Peace to the Sky
Sky to the Earth
Earth beneath the Sky
Strength in Everyone.
~ from Morrigu’s Prophecy

Monday, May 18, 2009

Part Two: How I went from Psychologist to Ufologist... and Onward...

Hello, again! Hope everyone's in good health and spirits on this Monday. Well, it is time to wrap up this saga so I can get to more important things.

During my young adult life, I decided to go to college. I was 23. A late starter, but as eager as a high school grad. I always loved reading about psychology and the brain, so I decided to become a psychologist. I started school in 1980, and by 1997, I had graduated with my doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Soon after this, I accepted a job with the Veteran's Administration. They hailed me as one of the hardest working and brightest Interns they have had in many years, so accepting the position there was a "no brainer." Couldn't complain about the pay, either. Over my tenure of ten years, well, it started off as dynamic and fantastic as my internship had been. Over time, I noticed subtle changes in policy -- more restrictive and tighter mandates came down from the top. With most patients, I was doing short-term dynamic psychotherapy, and for combat vets with PTSD, I was using EMDR (eye movement therapy, a form of behavioral semi-hypnotic reliving of traumatic material with a series of positive affirmations and procedures to hopefully, reverse the trauma). Soon, I was told I would no longer be allowed to use EMDR unless I was on a specific ward assignment. I was well qualified, so this raised many issues. Soon after, I was told to cease and desist using any form of dynamic therapy. I was, instead, to begin using a programmed, "same for everyone" behavioral therapy which, as a seasoned professional with 24 years in the field at the time, I felt was ludicrous. I soon became rebellious, and continued to do what was working with my patients, despite mandates and rules. Then, I put two plus two together. Programmed training, purposely meant to be innocuous, meant that the VA did not want to actually help veterans. Digging deeper, I found that the field of psychology was a product of certain illuminists, representing several of the founding fathers of the field, and later further developed by the government for research into mind control, and perhaps in some instances, was used in "psychological warfare," like remote viewing, and "Manchurian Candidate" type of operations. I was appalled. With this new layer of information overlaid upon my education and learning, it was, to me, a tight fit. Facing ever more severe repercussions and consequences for "not following orders," almost delivered in military-like detachment, I sustained several official reprimands, was suspended for seven, and then thirty days, and then it happened.

On April 29th of 1997, I was involved in a severe head-on collision with another vehicle, whose driver pulled the bohemian move of trying to sneak in a left turn directly in front of my minivan. The damage was total to the van. My mother, who was in the car with me was reduced to an individual with a frontal lobe syndrome -- all of her social and buffering filters that our beautiful frontal cortex provides had vanished, along with her personality. She has no sense of time, and thinks it is 1970. My brother and I escaped whole, but with injuries. My lower back was destroyed. I could no longer work in any capacity. I took this opportunity to take my final bows to the world of professional psychology. Instead, I have decided to reformulate, and use my extensive education that yielded a bachelors degree, cum laude, two masters degrees, and a doctorate, take my extensive database of knowledge, and apply it to the field of Ufology, both in search for answers to the UFO phenomenon, and into Exopolitics. What a great time to join in on this cutting edge science of relationships between cultures, both terrestrial, and extraterrestrial.

So, here I am, a "newbie," or a "probie," in this field that occupied, always, a strong front position in my life's aspirations, ever since that experience so long ago. Recall the message: "We are here. We are waiting." The time is now. I ask you now -- come along and learn with me, and Ms. Geibhendach, and all the writers of this journal as we open up, explore, and refine the field of Exopolitics. If you like what you are reading, climb aboard, and stay tuned for the ride of your life, and remember -- "The time is now."

See you next time, as I will begin to ponder upon the psychology of exopolitics -- what it takes to be a mediator, an Exopolitician, and a harbinger of positive change in our status in the universe! God bless all of you!