Peace to the Sky
Sky to the Earth
Earth beneath the Sky
Strength in Everyone.
~ from Morrigu’s Prophecy

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Missing time with brother.

I know a lot of what I will be writting will sound to many to be fiction. And if I was reading someones stories I would be thinking probably the same thing. The only thing that keeps me sane is I have been lucky to have several different people with me during most of my experiences. So as I have told them it really does not matter if the world says we are full of it.We know what happened.That being said here is the story of missing time with my brother Mark. this was over 20 years ago now. My brother was going to go into the army. He is 8 years younger then I. He was 19 at the time. I told him that if he was going to go into the army he better get into some kind of shape. We used to run down the street. He would run faster and faster and I would keep up.He always was trying to show me up being younger. Well it was getting close to the day he would be leaving to Fort Brag. We used to go up on the roof of my house and look at the stars, talk of possible life up there. He knew I had talked of aliens and my experiences up until then.But like anyone else I am sure he thought I was just making up stories. I told him that why don't we go down the end of the street. I had some fire crackers. We could go down to Barre falls light them off. There was this house up on this little hill just off the 2 lane road. I said if we lite the fire crackers off the people will call the cops so we will have to run and hide. I know we were a little old to be doing that but I have always been a kid at heart even now I will climb to the top of a tree for no other reason then to do it and I am now 52. We lite the fire crackers off jumped over this 2 foot wall ran about 150 feet threw this little field then over another little 2 foot wall and waited. I had noticed when I was running behind my brother he was looking at me funny,When we got over the second wall he said why was I running so slow screwing around.I was a little upset thinking what does he not think? I can not run as fast as him. I was right behind him. I said your full of it.Well sure enough about 15 minutes later here come the cops.We watched them go by the house down the road .Turn around come back we were laying down behind the wall. After about 30 minutes I said I think there gone lets go back to my house. I had only a few fire crackers left so I said I will just put them under one of these rocks in the wall with the lighter. That way if the cops stop us going back to my house we will have nothing on us and just let me do the talking. So we steped over the what should of been the second wall to go threw the field. But when we steped over the wall we were in the road in front of the house we lite the fire crackers off at. We paniced not knowing what happened and started running down the road as fast as we could. My brother then just stopped in the road and said wait no no we must figure out what just happened.He was freaking out. I just did not know what to say but that maybe God was trying to show us you cannot get away with anything. I did not know what happened or what to say.So some how we moved 150 feet without walking there. So it had to have happened in a blink of a eye. It is not like we woke up and had been sleeping it just happened. So what happened and why do the alien beings play games on some of us. I have another story of how they do play games with us. but that is for another time.