Peace to the Sky
Sky to the Earth
Earth beneath the Sky
Strength in Everyone.
~ from Morrigu’s Prophecy

Friday, May 15, 2009

Our Human-ness is under seige and attack.

From any discussion of human nature and behavior, one can see that human bodies inherit all sorts of tendencies. Wanting, hungering, thirsting, restlessness, desiring.

And that's how human life IS ... urges and the desire to adopt sensations. Okay.

Now, let's talk about what society NEEDS in order to be stable, live-promoting, interesting, and satisfying. Subtle behavioral cues rather than force. Bingo.

QUOTE: "World Peace - it IS possible. If our families are places of love, if parents and children are helping each other to become fully human, fully alive, then peace will come in our land. Peace will come between cultures. Peace will come in our world.... Talk must always come from a place of silence and not from a place of aggression and power....We cannot be at peace unless we cherish silence; silence in the family where we can be together and love each other.
- Jean Vanier: Encountering 'the Other' p 41, 42

Today's society wants to FORCE a foreclosure on families, on neighborhoods, on communities in order to paint "GLOBALIST" on every doorpost.

--Absolutely no one is allowed to speak to how we breed, or how breeding "ought to be done".

--No one is allowed to speak to how messages of Force-over-Reason are intimidating the weak and uncertain out of making any moves.

--No one is allowed to speak to the love of their own way of doing and being.

--No one is allowed to have a PREFERENCE over the language they are to speak.

--No one is allowed TO JUST SAY NO.

In this political context, pandering to behavior that de-constructs our previous society and forbidding behavior that constructed our previous society is a form of intolerable tyranny upon the people charged with bringing up good families who do good work.

The New World Order is uncivil; it does not do what it says. Its members do not tell the truth. They create a two-tiered society in which most of the people are kept ignorant. You have to be in the In Crowd to know anything. And what they inflict upon ordinary people, they refuse to do themselves.

President Obama was not born in the United States; and our Constitution SAYS if you want to be President, you haVe to have been born in the US. But he's in the In Crowd, so it doesn't apply to him.

Also, President Bush Junior had a terrible, terrible vita/resume. But the rule that is ironclad upon all of us who do the work is that our resume must be pristine, correct, appropriate. But what applies to us who do the work does not apply to avowed Satanists, Occultists, Globalists and political CHOSEN.

When did Henry Kissinger ever do a single day of honest labor? When has he ever been elected to public office? Why is he the hero of the Bilderburger set -- a German who understands Not- See-ism from the inside?

You see, hypocrisy is so thick, you can cut it with a knife. When there is no intention to actually ever act--nothing will ever get fixed.

Legislatures CLEARLY have no intention to act because they are satisfied with poor and conflicting data about the problem. Conflicting data is supposed to keep us all busy wringing our hands while Rome burns.

Not acting creates fear which creates the need for more controls on top of the "consuming" public but not on the industries doing the damage.

Industrial cartels are king, and there is no stopping them.

Emily Cragg