Peace to the Sky
Sky to the Earth
Earth beneath the Sky
Strength in Everyone.
~ from Morrigu’s Prophecy

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Alien-Human Interface: A Brief Analysis and Food for Thought

I really did not want to write another article until next week – however, I woke up this morning inspired by a dream from last night. In it, I was preparing for an article for this journal. Isn’t it wonderful when something becomes so important to us, we pull it into our consciousness, and we become inspired? This is what I was working on in the dream. Please read:

We have all seen many, many science fiction movies, from “Plan 9 from Outer Space,” to “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” to the current new release in the Star Trek series. As we have seen over time, the alien has changed shape. In some of the earlier SF movies, Aliens were portrayed as being hideous, sometimes like monsters, complete with claws and exoskeleton. They were depicted as the ultimate enemy, hell bent on taking over the Earth, and killing us all, or enslaving us, like a large herd of cattle for whatever they wanted to use us for. Over time, in the popular media, the alien being slowly changed to resemble us – with two arms, two legs, a head, and a face. As the alien presence entered into our consciousness, we assimilated them into our mental set, and somewhere, deep inside, we began to think “We are not alone in the Universe.”

Is this assimilation a real phenomenon, meaning, are we slowly being inoculated with the presence of new friends from outer space – by them; or is this a level of consciousness that we are slowly being awakened to by our own evolution at a certain place in time and space, and which is now getting stronger day after day? All good questions, but at this time, we really cannot pin down any answers. I believe it is the second option above, and it is felt on both sides of the atmosphere.

And so, I present an article to make the reader think, perhaps to imagine or to unravel new knowledge, new possibilities, a new way of getting one’s self ready to meet our alien “images and likenesses” from outside our tender blue marble.

I want to get back to the movies for a minute. Two landmark films, in my book, began to alter our view of aliens once and for all. The first one was “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” In this movie, members of the human population began receiving telepathic messages and images. And I emphasize a select few. Even the presidents, kings, queens and armies were not elite enough to be involved in this first contact. In a way, the aliens picked what appear to be the simplest, most unassuming, normal people they could locate. The visions and impressions pointed to Devil’s Tower, Wyoming. And even though the military were assisting the aliens in their attempt at contact, it was this group who fought their way, against all odds to get to that location so they could witness the event. Not all of them make it. Only two actually get to the landing scene. And in the end, Richard Dreyfus’ character is “chosen” by the alien representatives to return to their home world. Very interesting, isn’t it? What a unique way, and yet, very purposeful way, on the part of the aliens to choose the best “mediator” to suit the job. The aliens were portrayed as compassionate, with smiles and waves as they set off on their return home. They chose the strongest of the lot, who will likely be an excellent representative, and the point is, he had no prejudice, no fear, but a sense of wonderment as the aliens crowded around him and touched, felt, and embraced his honesty and abilities.

What a change in image the aliens were given; from fifties monsters to heartfelt, human-like entities, as curious as we are. Now, the second movie I want to discuss for a moment came out a few years later, and the movie is “E.T. – The Extraterrestrial.” Although portrayed not quite as humanoid, this seemingly harmless alien being is portrayed as a childlike intelligence, with curiosity, emotions (“E.T. phone home…”) and thought. There was very little fear involved in this movie, just surprise and excitement as ET played harmless havoc on earth.

I believe these movies and others like it were indoctrination tools, and perhaps not even in the conscious sense. ET’s were granted much more “positive regard” after these movies, and perhaps we even felt a little affection for them. Some, like me, yearned to be in contact with our alien brothers. The alien-human interface was created at last.

So what does that tell us? Well, it sets a subconscious set of goals, and puts them to work. We become inspired to research things UFO and alien a bit closer. We begin to develop a new sense of who we are in the universe. We begin to work toward more peaceful interactions with our fellow man. We start to identify with the fact that “they’re here!” Even the Vatican has announced what I have felt most of my life: Why should we humans be so bold as to think that we were the only intelligent beings created in the universe? When the Old Testament, in the Book of Genesis states that God created man in his image and likeness, why wouldn’t he have created other beings in his image and likeness?” The Vatican Observatory has been looking for ET for a long time. These are our relations – our counterparts in the universe. (Please note – before I go on -- I do not mean to offend anyone by using my religious inclination to describe the obvious – it is just a handy example, which is also based on fact – the Vatican did announce these things.) Not everyone is chosen, however. We who are involved in Exopolitics, Ufology, Paranormal Research and other related fields should feel the privilege of being a part of it all.

Whether you know it or not, believe it or refuse to believe, the Alien-Human Interface is alive and well in all of our psyches. It is part of the collective unconscious. This is the same way we learn to interact with other people. We are social, inclined to live together, to be part of a group. We are part of a group, not only here on earth, but out there. We are members of a universal body of, well, people. Perhaps we look a little different, some are taller, some are shorter, whether they be Nordics or grays, our thoughts, feelings and emotions are the same. We are all curious. We want to make contact. And I truly think we will, and soon. The tools are inside of all of us, and I mean universally, all of us. I predict that we will encounter the same curiosity, the same sense of wonderment, and actually, will that day be anything other than the greatest day in mankind’s history? It will be the greatest day for them, also.