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Sky to the Earth
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Strength in Everyone.
~ from Morrigu’s Prophecy

Friday, July 8, 2011

Mickey Komtra Facebook Discussion Taking It To Congress

Mickey Komtra a member of facebook has opened a discussion in the Disclosure Project UFO group seeking peer opinion on, "a way we the people could help take the disclosure project to congress? legit ideas not defeatest conspiracy crap. 400 members of all former areas of intelligence, military, and government step forward and admit what we all discuss daily, lay the paving stones, and 10 years later, the D.P. on youtube has a million hits, and justin bieber has 500,000,000. It hasnt even been featured on something like fox news.....GO!!!!"

It was an opportunity to open up the discussion further to reach the heart of why the national security state maintains its hold over the secrecy and elected officials. He is genuinely looking for a real and actionable course that concerned individuals could do singularly or as a group. He rightly pointed out the increasing numbers of the public who could be theoretically brought to bear through grass roots movement.

I suggested that it is a good idea to get involved but that a strategy would be necessary. One that produced positive benefits for more than just the public.

Hi Mickey, realistically you would have to grow a movement with more influence than the money which funds re-election campaigns. Power only respects power. Influence only respects a greater Influence. You have to have something on the table that is greater than oh well "they're here". Solve the 'why' they personally need to acknowledge it and you may find yourself on the right road. Better than a million man march...a million man sales pitch they can't refuse. Just remember some quarters of 'they' already know and anything that changes their safe & secure little hidden world scares the crap out of them. So your sales pitch needs to be sensitive to those people too or they will fight to the death for their own survival. They've often requested Amnesty for the decades of secrecy and national/international security state acts to maintain what they believe was peace and civilization. Why don't you take such an effort and solve both problems? Creating win - win situations are more likely to produce a result you would be happy with than one that continues a 'conflict-paradigm' between those who desire Disclosure and those who are terrified of the consequences.