Peace to the Sky
Sky to the Earth
Earth beneath the Sky
Strength in Everyone.
~ from Morrigu’s Prophecy

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

An Answer to Query Regarding Journal Content Submissions

In answer to a question regarding what subjects is appropriate for the Compass Morainn Journal, I am suggesting the following to assist member authors in encouragement toward producing pieces which will greatly benefit the Exopolitical Mediation field and all others in the Contact Paradigm at this time. The Journal as a part of the Compass Morainn tool package is to assist in several aspects of the resource Compass Morainn is designed to be.

One we are an educational resource to assist professionals in the human mainstream sciences like psychology and other fields, make the evolution or transition into the exopolitical mediation field. For instance, an author might consider how they as professionals rationalize their work on a personal level within the field to maintain objectivity and neutrality while working with whistleblowers or contactees who have many concerns with or before any presentation they might offer, based on their knowledge and experiences, to the world community, is very much a topic in need of a presentation.

We also are a resource to individuals experiencing the miriad forms of Contact to give them necessary information regarding who and what an Exopolitical Mediator is and how one or a group can assist them in their Disclosure effort or other needs. What are the limitations of an Exopolitical Mediator? Both personally and legally? What is the strengths or benefits to engaging in a working relationship with one?

Thirdly we are a resource to the world to assist in understanding the Contact Paradigm as it functionally exists in this point in time. Its history of mediators and their participants, its dangers, the hopes of its professionals & experiencers, its phenominal humanitarians who've dedicated their lives, their reputations, and often their own personal financial resources to be available to bridge gaps and facilitate an atmosphere of understanding and reconcilliation with regards to the many groups, factions, and lone individuals moving behind the scenes throughout the whole of the paradigm. It is a window into the Exopolitical world which brings such amazing information to the public table.

There is tremendous opportunity for authorship, leadership, and participation in forming up this new field into a strong network of people and resources. We are rapidly approaching a tipping point in the collective perception of the paradigm and its openness toward Disclosure. As that evolution takes place the role of the Exopolitical Mediator will assuredly evolve as well. Documenting where we've been, how we facilitate collaboration, and information release will also assist in creating a vision of where we shall go and what we shall become as a Service to Other oriented group of professionals.

Welcome aboard to all Authors and Researchers...I look forward to your contributions.

Cyrellys ni Geibhendach