Peace to the Sky
Sky to the Earth
Earth beneath the Sky
Strength in Everyone.
~ from Morrigu’s Prophecy

Monday, May 18, 2009

My Paranormal Life

I have experienced a multitude of varying paranormal occurrences throughout my life beginning with knocking on walls right next to me while in bed as a child, watching my grandmother wipe a blood stain from the sink in the kitchen only to have it reappear within seconds while she explained to me that this blood was spiritual because it would be there every day in the same spot every morning, to having actual physical contact with a hand which grabbed mine while I had it under the pillow when I was about 3 years old.
I remember being at this house in Dallas, Texas and being in the living room with my mother watching television and suddenly hearing footsteps walking toward the front door and then knocking. I asked my mother why she did not answer it and she replied because there is not anybody there, it is just a ghost. He does this every day.
As a teenager, I would experience out of body periods shortly after laying down to sleep virtually every night. They would begin with my waking up or just at the brink of sleep with a numbing paralyzation of my whole body, a loud roaring like that of a jet engine or a waterfall, followed by my fighting to keep my spirit within my physical body. Sometimes I was unsuccessful and took trips around the world.
I would also see beings similar to the almond-eyed extraterrestrials we have come to know these days because of movies and advertisements. These beings would always be dressed in very colorful loose fitting clothing similar to that worn in Biblical times.
Later in life I began to have what I labeled as Aura Visions where I would have a portion of my sight block out, followed by a brilliant display of shimmering multicolored lights which would expand throughout my total vision, then spread out beyond my sight as if passing through me.
During the first few years I began to have these Aura Visions I researched in every area I could to find out if any one else had ever had similar experiences.
Over the past decade, I have found that so many people have had both the Aura Visions and OBE's that medical science has had to classify these phenomena. In doing so and trying to dispel any link to spiritual and extraterrestrial, they came up with naming them and classifying them as disorders.
The paranormal sleep disturbance is classified as Sleep Apnea and defined as a temporary suspension of breathing occurring repeatedly during sleep that often affects overweight people or those having an obstruction in the breathing tract, an abnormally small throat opening, or a neurological disorder.
The Aura Vision Phenomena is labeled as Scintillating Scotoma and defined as a localized area of blindness that may follow the appearance of brilliantly colored shimmering lights and is associated with the aura of migraine.
The only problem with these medical definitions is they fail to explain ones spiritual and extraterrestrial contact during the Sleep Apnea and the prophetic visions seen and felt during Aura Visions along with the fact that I have never had a Migraine Headache follow any Aura Vision I have ever experienced and there were many. I have and continue to today to experience both of these phenomena’s but at a lesser rate.
It is interesting to speculate on the vast number of people world wide that are having spiritual experiences and extraterrestrial contact on a subliminal level and do not say anything to anybody about it. I believe the numbers would stagger the mind if the truth were known.
I have learned a lot from my experiences and because of them, I know my relation of being both in the physical world and on a spiritual level.
I do not seek God as traditional religions would have us believe but know God exists within and is all.
We as humans are being visited by a multitude of advanced civilizations and I suspect they are responsible for our creation as a species and ancient texts and mythological accounts of our past.