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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Discussion on Active Exopolitical Mediation & Extreme Participant Negotiation Styles

A Discussion on Active Exopolitical Mediation & Extreme Participant Negotiation Styles
By Cyrellys Geibhendach
Copy & Distribute Freely
My Website: Compass Morainn

In this article I will discuss an aspect of the active exopolitical mediation in which the mediator’s emersion in toxic mediation environments characterizes some of the difficulty in this branch of mediation. The active exopolitical mediator will experience toxic mediation environments in this field. That is a fact. These environments are the result of extreme participant negotiation styles. When I use the term negotiation, I use it in such a broad sense to include the various displayed communication styles and the needs which propel their use. In both traditional and exopolitical mediation, these styles are known as forms of negotiating which are used by the participants to communicate their particular needs and goals.
Just as there are individualistic personality types so too are there differences in participant negotiation (communication) styles. There is a variety of materials available on mediation approaches for working with extreme ‘negotiating styles’ in the traditional field of mediation. It is helpful for the exopolitical mediator to familiarize himself with them. Understanding styles in negotiation which participants use, gives the mediator an understanding of the levels of extent to which participants may resort in managing their needs and objectives at the mediation table.
Stephen Marsh of ADR Resources has provided an outline of Negotiation Styles in Mediation [1]. This outline describes the five methods of negotiation that participants bring to the table as:

1. Attack or fight. This type of negotiator is often called an aggressive

2. Appease or attempt to convert. This type of negotiator is often
called a cooperative negotiator.

3. Flee or attempt to evade the problem.
This kind of negotiator is often called a distractor.

4. Displace or analyze the problem. When a man is told not to come in
to the office today because it has burned down and responds by analyzing the
changes in traffic patterns the fire trucks will have made, he is engaging in
displacement. This kind of negotiator is often called an analyst.

5. Truth seeking. This kind of negotiator is often called an idealist.

He goes into a brief description of the basic understanding of each style which is helpful for use as a reference or introduction tool. Each style is designed to achieve different goals. Mr. Marsh says, “Often, the various styles need a mediator to buffer the interactions and turn a toxic negotiating atmosphere into a successful mediation. “ [1]. An effective mediator is a flexible and aware individual who assesses every situation and keeps at his disposal a variety of methods to achieve their intended results. Exopolitical Mediation is notorious for containing toxic communications and atmospheres. The effective exopolitical mediator has to be prepared to be a more stable and facilitative individual than the other participants often are capable of being.
In the example of an active Mediator working below, you may note that the Exopolitical Mediator, Ed Komarek uses a basic publicly understood fact to describe an element of toxicity inherent in one group involved in the Contact Paradigm to another group involved. He says the group referred to “is usually anything but civil. I need to explain to the Pickering brothers that while uncivil with all the petty bickering, joking, insults and squabbling this bickering and squabbling is more a form of entertainment than anything else.” [2]
This is an example of what Mr Marsh described about the Mediator acting as a buffer between the interactions. In this example there is no direct contact between the participants, only a limited indirect contact, between five parties in the mediation. The four parties are:
1. The Dan & Ron Pandolfi
2. The Pickering brothers, Clay and
Shawn Pickering & UFO Working Group
3. And the Sarfatti Group
4. The Exopolitics Community
5. The General Public
There are two specific toxic styles at work in this mediation example. One, I described above, and the other is the approach taken by Dan Smith & Ron Pandolfi in which the mediator has determined there is some unethical communications going on to achieve personal goals held by them. The method Ed Komarek as the active mediator is using, is to bring to public light and the participants’ attention, the behavior and calling for an explanation of the backdoor accusations involved and requesting any pertinent proof if there is any.

Live Example [2]:

Subject: Suggested Source A Hoaxing
To: "Ronald Pandolfi"
Cc: "Dan Smith" , sarfatti@.......
Date: Tuesday, May 26, 2009, 7:12 AM

Hi Ron:

For quite awhile Dan has been suggesting that you have been telling him that Source A has been hoaxing the UFO community. Now I have heard that you are unambiguously and directly telling others in the Sarfatti Group that Source A is nuts and that he is committing a hoax. Is this true? If so are you also saying the Pickering brothers are involved in this hoax you are alleging or have they simply been deceived by Source A?

I am sure you are aware that Source A met with Dr. Bruce Maccabee in Bruce’s Navy office in full uniform and that Bruce verified Source A’s credentials. This was before Bruce retired. Other researchers have verified Source A’s credentials as well. I am sure you are also aware that others have verified that the UN meetings that Source A, broke to the public, did in fact occur.

If it is true that you are in fact telling others that Source A is nuts and that he is committing a hoax on us in the UFO community don’t you think that you should give some evidence backing up this claim. Such a claim not only impinges on the credibility of Source A but the Pickering Brothers as well? Is your claim based on confidential information? If the claim of hoaxing is based on confidential information then is it even remotely possible that you yourself have been deceived?

Under the present circumstances if Source A is legit then you seem to be attempting do drive a wedge between any attempts to connect the UFO Working Group network with the Sarfatti Network. It seems that your claims of hoaxing have recently become more pronounced as I have attempted to assist in networking between the two groups. This gets me to wondering why you would be doing this.

As I am sure you realize creating nodes of communication is not easy between the two groups because the Pickering brothers believe in civil communication and conversation while on the other hand the Sarfatti Group is usually anything but civil. I need to explain to the Pickering brothers that while uncivil with all the petty bickering, joking, insults and squabbling this bickering and squabbling is more a form of entertainment than anything else.

Rarely does this entertainment become mean spirited and when it does it does not usually last long. I mean what would one expect from a band of egotistical rogues anyhow? At the very least the uncivil conversation is honest and upfront. That’s what I like about it I guess. Very often so called civil conversations can be contrived and dishonest and it is refreshing to just let it all hang out sometimes.

Dan, while I did not mean the other conversation to be publicized it was my fault because I did not say confidential on the email. Still the information was not specific and I must keep that confidential. I think Jack needs to try harder and do a much better job of kissing ass if he wants more of that money steered his way. The ass kissing is getting pretty competitive lately with more real money coming to the table all the time as disclosure progresses.

This email I don’t mind being publicized of course as it is meant to stimulate public conversation, just xxx out Ron’s email address as before. I think Ron has some explaining to do.


This communication reprinted with express permission from Ed Komarek for public education purposes.
In exopolitical mediation, some of the current forms of mediation take place in the public arena. This example presented above is one of those. It is a common difficulty of such mediations that additional backdoor sniping or cold treatment between participants occurs while the mediation is in progress. A mediator in this field needs to be aware that this is typical and be prepared to work under these conditions.
Ed Komarek uses his years of experience in the exopolitical/ufology field and his development of private and pubic source networks to be aware of such backdoor shenanigans. Not all exopolitical mediators will have the same length of experience within the field of the Contact Paradigm, so awareness will need to be utilized and new mediation support tools developed to work under these and other conditions unique to this paradigm and the mediation tables available to it.
Zena Zumeta, who is a professional traditional mediator, has written an excellent description of traditional mediation style methods used by mediators. In her description she lists the following styles available [3]:
1. Facilitative Mediation
2. Evaluative Mediation
3. Transformative Mediation
The last one in the list, Transformative Mediation, is the one most often used in exopolitical mediation. She describes it as, “Transformative mediation is based on the values of "empowerment" of each of the parties as much as possible, and "recognition" by each of the parties of the other parties' needs, interests, values and points of view. The potential for transformative mediation is that any or all parties or their relationships may be transformed during the mediation. Transformative mediators meet with parties together, since only they can give each other "recognition".”[3]
There are differences however in this definition of the traditional form and that used in exopolitical mediation. Primarily that difference is that the mediators meet with parties together. In exopolitical mediation, direct communication between all parties in the holistic mediation scenario has not yet fully manifest itself. The sixty plus years of secrecy has placed many road-blocks to direct face to face communication of the Contact Paradigm. As these road blocks break down, more instances of communication are occurring and in the current state of the paradigm, these communications are occurring on the Internet in forums and specialty communities like Facebook. In this sense they are almost ‘in the same room’ together. But this still entails the mediator ferrying back and forth among the parties who are scattered throughout the broad realm of internet addresses. In this sense the Internet is showing its ability to be the representation of the human global village.
Additional information on Exopolitical Mediation can be found at: Compass Morainn Journal. Additional resources for traditional mediation to be adapted to exopolitical mediation may be found at and ADR Resources.


[1] Negotiation Styles in Mediation, article by Stephen R Marsh, ADR Resources, Stephen R Marsh copyright 2000.

[2] “Suggested Source A Hoaxing”, by Ed Komarek, email communications material source May 26, 2009, reprinted with express permission of author.

[3] Styles of Mediation: Facilitative, Evaluative, and Transformative Mediation, article by Zena Zumeta, – Everything Mediation copyright 2000.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Alien-Human Interface: A Brief Analysis and Food for Thought

I really did not want to write another article until next week – however, I woke up this morning inspired by a dream from last night. In it, I was preparing for an article for this journal. Isn’t it wonderful when something becomes so important to us, we pull it into our consciousness, and we become inspired? This is what I was working on in the dream. Please read:

We have all seen many, many science fiction movies, from “Plan 9 from Outer Space,” to “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” to the current new release in the Star Trek series. As we have seen over time, the alien has changed shape. In some of the earlier SF movies, Aliens were portrayed as being hideous, sometimes like monsters, complete with claws and exoskeleton. They were depicted as the ultimate enemy, hell bent on taking over the Earth, and killing us all, or enslaving us, like a large herd of cattle for whatever they wanted to use us for. Over time, in the popular media, the alien being slowly changed to resemble us – with two arms, two legs, a head, and a face. As the alien presence entered into our consciousness, we assimilated them into our mental set, and somewhere, deep inside, we began to think “We are not alone in the Universe.”

Is this assimilation a real phenomenon, meaning, are we slowly being inoculated with the presence of new friends from outer space – by them; or is this a level of consciousness that we are slowly being awakened to by our own evolution at a certain place in time and space, and which is now getting stronger day after day? All good questions, but at this time, we really cannot pin down any answers. I believe it is the second option above, and it is felt on both sides of the atmosphere.

And so, I present an article to make the reader think, perhaps to imagine or to unravel new knowledge, new possibilities, a new way of getting one’s self ready to meet our alien “images and likenesses” from outside our tender blue marble.

I want to get back to the movies for a minute. Two landmark films, in my book, began to alter our view of aliens once and for all. The first one was “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” In this movie, members of the human population began receiving telepathic messages and images. And I emphasize a select few. Even the presidents, kings, queens and armies were not elite enough to be involved in this first contact. In a way, the aliens picked what appear to be the simplest, most unassuming, normal people they could locate. The visions and impressions pointed to Devil’s Tower, Wyoming. And even though the military were assisting the aliens in their attempt at contact, it was this group who fought their way, against all odds to get to that location so they could witness the event. Not all of them make it. Only two actually get to the landing scene. And in the end, Richard Dreyfus’ character is “chosen” by the alien representatives to return to their home world. Very interesting, isn’t it? What a unique way, and yet, very purposeful way, on the part of the aliens to choose the best “mediator” to suit the job. The aliens were portrayed as compassionate, with smiles and waves as they set off on their return home. They chose the strongest of the lot, who will likely be an excellent representative, and the point is, he had no prejudice, no fear, but a sense of wonderment as the aliens crowded around him and touched, felt, and embraced his honesty and abilities.

What a change in image the aliens were given; from fifties monsters to heartfelt, human-like entities, as curious as we are. Now, the second movie I want to discuss for a moment came out a few years later, and the movie is “E.T. – The Extraterrestrial.” Although portrayed not quite as humanoid, this seemingly harmless alien being is portrayed as a childlike intelligence, with curiosity, emotions (“E.T. phone home…”) and thought. There was very little fear involved in this movie, just surprise and excitement as ET played harmless havoc on earth.

I believe these movies and others like it were indoctrination tools, and perhaps not even in the conscious sense. ET’s were granted much more “positive regard” after these movies, and perhaps we even felt a little affection for them. Some, like me, yearned to be in contact with our alien brothers. The alien-human interface was created at last.

So what does that tell us? Well, it sets a subconscious set of goals, and puts them to work. We become inspired to research things UFO and alien a bit closer. We begin to develop a new sense of who we are in the universe. We begin to work toward more peaceful interactions with our fellow man. We start to identify with the fact that “they’re here!” Even the Vatican has announced what I have felt most of my life: Why should we humans be so bold as to think that we were the only intelligent beings created in the universe? When the Old Testament, in the Book of Genesis states that God created man in his image and likeness, why wouldn’t he have created other beings in his image and likeness?” The Vatican Observatory has been looking for ET for a long time. These are our relations – our counterparts in the universe. (Please note – before I go on -- I do not mean to offend anyone by using my religious inclination to describe the obvious – it is just a handy example, which is also based on fact – the Vatican did announce these things.) Not everyone is chosen, however. We who are involved in Exopolitics, Ufology, Paranormal Research and other related fields should feel the privilege of being a part of it all.

Whether you know it or not, believe it or refuse to believe, the Alien-Human Interface is alive and well in all of our psyches. It is part of the collective unconscious. This is the same way we learn to interact with other people. We are social, inclined to live together, to be part of a group. We are part of a group, not only here on earth, but out there. We are members of a universal body of, well, people. Perhaps we look a little different, some are taller, some are shorter, whether they be Nordics or grays, our thoughts, feelings and emotions are the same. We are all curious. We want to make contact. And I truly think we will, and soon. The tools are inside of all of us, and I mean universally, all of us. I predict that we will encounter the same curiosity, the same sense of wonderment, and actually, will that day be anything other than the greatest day in mankind’s history? It will be the greatest day for them, also.

Sacrificing 60 Years of Human Experience for Disclosure

Sacrificing 60 Years of Human Experience for Disclosure
By Cyrellys Geibhendach
Copy and Distribute Freely
My Website: Compass Morainn

An acquaintance recently suggested that humanity use the mainstream gift of legitimacy which lies upon Seth Shostak and SETI to initiate an opening to a human disclosure of extra-terrestrial intelligence existence by using them to present evidence that ETs are real. He said, “While it would be nice if governments disclosed what they know, i always thought SETI evidence would be the best way to confirm ET's are real, because all the evidence we present always gets rejected, if SETI catches a signal, everyone will then believe.” [1] In his frustration for achieving a disclosure he is willing to sacrifice the history of human contact up to that point in time.

But, such a means to disclosure would be a lie, and for all that is known out here beyond the realm of pride and fear, a furtherance of lies puts on additional layers of ill repute, distrust, and feelings of animosity demanding retribution....more lies compounds the problem of disclosure, not help it. It widens the rift and would be encouraging the contextual infrastructure which is built by lies and proscribed a freedom by lies to do as it pleases....that is because such an infrastructure creates a sort of personality complex buried within our collective human psyche which is then picked up and mirrored across the board exponentially as the wave of it ripples outward. No. No more lies....I advocate instead, for all participants to find the courage to be truthful....any possible harshness and horrors of some truths is still not comparable to that which lies inherently generate within us.

By choosing Truths we promote the conceptual communications [2] which we would prefer to enact since promoting them causes the same mirroring effects. If we wish to live in a positive world then we must will the strength of steel into acting it out in every possible way....even if it means some initial discomfort.

When we ask ourselves, "What can we do just to make it through the day?" then we are exhibiting living under a seige mentality....when we ask ourselves, "What is my life about? How can I apply the purpose and principles that my life is about," then we have made a powerful intervention...because we get our security through our own integrity to our personal value system, rather than from outside reinforcement. " ~ paraphrased, Stephen Covey - Principle-Centered Leadership[3]

It occurred to me shortly after writing the above if my acquaintance really intended to advocate approval of lies to achieve a chip in the block of human disclosure? I don't believe he did. I think it was ego speaking.

Egos are interlopers in our states of being. They are personal constructs which each individual builds in life. How that construct is applied is up to the individual. Many people apply them subconsciously out of the construct's persistence of intense 'needs'. In a recent article regarding the Purpose and Reason in Conceptual Communications, I said the following: Our egos tend to be, "wrapped up in our social perception of societal expectations which are both extrinsic, concerning relationships of our social groups, and intrinsic, concerning our own behavior, opinions, issues, values, and goals as expected by ourselves or of us by our social groups. The ego is a construct of all these things and does not always adhere to what we really believe or value in ourselves or others."

When we become aware of ego's insertions within our personal experiences, we are empowered to more closely examine our contribution to the existential construct which we residing in. This lends opportunity to make adjustments or to reconsider positions for the additional influx of information.

In the reference to SETI which was made above, it illustrated an example of SETI as a potential Mediator of a human disclosure. In this type of mediation, information or data regarding a signal found would be used as evidence or to present evidence of extra-terrestrial intelligence clearly existing. This is (irregardless of its truthfulness) an example of a mediation because of the bridge between two realities they would be providing to at least two group participants identified as knowledgeable insiders and the public.

In regards to the ego involved in advocating a modification to truth, I believe we must tread very carefully in allowing it to dictate to us a course of action which we ourselves or our future posterity may well find paying for in unintended ways.

Michael A Melton, M.S. Psy D., just released (05/23/09), an examination of the function and positioning of ego in an exopolitical mediator, in his article: The Proper Mindset and Attitude for Successful Mediation . He concludes that the mediator's ego must remain neutral or be restrained in order for the mediator to be effective and that to be effective a mediator must be truthful. Now while he primarily refers to actual potential mediation events between humanity and ETs with a human mediator, I think the same importance of neutrality, restraint, and dogged adherence to truth is just as important when the mediation occurring is between knowledgeable insiders and the earth-bound, human public.

Mr. Melton said that mediators will be ‘counted on’, which I interpret to mean that in the face of so many initial unknowns, whoever takes position as mediator(s) in the blooming of contact awareness will hold 'interpersonal linkage-power'. In exopolitical mediation I hold this power to mean, "the mediators ability based on their perceived influence with people who control psychological or social resources within a participatory group. This power is necessary to developing a group culture among participants where a collective personality and point of view or understanding is negotiated by the members (participants) of the mediation group; in whatever way those participants are defined in the mediation process." [4]

Additionally Mr. Melton went on to suggest just how important is is and why we mediators should portray "what eminent psychologist Carl Rogers calls “Unconditional Positive Regard.” The brilliant Carl Rogers explains that unconditional positive regard is accepting the other person, or entity, in the current moment, regardless of status, crime, or temperament, or culture, beliefs, and attitude, as a good person, or entity, at face value, as long as the current moment lasts. Maintaining this attitude causes the mind of the caregiver, or in this case, the mediator, to remain neutral. If you embrace the other with unconditional positive regard, then any discriminating feelings, thoughts or behavior would, logically, be incompatible with that mindset. Maintaining that attitude will increase the chances of successful mediation, because you will treat all involved in the same way – equally fairly, and with positive intention." [5]

Now, if humanity initiates a mediation, deliberately using mediators in originating and enacting a disclosure oriented mediation, for the purpose of pure untruths or wholesale modifications of truths then what have we just done?

In doing such a thing, how have we further damaged humanity's ability to believe another or trust another or interact with others or co-exist with others? How would any ET reciprocate in the face of such behavior? How would we, when the lie was discovered? What have we done when we have corrupted the individuals or groups who should be instilled with the ability to be Truthful no matter the circumstances, that they might initiate Mutual Respect, and Mutual Civilized Behavioral Reaction in the face of Contact?

When a global sociological mirror is allowing duplication of dishonesty where do lies stop?

[1] Open Minds Forum, Re: Disclosure by Governments, darkassasin post #99, May 22 2009,

[2] “Purpose and Reason in Conceptual Communications”, Cyrellys Geibhendach, Compass Morainn Journal 2009

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[5] “The Proper Mindset and Attitude for Successful Mediation”, Michael Austin Melton M.S Psy D, Compass Morainn Journal 2009.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Proper Mindset and Attitude for Successful Mediation

The Proper Mindset and Attitude for Successful Mediation

According to Honeyman & Yawarajah (2003;, as I interpret it, the action of mediation involves four different levels, or steps, and I think this is a good example of mediation in a nutshell. Prior to a conflict, a mediator might engage in (1) preventative diplomacy. This involves meeting with both parties individually in order to determine if there will be any snags or points of contention that may need clarification prior to any conflict arising. Once the snags and contentions are worked out, and the path to peace is becoming clear, then the mediator would move on to (2) peacemaking activities, which refers to hard conflict and the act of mediating said conflict. Next, (3) implementing agreements pertains to the activities that take place after a dispute has been settled to assure all sides involved that policies are being honored. The final stage or step occurs over the course of time after agreements have been settled, and parties are ready to collaborate on (4) peace-building. During this phase, the mediator or team works toward consolidating peace, and fostering the growth of sustainable development.

This process is quite a formidable task for a team of mediators or a single individual to accomplish. By this, I am referring to mediation between two disparate earthbound cultures or societies. A look at any newspaper or internet news site can demonstrate just how much mediation is going on, and is needed worldwide. Imagine if you will the multitude of variables a single mediator, or team of mediators, will have to face at the time of first contact! It simply boggles the mind.

If you are ready, I am going to jump paradigms for just a moment and discuss the job of the ego in mediation. The first clarification I wish to make is that we are going to assume that an alien entity, if they are a creature of thought and self-reflection, has what Freud refers to as a "personality construct," and this personality is made up of a (1) “super-ego,” the part of personality that represents cultural or spiritual norms, laws, customs and regulations by which the entity lives and exists, an “ego,” or the part of the entity’s personality that represents their interface to time, space, and reality as they understand and perceive it. The (2) “ego” is also the mediator between the “superego” and (3) “id,” which is best represented by the part of personality that represents fears, as well as their wants, needs and hopes. It is primary process. It wants what it wants, when it wants it. It is also the part that wants to express itself by saying “The hell with it all – let us simply invade the sons of bitches, and drink down the spoils!” I chose Freud’s construct because with only three parts, it works best for this example.

Now, on the other side of the table sit we humans, who are creatures of thought and self-reflection, thus the same personality construct and its components, naturally, apply to us, and in precisely the same way.

Where does the Ego of the mediator belong? What is its function? If successful mediation is to be accomplished, then the mediator’s ego has a lot of work to do. First, it must readjust allegiances. Naturally, we would want to side for we humans, because that is who we are. Instead, we must subsume our allegiance with either side, which means the Ego must suppress the need to be a part of either side.

Now, if you are confused, that’s normal. The reason for this rather in-depth introduction is to let the reader know just a little about all the intertwining systems, the actions, the psychology, of all that is taking place during the action of mediation. And believe me – I’ve barely scratched the surface. This is, precisely, why the person’s ego must restrain it’s counterparts in their personality, and remain neutral. When we make first contact, I believe the very lucky first team of mediators will set the standards for all to follow, or at least I hope so. The task will be difficult. Think of what we might face: (1) The entities may not speak audibly. They may be telepathic. For humans, this will be a stretch. It might feel a bit strange to “hear” an alien’s voice in our heads. And, how do we answer? Is it just “Think a response?” Maybe, maybe not; that is to be seen. (2) Their language might be in mathematical symbols, or sound (recall Close Encounters of the Third Kind?). We will need to adapt for even this. They might be threatening, or warlike, or pacifistic and culturally superior. Either way, we will have to adjust. How can we best represent our society? Will the populations of Earth be able to depend on us to be the neutral mediator?

We will be counted on, especially if we can show ourselves as portraying, what eminent psychologist Carl Rogers calls “Unconditional Positive Regard.” The brilliant Carl Rogers explains that unconditional positive regard is accepting the other person, or entity, in the current moment, regardless of status, crime, or temperament, or culture, beliefs, and attitude, as a good person, or entity, at face value, as long as the current moment lasts. Maintaining this attitude causes the mind of the caregiver, or in this case, the mediator, to remain neutral. If you embrace the other with unconditional positive regard, then any discriminating feelings, thoughts or behavior would, logically, be incompatible with that mindset. Maintaining that attitude will increase the chances of successful mediation, because you will treat all involved in the same way – equally fairly, and with positive intention.

Lastly, for now, I want to discuss the other factor involved, and this goes “hand-in-hand” with unconditional positive regard: Honesty. Brutal, full on honesty is the best policy when dealing with an unknown or foreign (alien) entity. Maintaining the “unconditional” mindset, one will, actually, find truthfulness fully compatible, and deception, trickery, or defensive covering to be incompatible. Think of the ramifications of “covering” something simple: an entity might transmit the message telepathically to you as follows “You are frightened.” Covering up this very simple, seemingly meaningless truth might wind up in disaster. If we answer truthfully, that will be compatible with our mindset. The entity will likely acknowledge this, and, no problems! The negotiations continue. Saying in return “I am not fearful,” might very well upset the alien entity, break trust, and prove we are not – a worthy race – they have been provoked! If a human mediator cannot be trusted, then who can?

Well, for now, that seems to be enough to digest. Chew on this stuff for a while, and next time, I will cover some other aspects of psychology as it refers to Mediation. Thanks for reading!

Purpose and Reason in Conceptual Communications

Communication examination on the subject of extraterrestrials and contact has been and still is a critical need in current human reality. When we pause to consider that in the last hundred years our population explosion, our use of electricity and mechanical devices, including nuclear technology, as well as our many forms of broadcast communications, we have literally ‘lit up’ our world. It is akin to setting up a digital billboard in your front yard advertising your presence. Therefore it can be theorized that the matter of Extra-terrestrial Contact is a subject which if we don’t go to the trouble of immersing ourselves in before-hand, it will come home to roost literally over our heads eventually, unexpected, into a population unsettled by its complete surprise to the event.

Beyond the obvious discussions engaged in the subject matter within Exopolitics, Ufology, and Science Fiction Literature, who else has made early efforts at broaching this topic? And what is its importance to Exopolitical Mediation? A recent article from a website in the exopolitical field specializing in exopsychology has examined the sparse address of the subject and notes the following:

“Theologians take the prize for being first off the mark, for having had lengthy discussions about the existence of extraterrestrials, and possible contact scenarios. Their work has been so extensive that it deserves a separate entry,” [1} – Michael Gintowt.

Mr. Gintowt, a notable psychologist delving into exopsychology, has published another remarkable article on his blog: Exopsychology In the article titled “Exoisms: foreshadowing of a New Age, or macro-egoism?” he examines the “trailblazers who have considered the implications of contact with an Intelligent Extraterrestrial Race (ET).” He explores his interest in the meaning and relevance of visionary extensions into an uncertain future and considers how the strength of our collective vanity as a race may hinder us in our conceptual explorations of contact scenarios. For all those interested in the mechanics involved in exopolitical mediation, I highly recommend this article for it gives due consideration to the baggage which all participants, including the Mediator, his or herself, can and will bring to the communications table.

Our examinations of contact scenarios are forms of conceptual communications or if you prefer, preparations for experiential communications in which the concepts or abstract notions and mental impressions of contact scenarios are played out in practice. These surface from our collective understanding of reality, incorporating endless ideas of what ET life might exist as, and then are experimented with for their logic and potentialities. Within these scenarios are enmeshed contact mythologies and sometimes even the asserted Contact Experience. Michael rightly explores our psychological reasonings, aspirations, and pursuit of “uncertain patterns”.

After relating a number of examples, he goes on to say, “that the evidence (for contact) is not crystal clear, unambiguous, and simple to behold. It is fuzzy, vague, incomplete, and a perfect backdrop for the projection of our mental contents.”

Now how do these explorations benefit exopolitical mediation? What does this understanding of evidence for contact as ambiguous or incomplete, bring to the communication table or the application of a mediator skills? Of what use is conceptual communications on the subject of Contact to exopolitical mediation? This is where I think we revitalize how we look at communication. ”Looking at communication, not just through it to see how it affects other things, gives us a way of thinking about the events and objects of the social world that differs substantially from the modernistic way of thinking. Our attention is drawn to wholes rather than parts; to dynamics rather than substances; to reflectivity rather than linear relations; and to interactions rather than single actions,” [2] W. Barnett Pearce, School of Human and Organization Development, Fielding Graduate University.

The conceptual communications within the dynamics of Exopolitics or those built during mediation or even others presented complete through the direct contact experiencer, gives us the ability to closely examine the root context within which the information originates for the purpose of deep understanding of the communications and participants involved. It will likely be a conglomeration of the participants and experiencer’s interpretations and the source intent of their experience. Context in exopolitical mediation includes but is not limited to, the experiencer’s and participants’ culture, their psychological state, their educational and life experience level, and their personal mythos of individual existence…so too will it also include the level of ability, type and style of communication, and intents on the part of the extra-terrestrial contacting party, as well as a whole series of contextual ranges on the part of the receiving public who is without doubt a theoretical if not actual participant in the mediation circle. An in-depth examination of context is very important to facilitating the mediator’s understanding of the participants involved in the mediation. This examination of context allows us to delineate the actual identity of participants in the mediation circle.

It is in my mind to suggest that it may be worthy for exopolitical mediators to look, within the context, at the instigator of both our own ‘mental contents’ and that of our participants various ‘mental contents’, the oh so infamous ego, as another participant to the mediation circle. The ego inserts its own purposes and needs and therefore may transcend or overtake the communication process, intent, or specific content. By placing the ego within its own category as a participant we give ourselves awareness of its presence and It, its own voice, so that we can therefore gain an opportunity to separate it from the originating source of individual communications.

What is ego? Is it a true representation of us? When we stop to consider ego in our lives, most of us would say no, that is not truly us, not deep down because we have separated what we tend to fall into existentially from what we think of ourselves as mentally, and what we expect or strive for ourselves to be. The pressure to conform to our human ego is very great. Our egos are wrapped up in our social perception of societal expectations which are both extrinsic, concerning relationships of our social groups, and intrinsic, concerning our own behavior, opinions, issues, values, and goals as expected by ourselves or of us by our social groups. The ego is a construct of all these things and does not always adhere to what we really believe or value in ourselves or others.

The exopolitical mediator can use the delineation and identification of ego in the scope of examining conceptual communications and their contexts to increase his or her ‘interpersonal linkage power [3]. This power is the mediators ability based on their perceived influence with people who control psychological or social resources within a participatory group. This power is necessary to developing a group culture among participants where a collective personality and point of view or understanding is negotiated by the members (participants) of the mediation group; in whatever way those participants are defined in the mediation process.

In closing I offer a reference to conceptual communications, in which Michael Gintowt refers to speculation about ETs, giving it a definition as, “about attempting to lead the way into the future, to break new ground, to innovate, to find meaning in work, and contribute by asking questions, as opposed to furnishing answers – which is a good thing, because excellent science is based on asking the right questions.”

Congratulations go to the theologians for taking the initiative to be among the trail-blazers, those who dove in first.


[1] Exopsychology, “Exoisms: foreshadowing of a New Age, or macro-egoism?”, Michael Gintowt, 2009

[2] TOWARD COMMUNICATIVE VIRTUOSITY: A MEDITATION ON MODERNITY AND OTHER FORMS OF COMMUNICATION© W. Barnett Pearce, 2005, School of Human and Organization Development, Fielding Graduate University

[3] Creating Competent Communications, Yoder, Hugenberg, Wallace, Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company, 1996, page 326.

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List of Potential Publishers for Compass Morainn Members

List of Publishers
The following is a starting list of publishers for our subject. Let's build the list to include subject publishers for various subjects like, traditional mediation, psychology, sociology, communication, physics, anthropology, and others.

When building new avenues for Exopolitics or Exopolitical Mediation, please extensively proof read your submissions for errors, accuracy, and list all public sources at the bottom...remember we have to be professional to be effective!

Send new additions to the list to:
and I will update it and re-release it as it builds.

Keep in mind that by developing the field of Exopolitical Mediation what we are doing is not only educating the world about the subject and past Mediators but we are also building infra-structure for Disclosure. Disclosure may or may not come all at once. The need for Mediators in our complex situation is very likely to continue. By building the understanding and mechanical references for the field we are providing an additional avenue for the existing contact control structure to access the public and continue to acclimate both the public world and themselves to transparancy.

Cyrellys Geibhendach.

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Discerning Conduits of Influence and Communication in Exopolitical Mediation

In Exopolitical Mediation, communication among parties rarely occurs within a typical mediation setting. In mainstream typical mediation, individual participants meet directly with the mediator first individually and then collectively in an agreed upon location. In Exopolitical Mediation the mediator may be directly involved in only one of the participants but provides avenues of information exchange to the public, among other participants, and among other exopolitical conduits. Connection with the public, for example, can range in its extensiveness from a simple release of a report on the internet to the more involved release of a book with corresponding interviews and other promotional activities. Exopolitical Mediation in this way immediately deviates from typical traditional forms of Mediation. However there remains universal aspects to it such as confidentiality of the participants. This makes some of the mechanics of exopolitical mediation unique in the general field of mediation.

Exopolitical Mediation currently occurs in a setting where the Mediator may administer contact with a paradigm participant or source, who holds a perceived position of purposeful leadership in or for that particular release. This does not mean that all communication within the mediation case occurs in conduit through the Mediator. Often the Mediator represents only one avenue of communication and networks in the open with other conduits which may well vary in nature. An example of a variant of conduit can be seen in a release of a recent article in the NY Times, entitled “A Climate Solution That’s Out Of This World”[1]. This variant is a unspecific non-mediated example under the understanding within Exopolitics that the mainstream media outlets are heavily controlled and restricted from serious publication of information or dialog on the subject of extra-terrestrial contact. So for such a release as the one referenced to occur, a sanction to communicate under specific conditions is assumed to have been given. This defines the article as a representation of communication from an additional conduit in an environment still engulfed in secrecy and non-disclosure orientation.

Recognizing additional conduits in a multi-factional environment is a problematic issue for Exopolitical Mediators. Most of this problem can be mitigated by having an understanding of the current exopolitical condition which includes continually evolving evaluative analysis of the existential evidence of a contact control structure. Exopolitical Mediators try to balance their understanding of the exopolitical condition through extensive reading and networking with other exopoliticians. Through these forms of self-education the productive and destructive strategies used by the contact paradigm constituents becomes apparent. An effective Exopolitical Mediator develops his or her ability to ‘listen carefully for’ other conduits within the paradigm. “In the most general sense, we have communication whenever one system, a source, influences another, the destination, by manipulation of alternative signals which can be transferred over the channel connecting them,” Osgood.[2]

The variety and necessity of obscure communication conduits arose out of the necessities inherent in the pervasive secrecy climate of the last sixty odd years. The contact paradigm has carried the highest level of secrecy status possible within the United States as far as government and its contact paradigm extensions have been concerned. This has cause a fractured and multi-factional situation whereas the realm of pro and non-disclosure are again broken into many portions which continue fractional existence in many compartmentalized sub-groups. The extent of sub-groupment is not fully known at this time but releasing sources have routinely described the compartmental nature of the contact control structure and the confusing web of geopolitical inter-relationships which have grown so complex as to defy rational explanations or descriptions. These inter-relations compete with each other on many levels and spill over into the public presence where they are taken up and mirrored by open humanity in its opinions, and aggressive competing behaviors.

It is important for the Exopolitical Mediator to be aware of the variety and subtleness of communication forms and conduits in order to understand the various social worlds which lie within the contact paradigm. When the mediator understand the social worlds involved then it becomes possible to understand the various survival strategies and goals which pervade them. The Exopolitical Mediator comes face to face with these strategies and goals in life changing ways and must work among them to achieve cohesion of the participants in the evolutionary environment of potential human disclosure. “If we believe that the way we communicate makes the social world in which we live, and that these forms of communication make different social worlds, then it follows that, if we are to accept our responsibility for making the kind of social world in which we want to live and which we want to bequeath to our grandchildren, we should develop our ability to discern, differentiate, and selectively call into being preferred forms of communication,” W. Barnett Pearce.[3]

There are many types of survival strategies which are associated with the forces behind individual conduits. The nature of the individual strategies involved, also vary in the perceptibility of their existential natures. It is up to the mediator to be discerning to every extent possible to comprehend those natures. Some of the strategies encountered will be either pro-disclosure nature or non-disclosure nature with contents that range among conflict avoidance strategies, competitive conflict strategies, and cooperative strategies. It is the responsibility of the exopolitical mediator to focus on the process by which he is managing his interaction with these strategies and to try to avoid getting caught up in the conflict generating potential some of them have. The exopolitical mediator is not there wage a war but is there to assist the participants to communicate, establish connection and interaction, and to help them find their acceptable avenues for future development of collective options, goals, and common ground.

[1] Exopolitical Conduit Release Example: A climate solution that's out of this world, by Anne C Mulkern, published: May 14, 2009

[1] Communication for Social Change Anthology: Historical and Contemporary Readings, A Farewell to Aristotle “Horizontal Communication”, Lewis Ramiro Beltrain, 1979, (SOME TERMS AND ASSOCIATED MEASURES FOR TALKING ABOUT COMMUNICATION, Charles E Osgood, (Urbana, Illinois, Institute For Communications Research 1961) pg 48,) pg 158,,&source=bl&ots=6BGLQatRbP&sig=krL_ZSeeX344i9EmJSmtNLcl9QE&hl=en&ei=ATwUSunGBKCc8QTl-5CKBA&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=3#PPA158,M1

In the most general sense, we have communication whenever one system, a source, influences another, the destination, by manipulation of alternative signals which can be transferred over the channel connecting them.” Osgood. Pg 158

[1] TOWARD COMMUNICATIVE VIRTUOSITY: A MEDITATION ON MODERNITY AND OTHER FORMS OF COMMUNICATION © W. Barnett Pearce, 2005, School of Human and Organization Development, Fielding Graduate University,

If we believe that the way we communicate makes the social world in which we live, and that these forms of communication make different social worlds, then it follows that, if we are to accept our responsibility for making the kind of social world in which we want to live and which we want to bequeath to our grandchildren, we should develop our ability to discern, differentiate, and selectively call into being preferred forms of communication.” Pearce, Pg 20

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The lights coming over the trees.

About 12 years ago me and my friend Scott.Went down to our favorite place to look at the stars .We had many UFO experiences down there.We went down parked the car down next to one of the many dark roads .You were not aloud in Barre Falls Dam Army Corp s of engineering after ten.So we would always go were we would not be seen.Even though we had never seen cops go threw there we never wanted to take the chance. This night there was me my friend Scott his then wife Lucy and my girl friend Anne.We were just looking up looking at all the stars seeing some satellites. Shooting stars. At one point Scott said what is that light over the trees.We all looked over and saw this real bright white light slowly coming a little down from us and off to the right. I said its not making any noise.We were excited at this point. This object just slowly moving did not blink or change color or brightness. I said the way it was going . I could wait and when the time was right run as fast as I could and probably be under it before it got over the other set of woods. We watched it . I said I am going for it. I said want to run with me Scott he said no . I said here I go . I ran as fast as I could . As I ran Scott yelled don't you will not come back . I kept running then froze. I just stopped . I had this feeling like what if I do not come back . I started thinking of my mother and what would happen to her . Not knowing what would really happen . I watched the light go further and further over the trees in front of me about a quarter of a mile away . Then gone . Whether I got scared at what Scott said while I was running or I just froze with anxiety or fear . I still do not know . If this is ever to happen again now . I would do things different . I have had other experiences since then and now I have no anxieties or fears or anything that might happen should I run to the light again . I actually always look forward to my experiences now . And I feel completely comfortable . And here again why I feel this way . I do not know. I think I have just gotten used to the idea they will not hurt me . Or they would have down it already.

Monday, May 18, 2009

My Paranormal Life

I have experienced a multitude of varying paranormal occurrences throughout my life beginning with knocking on walls right next to me while in bed as a child, watching my grandmother wipe a blood stain from the sink in the kitchen only to have it reappear within seconds while she explained to me that this blood was spiritual because it would be there every day in the same spot every morning, to having actual physical contact with a hand which grabbed mine while I had it under the pillow when I was about 3 years old.
I remember being at this house in Dallas, Texas and being in the living room with my mother watching television and suddenly hearing footsteps walking toward the front door and then knocking. I asked my mother why she did not answer it and she replied because there is not anybody there, it is just a ghost. He does this every day.
As a teenager, I would experience out of body periods shortly after laying down to sleep virtually every night. They would begin with my waking up or just at the brink of sleep with a numbing paralyzation of my whole body, a loud roaring like that of a jet engine or a waterfall, followed by my fighting to keep my spirit within my physical body. Sometimes I was unsuccessful and took trips around the world.
I would also see beings similar to the almond-eyed extraterrestrials we have come to know these days because of movies and advertisements. These beings would always be dressed in very colorful loose fitting clothing similar to that worn in Biblical times.
Later in life I began to have what I labeled as Aura Visions where I would have a portion of my sight block out, followed by a brilliant display of shimmering multicolored lights which would expand throughout my total vision, then spread out beyond my sight as if passing through me.
During the first few years I began to have these Aura Visions I researched in every area I could to find out if any one else had ever had similar experiences.
Over the past decade, I have found that so many people have had both the Aura Visions and OBE's that medical science has had to classify these phenomena. In doing so and trying to dispel any link to spiritual and extraterrestrial, they came up with naming them and classifying them as disorders.
The paranormal sleep disturbance is classified as Sleep Apnea and defined as a temporary suspension of breathing occurring repeatedly during sleep that often affects overweight people or those having an obstruction in the breathing tract, an abnormally small throat opening, or a neurological disorder.
The Aura Vision Phenomena is labeled as Scintillating Scotoma and defined as a localized area of blindness that may follow the appearance of brilliantly colored shimmering lights and is associated with the aura of migraine.
The only problem with these medical definitions is they fail to explain ones spiritual and extraterrestrial contact during the Sleep Apnea and the prophetic visions seen and felt during Aura Visions along with the fact that I have never had a Migraine Headache follow any Aura Vision I have ever experienced and there were many. I have and continue to today to experience both of these phenomena’s but at a lesser rate.
It is interesting to speculate on the vast number of people world wide that are having spiritual experiences and extraterrestrial contact on a subliminal level and do not say anything to anybody about it. I believe the numbers would stagger the mind if the truth were known.
I have learned a lot from my experiences and because of them, I know my relation of being both in the physical world and on a spiritual level.
I do not seek God as traditional religions would have us believe but know God exists within and is all.
We as humans are being visited by a multitude of advanced civilizations and I suspect they are responsible for our creation as a species and ancient texts and mythological accounts of our past.