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Friday, May 22, 2009

List of Potential Publishers for Compass Morainn Members

List of Publishers
The following is a starting list of publishers for our subject. Let's build the list to include subject publishers for various subjects like, traditional mediation, psychology, sociology, communication, physics, anthropology, and others.

When building new avenues for Exopolitics or Exopolitical Mediation, please extensively proof read your submissions for errors, accuracy, and list all public sources at the bottom...remember we have to be professional to be effective!

Send new additions to the list to:
and I will update it and re-release it as it builds.

Keep in mind that by developing the field of Exopolitical Mediation what we are doing is not only educating the world about the subject and past Mediators but we are also building infra-structure for Disclosure. Disclosure may or may not come all at once. The need for Mediators in our complex situation is very likely to continue. By building the understanding and mechanical references for the field we are providing an additional avenue for the existing contact control structure to access the public and continue to acclimate both the public world and themselves to transparancy.

Cyrellys Geibhendach.

Compass Morainn Journal - Mediation Field specific only

Compass Morainn Exopolitics Wikizine

Other Zimbio Wikizines (potential for the subject)



Compass Morainn Exopolitics Wikizine

Major Online Magazines
Alien Seeker News

Americian Chronicle

Oped News

UFO Digest
(these guys are actively seeking authors)