Peace to the Sky
Sky to the Earth
Earth beneath the Sky
Strength in Everyone.
~ from Morrigu’s Prophecy

Friday, May 15, 2009

Regarding Control, Influence, & Excellence Pertinent Information for Exopolitical Mediators

I am going to wax more philosophical for a moment to deep the external and personal context within which Exopolitical Mediators operate. This examines the effect of human control and human influence and their contributional values. So to does it delve into the philosophy of the pursuit of excellence and how the concepts of control and influence are regarded.

Our control in this life, I think is limited in many ways but our Influence is not. If we continue on a chosen ethical path then we will remain limited in our control for quite sometime in many respects, because the honoring of Free Will is a part of being ethical. But as we, the human race, progress in our existential explorations we will come to realize that the long-term benefits of ethical choices gives us exponential leaps in Influence. We cannot force anyone human or otherwise to believe or fully understand something....but we can Influence them to be self-empowered to progress in their own way.

As our Influential ability grows it reverberates throughout our own people bringing a potential toward briliance of self...this is the positive outcome of chosing ethical far outweighs and out-distances any usefulness of control. One day such a chosen path and skill of Influence could extend to create ourselves into an Influential Example for other races who may at that point be asking many of the same questions we ask about ourselves and extra-terrestrial races today....but we have to invest in our own self improvement first...this process of experiencing, learning and sharing is part of respecting Excellence in Life.

Why do some humans have a negative view of the world and everything which goes with it? Where does this dispondency come from? I think that is because humanity's moments of weakness have encompassed some individuals and groups more than others....their negative views are a consequence of the Human Race's areas of self neglect and therefore are self well as being a self-perpetuating consequence on an individual level once it has occured thus becoming a vicious cycle. Can this be changed? Certainly. But like anything worth doing it takes sometimes a great deal of effort and consistency.

I don't believe humans are more negative than think the perception of that is based solely on personal experience and just as dandilions will group in various and particular areas of a yard, so too does positive and negative natures...sometimes it is luck of the draw as to what we routinely encounter...sometimes it is an innate human need to address deep personal or spiritual issues and then work through them which brings us in contact once or repetatively with negativity. We don't yet conceptualize this clearly and firmly where we may then teach it to the next generations in order that they might better understand or percieve what themes they are involved in or why they manifest around or within our individual life circle.

This matter of what we teach of our Knowledge to the future generations and even the current ones is very much a subject of concern to the Exopolitical Mediator....from my own perspective and history, my ancestors both ancient and recent have always regarded Knowledge as sacred. So too is the possession of it a sacred trust. This sacred trust doesn't mean that Knowledge was intended to be kept sequestered among the priviledged few. It was once regarded that the Knowledge of our Race was a trust given to us by the "Gods" or "Ancients" and that to fail to teach it or pass it from generation to generation was a severe crime. There are three kinds of Knowledge: the Nature of each thing, the Cause of each thing, and the Influence of each thing. To seek to aquire knowledge of all things which is in its pure form, the effort to Understand, is a great part of respecting and pursuing Excellence. The other part of that is sharing the knowledge and wisdom earned.

Maturity comes from is the assimilation of knowledge and its practical, ethical application by a person practicing Virtue and then its evolution and manifestation as Wisdom. To practice Virtue is to honor the rule of law, to be honest, and to be proud. Pride in this context is not an ill expressed behavior of dominance, instead it is both a depth of understanding of self worth, and also a confidence in self, which is then expressed in honorable character. When an individual can value one's self then so to are they then equipped to find the inherent truth and value in others. Many Christians, to give it a more familiar example for you, express this as loving themselves as God would love them so that in turn they may love and express love among others.

Is any of this positive nature or the negatives we tend to dwell on an inherent script within our DNA?....I don't think so. These wisdoms are universally part of our education to be individually discovered in this life. What I see inhibiting humanity at this time is their Communication Skills, and willingness to Share. They forget or fear or fail to understand that Sharing or Teaching what they learn is all a part of the whole process. Somewhere they have lost the skill or inclination to reach out with their life, their reality and integrate it with others in a contributional way. This lack of awareness and understanding is creating waves of self-inflicted fear, pain, and chaos which causes perpetuation of the problem. This is something which can be remedied. Someone must go first. Individuals must be willing to lead through example. This is why there is so much potential in the Contact Paradigm and all its facets of existential experience. It gives the opportunity for individuals to remedy this difficulty or inhibition I have described...the vicious cycle of negative circles can be broken....and a fresh paradigm of new choices for human potential laid out for perusal.

Cyrellys ni Geibhendach