Peace to the Sky
Sky to the Earth
Earth beneath the Sky
Strength in Everyone.
~ from Morrigu’s Prophecy

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The lights coming over the trees.

About 12 years ago me and my friend Scott.Went down to our favorite place to look at the stars .We had many UFO experiences down there.We went down parked the car down next to one of the many dark roads .You were not aloud in Barre Falls Dam Army Corp s of engineering after ten.So we would always go were we would not be seen.Even though we had never seen cops go threw there we never wanted to take the chance. This night there was me my friend Scott his then wife Lucy and my girl friend Anne.We were just looking up looking at all the stars seeing some satellites. Shooting stars. At one point Scott said what is that light over the trees.We all looked over and saw this real bright white light slowly coming a little down from us and off to the right. I said its not making any noise.We were excited at this point. This object just slowly moving did not blink or change color or brightness. I said the way it was going . I could wait and when the time was right run as fast as I could and probably be under it before it got over the other set of woods. We watched it . I said I am going for it. I said want to run with me Scott he said no . I said here I go . I ran as fast as I could . As I ran Scott yelled don't you will not come back . I kept running then froze. I just stopped . I had this feeling like what if I do not come back . I started thinking of my mother and what would happen to her . Not knowing what would really happen . I watched the light go further and further over the trees in front of me about a quarter of a mile away . Then gone . Whether I got scared at what Scott said while I was running or I just froze with anxiety or fear . I still do not know . If this is ever to happen again now . I would do things different . I have had other experiences since then and now I have no anxieties or fears or anything that might happen should I run to the light again . I actually always look forward to my experiences now . And I feel completely comfortable . And here again why I feel this way . I do not know. I think I have just gotten used to the idea they will not hurt me . Or they would have down it already.