Peace to the Sky
Sky to the Earth
Earth beneath the Sky
Strength in Everyone.
~ from Morrigu’s Prophecy

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Why? The question of Compass Morainn

IMAGES OF CHANGE...I could have left it as it was originally published...but change is as simple as re-writing ones future....going from paradigm of conflict and confinement to a different tack:

The question was why we come together in support of exopolitical mediation, when the places we emerge from are diverse and sometimes controversial?  Why is this desireable by those who've experienced aspects of the extraterrestrial contact paradigm?

Because we have forsaken ignorance, deceit, corruption, and the harming of those least in position to effectively defend their undeniable liberties and living truths!

It is possible for the philosophies of the individual and the collective to function in unison; two cogs making it possible for the wheel to spin in true efficiency; engaging potential in ways neither could do alone.  

Because we're fools to make war on
our brothers in arms. 
-- Dire Straits, Brothers In Arms.

Impossible is just a big word thrown around
by small men who find it easier to live in the
world they've been given then to explore
the power they have to change it

Impossible is not a fact.  It's an opinion.

Impossible is not a declaration.  It's a dare.

Impossible is potential.

-- Unknown.

Some things in this Universe unite All of Us.
Common Ground
The proverbial Third Option.

Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms
Album: Brothers In Arms
Year: 1985
These mist covered mountains

Are a home now for me

But my home is the lowlands

And always will be

Some day youll return to

Your valleys and your farms

And youll no longer burn

To be brothers in arms

Through these fields of destruction

Baptisms of fire

Ive witnessed all your suffering

As the battles raged higher

And though they did hurt me so bad

In the fear and alarm

You did not desert me

My brothers in arms

Theres so many different worlds

So many different suns

And we have just one world

But we live in different ones

Now the suns gone to hell

And the moons riding high

Let me bid you farewell

Every man has to die

But its written in the starlight

And every line on your palm

Were fools to make war

On our brothers in arms

Lyrics reprinted for expression of concept.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Facilitating Drawing Water

Facilitating Drawing Water
By Cyrellys Geibhendach
July 14, 2011
Permission granted to copy & distribute intact without changes.

What do all of the following have in common? Social policy, living conditions conducive, intellectual exchange, research, facilitation, cultural policy, ecopsychology, dialogues, impact, competitiveness, development, secret history, extreme prejudice, global paradigm shift, beyond myth, interactive, balanced outcomes, ancient mysteries, quarantined planet, foresight effect, self-centered policy makers, discipline parallel, watching veneer, negative vs positive thinking, exercize unique collection, back-channeling, university ufology, extraterrestrial hypothesis, exopolitics definition, positive psychology, exopsychology, exopolitics and bioethics, and ET contact all have in common? Exopolitical Mediation.

Now that I have your attention...

I spend entirely too much time wondering why people do what they do. I wonder how much time they invest in their choices. I see only one crooked hitch with extraterrestrial contact cold-turkey method...the cat is out of the bag that some global leaders and various groups of insiders know all about it and have a long running history in Contact AND that the history of Contact runs the full extent of human existance on this planet.

Presenting a case for peace:
Too many people can't and won't be lied to any longer. That is becoming a growing phenomenon around the entire planet. It's not Contact that is the's the lies that have the leaders and managers and other peripheral personnel in hot water with the public sentiment; its the failure to maintain an open line of communication or lack of meaningful and truthful communication. And it is fueling other sentiments about all the secrecy, lack-of transparancy, behavior that is seen as over stepping authority or even illegal at times, and the lack-of acknowledgement and responsibility taken for the mind-games of the past etc. I'm not specifically pointing fingers here. I'm trying to make a point and suggest some solutions. I consider myself a third party observer in this conflict-paradigm that has formed between them and the aware public. If you need an example (small scale) just check out Larry W. Bryant, a journalist of renown in ufological research, who recently experienced a direct snubbing by NASA who is trying to foist $100 plus dollar fees upon him for information to which he is legally entitled as a journalist. NASA is intelligent enough to send aerospace contraptions beyond the atmosphere, so one would expect that they're intelligent enough to do a simple google search and discover his credentials. Of course they know who Mr. Bryant is but that is part of the silly, destructive game. Both the aware public and aware PTBs are mutually responsible for the creation of this conflict-paradigm through seemingly miniscule, incremental behaviors which is then mimic'd across the social spectrum of the planet. I haven't perceived this as a one-way street. There are social factions among the public which are equally responsible for perpetuating this situation and the problems it creates. In my opinion, it will take both broadly described groups to fix it.

Members of the public are currently having a grand time chasing after ET's COVERT CONTACT and swapping tales over it. It is interesting to listen to all the conversations among these people about the PTB (powers that be). According to them the PTB are either proverbial imbeciles or brain dead to not notice what the public observers have; to not hear their stories; to not take all the evidence seriously or at the very least with a little interest and non-comedic respect, etc. This too fuels the conflict-paradigm and continues the construction of moments subjected to rises of resentment, open hostility, aggression, malice, and the professed need for recompense. Exopolitical mediators experience first-hand this conflict-paradigm behavior when trying to make connections between the public and aware intermediaries with the contact control structure and the PTBs.

This symptomatic behavior oozing from this conflict-paradigm sometimes results in negative feeding-frenzies with communicators ending up as the victims. This is an example of an Old Irish concept of 'dire-price' or 'honor-price'. When a perceived crime was committed against a person or against personal or tribal property, a fine or consequence, sometime social and sometimes monetary or tangible, was exacted or assessed against the criminal and his tuath (clan/family and extended relatives or adopted members and associates). The dire price is often given a greater subconscious priority than communication or communicative interaction which is defined as dialogues without proof involved.

Those individuals or groups acting upon exacting the dire price see an opportunity to do so and victims often cannot not pay their way free of it with any form of proof having a discernable value high enough for the opportunists to cease their attack. What is even more interesting is that those bystanders who either know or suspect a communicator to be genuine will follow the collective and stand silent when they could stop this social punishment. They do so because of the history. Those PTB and their associates who know, are seen by the collective as having breached the social codes of conduct of the collective (aware public).

In Celtic tradition a person's honor had a specific monetary value (dire/honor-price). If one's honor was damaged, the person who had done the damage could be made to pay a price; dire-price or honor-price. One's honor was a kind of strength which was highly valued. If an enemy tried to harm a person, the enemy would likely lose body parts for the trouble. But on the opposing position the enemy's relatives were liable for his crimes and legally responsible to pay the 'honor-price'. For committing some crimes a person's honor-price was revoked, which meant that others could kill or wound them with impunity, and the victims family could not ask or require compensation.

There is a saying, "Without Trust between Individuals, there can be no Tribe." There can be no coherent collective public or quasi-public without it. A conflict-paradigm is the antithesis to a coherent and cooperative effort as a collective based on trust. Trust ALWAYS begins with communication and finishes with a relationship based on mutual positive experience. There is nothing positive in social conflict or personal greed for recompense or social status ill-applied. When initial attempts fail at connecting paradigm groups into cohesive collectives it is persistance and perseverance that salvages the situtation. These things may be generally deplored but without them fears, concerns, and objections become irrelevant and the cause of the objection is often lost in the ensuing muck-throwing contest. I'm not defending the rotten behavior of either party...just observing it and shaking my head because this situation should not be left as's too destructive to both groups involved.

I have to ask, can this conflict-paradigm be surpassed? Can we as a specie escape this vicious circle, this rift, that has been created? Has there ever been a time when personal and often individualistic greed for recompense and personal social status, been relinquished in favor of choices which hold greater benefit and nurture for both individuals and the collective?

I suggest that the answer to these questions is yes. It can be done and has been done. I proffer to you an example out of ancient history: "Loyalty in the tuath was also important, for without this trust and cohesiveness it would be all too easy for any individual to perish, alone and without aid. The tuath depended upon mutual assistance and collective labor, for the survival tasks of herding, farming, and gathering were beyond the means of any one "nuclear" family. Truth was of utmost importance to the Celts, and the discernment of truth is a theme that is touched upon in many of the traditional tales. In "Cormac's Cup" for instance, the object of the tale was a cup which would shatter when three lies were told and mend again when three truths were uttered. This implies that some actions are not and can not be "relative", but instead are considered absolute and have value as being true. One either has or has not put water in the bucket. It cannot be both full and empty at the same time, at least within ordinary, mundane reality. The state of the bucket is a truth. Truth is one basis of proper judgment, and offering false judgment was believed to be one of the things that destroyed a tuath," Erinn Rowan Laurie. It is not the differences or the power that bind groups together into collectives, but rather the truths; those matters which groups hold in common relationships. It is their similarities on a social and spiritual level which bind the ties and support cohesion.

There was a time when we Old Irish seemed new to this world and generally practiced this aversion to greed; when the individual and the collective functioned for the most part, as a team....two well oiled interlinked cogs in the same wheel. I don't think it is that it didn't exist, or that it was always successful, or that myth paints pretty pictures for our time. Rather, I think compatibility and social cohesion existed in the collective of that time because there were clearly defined behavioral and ethical guidelines....boundaries of acceptable behavior, codes of conduct, that everyone understood clearly and agreed upon...making it possible for minor and major breaches of those codes to be pointed out and create a starting point for dealing with situations of breaching or transgression when they inevitably arose.

We don't seem to have any of that in this day and age. In mundane terms, we live in a socio-political free-for-all; laws are unclear, or hidden to all but a highly educated few because there are so many meaningless laws that law, itself, is a maze no one even cares to understand anymore unless greed is involved; philosophy is not taught as a required subject in schools; control of youth behavior by the family, for another example, is under severe attack to the point that many parents fear to do any firm disciplining without officials getting involved resulting in tribal-like social constructions among youth and general chaos in many communities. And two groups on Extraterrestrial Contact who have far more in common than they have in difference can't manage open and civilized communication events without alot of haggling over what constitutes a lie, or whether or not proof is actually proof or even necessary in the first place, and whether or not any act is ever legally or ethically actionable or of value. I think it is true that trust develops more easily and a community becomes more than a fractured group of people who claim they believe similar things when communication, honor, and truth are involved; when the parties concerned are at the very least willing to attempt it.

I do think is that individual and group greed is most often opportunistic behavior ill-applied. Sometimes that behavior is self-centered with altruistic results...and sometimes it is self-centered with destructive, disruptive, and incapacitating results. Like so many things on this world, I see it as a mixed bag of negatives and positives depending upon peoples choices. We don't teach about greed or how to manage or control it in this day and age. We don't respect inequities anymore so we pay for it day after day like gluttons for self-punishment, failing to understand how we got here and sometimes even missing where we are in the scheme of things.

I think we can figure this out. Basically, I don't so much think as I BELIEVE we can figure this out. No conflict-paradigm is healthy to leave intact. We have all the tools lying scattered across the ground around us. In order to use them effectively to solve our mutual problems and achieve mutually beneficial goals between paradigm groups, we need to learn to work together as a team once again...and that means going after the Unknown Country together -- including the PTBs, their people, and the full history of Contact too -- uniting a fractured and fearful world through our commonalities.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Mickey Komtra Facebook Discussion Taking It To Congress

Mickey Komtra a member of facebook has opened a discussion in the Disclosure Project UFO group seeking peer opinion on, "a way we the people could help take the disclosure project to congress? legit ideas not defeatest conspiracy crap. 400 members of all former areas of intelligence, military, and government step forward and admit what we all discuss daily, lay the paving stones, and 10 years later, the D.P. on youtube has a million hits, and justin bieber has 500,000,000. It hasnt even been featured on something like fox news.....GO!!!!"

It was an opportunity to open up the discussion further to reach the heart of why the national security state maintains its hold over the secrecy and elected officials. He is genuinely looking for a real and actionable course that concerned individuals could do singularly or as a group. He rightly pointed out the increasing numbers of the public who could be theoretically brought to bear through grass roots movement.

I suggested that it is a good idea to get involved but that a strategy would be necessary. One that produced positive benefits for more than just the public.

Hi Mickey, realistically you would have to grow a movement with more influence than the money which funds re-election campaigns. Power only respects power. Influence only respects a greater Influence. You have to have something on the table that is greater than oh well "they're here". Solve the 'why' they personally need to acknowledge it and you may find yourself on the right road. Better than a million man march...a million man sales pitch they can't refuse. Just remember some quarters of 'they' already know and anything that changes their safe & secure little hidden world scares the crap out of them. So your sales pitch needs to be sensitive to those people too or they will fight to the death for their own survival. They've often requested Amnesty for the decades of secrecy and national/international security state acts to maintain what they believe was peace and civilization. Why don't you take such an effort and solve both problems? Creating win - win situations are more likely to produce a result you would be happy with than one that continues a 'conflict-paradigm' between those who desire Disclosure and those who are terrified of the consequences.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Online Event - The Future of Justice

The following event is one of interest to active mediators and communication facilitators. The transitioning of communication and conflict paradigm resolution to the online forums makes programs such as this one of great interest to the exopolitical mediator who, while working with participants, is also mindful of points involving social & legal agendas and parameters or requirements which are part of the confidentiality agreements and subsequent activities. It is useful to a mediator's profession to perceive modifications and trends in the landscape of the private & public resource environments as they surface. CY

The Future of Justice
Tuesday, July 26, 2011 from 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM (ET)

Early Registration tickets $10.00

Event Details:


A technology-mediated justice system is taking shape around us. What began as e-filing and online docketing has transitioned into the use of technology to enable the average citizen in creating complex legal documents, crowdsourcing legal information, and allowing lawyers and clients to interact on a virtual platform. These developments have merely touched the surface of technology’s influence on dispute resolution, the practice of law, and the justice system as a whole.

The Future of Justice program addresses this exciting future and offers insights from leading industry professionals on the critical issues facing technology and the justice system and what this future will look like. By addressing one of the main focal points of all justice systems, dispute resolution, the program looks at the history, past, and future of the industry that has come to be known as online dispute resolution.

Program participants will gain greater understanding of the past, present and future of online justice systems, how international organizations, NGOs, and the private sector are positioning themselves to shape the system, and how your business will be impacted as a result.


Ethan Katsh, Director of National Center for Technology & Dispute Resolution

Vikki Rogers, Director of Institute of International Commercial Law at Pace Law School

Chittu Nagarajan, founder of ODRIndia and Director of Ebay India & Ebay's Community Courts in India

Timothy Sze, Founder of China ODR Forum; General Mediator and Administrated Panelist at Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC)

Moderated by: Vince Polley, President of KnowConnect PLLC

Who Should Attend:

Lawyers and Mediators: Learn about new directions for the legal industry and how to optimize your practice using technology to prevent, negotiate, and settle disputes in real-time and in a collaborative and time-sensitive manner.

Government officials: Learn to more effectively use resources to build efficiencies into your current systems, increase public participation, and build consensus.

Social Justice Practitioners: Learn how the quickly growing field of online dispute resolution can help to bridge the justice and technology divide, facilitate micro-commerce, and grow markets.

Program Sponsored By:

SMU Center for Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management and

The Center for Public Policy Dispute Resolution at University of Texas School of Law

Hosted By:

Hosted by InternetBar Org Institute; Sponsored by SMU Center for Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management and The Center for Public Policy Dispute Resolution at University of Texas School of Law
Internet Bar Organization is a non-profit organization that seeks to promote and shape the emerging online justice community through educational programs, providing businesses and individuals around the world with learning resources and by running Rule of Law & Technology programs in the developing world to empower individuals at the bottom of the economic pyramid with new tools to make a living.