of a ufo crash, just as one would need to know procedures to follow were it an airliner filled with people. On such a craft there would ostensibly be occupants, possibly injured and in need of assistance. It would be the civilized and humane thing to know how to investigate crash, render assistance and to establish the practice of universal caring as Earth's standard operating proceedure.

One email comment rendered on the subject by a gentleman named 'mike', said, "Now I can appreciate this. It is a shame that the schools in America are not so "Open Minded"". Perhaps this is something which the expected Denver Colorado, Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission can begin to tackle once its formation is complete. A formal program for emergency procedures and assistance rendering in the event of a downed EBE craft could be a ground-breaking first project for the new Commission.

This would be a fine example of exopolitical facilitation, where an organization leads through practical real solutions to social and circumstantial problems which may arise in the course of sudden or unexpected Contact under less than ideal circumstances.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Larry Bryant Confirms Will Be In Denver Nov 1 2010 UFO City Central

Compass Morainn member and professional research associate, Larry W Bryant has confirmed that he will be joining others in Denver Colorado on November 1, 2010 in support of the expected passage of Denver's Initiative 300, the initiative for the creation of an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission.

In an exuberant note distributed to his contact list Larry mused over the process saying, "the paradigm shift could be won by a single-vote majority were the Colorado voters to wake up and partake of the potential."

Alfred Lambremont Webre, relayed to Larry yesterday, an excerpt of an new article he'd written, describing how Jeff Peckman, in a recent interview on ExopoliticsTV, said that Dennis J. Gallagher, a former Denver city Councilman, and now the elected City Auditor of Denver CO has predicted that Initiative 300, quote 'is going to pass'.

Should Initiative 300 pass, Denver will have the beginnings of true infrastructure to lead Earth into a new era where ET will have a formal contact point, legitimized by the people of Earth, enabling a true connection between Earth's people and the greater community beyond. This would exceed the progress of recent rumors of a proposed appointment of Maylaysian-born astrophysicist, Dr. Mazlan Othman of the United Nations, to a position of UN Liason for Extraterrestrial First Contact at the UN Office for Outer Space in Vienna back on September 29 of this year.

The need for formal infrastructure was recently underscored at about the same time by Ex-Air Force Officer Captain Robert Salas and others, who held a press conference on a 1967 event where UFOs were deemed responsible for deactivating nuclear weapons at a base in Montana where he served at the time.

Initiative 300 has attracted global attention and support. The initiative has had a petition available online to monitor and gauge support as the work progressed where supporters worldwide could sign and comment upon the effort. Larry commented on the petition describing it as "a Peoples Project of Global Consequence" and that "the unrelenting presence of Universal Flying Objects serve as a unifying force for the destiny of mankind."

A signer commented via email that "Jeff had alot of courage and heart to keep this part of the international Disclosure effort going. It is a model that could and should be followed all over the world."

The text of the Initiative can be viewed at

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Updates Completed October 2010 & CM News

Updates to the CM Journal are now complete for this year.

The Journal is accepting outside articles on exopolitical mediation & facilitation. Current Compass Morainn members may post their articles at will as usual. If anyone has any difficulties please email Cy at the CM email.

News: Compass Morainn is now on FACEBOOK with its own page here: Compass Morainn on Facebook

Additional updates and additions are still pending for the website and its sister sites at large. Be sure to check back often as these changes will occur over a period of weeks.

Also on the home site, we have a new addition of an online store featuring exo-mediation promotional materials and gifts such as t-shirts, cups, hats, totes, and more. Please let everyone know that this is a great way to get the word out and as ground-breakers start discussing the current situation within the Contact Paradigm.