Peace to the Sky
Sky to the Earth
Earth beneath the Sky
Strength in Everyone.
~ from Morrigu’s Prophecy

Thursday, December 13, 2012


December 2012

Mankind at the dawn of extraterrestrial contact is akin to pre-Socratic thinkers which were termed natural philosophers.  Like them, our entire attention has been focused on our immediate world and its vicinity.  It is a limited view of reality that has consisted only of ourselves relative to the known living species in this world.  And we have sought to understand the origins of our world and the meaning of our lives in this limited context.  Our explorations have largely consisted of science, philosophy, and the spiritual constructions of religion.  So far we have rejected the seemingly naive imaginings of science fiction and fantastic tales of experiences involving highly sentient and developed beings not of our own kind.  We have looked for understanding not in the broader universe with its tangible construct of reality, but rather in our own anthropological view of reality where all concerns, needs, and conclusions revolve around our own.  Like Heraclitus of ancient Greece, we have "sought for myself!"  Yet while we have reached beyond the limits of these crafted paradigms we still cling to these manufactured perspectives, religion, and myth.  More work yet lays ahead of us to establish a more holistic independence of reason and perspectives upon which sciences, doctrines, and everyday living might ponder and build.

We move today with a similar detached curiosity to identify previously unknown elements in our primordial adventure.  But that detached curiosity is not sufficient and far from satisfying.  We fail to reach agreement among our various investigators who are becoming increasingly segregated as they champion primary material toward isolated event patterns and their causes.  We also face a secondary problem arising naturally out of these preoccupations with the material substances; the problem of change.  As so long ago in ancient Greece, some of our number deny the emerging reality of change, while others hide from the reality of Being -- existing -- expressing our selves as a singular people within a wider context which is not closed from the greater community.  This controversy leads to a further problem: the problem of knowledge!  How can something be knowable if it changes from moment to moment?  How can something be knowable when our established bureaucracies have become so introverted that they support an aversion to truth, knowingly or unknowingly, for the sake of their own survival rather than the greater good?  Once again as in ancient Greece the methods of finding Truth has been called into question.  We move from evidence of the senses, to an appeal to reason, and then followed by a "great emphasis" upon deductive logic as a technique for disclosing and and proving this new evolution in mankind's fringe awareness as a means to embrace the change on the more holistic scale.  But these proofs are NOT satisfying!  The cumulative effects of over 60 years of experiencing, seeking, speculating, deducing, and attempting to communicate in such a way as to illicit an affirmative response from our societal hierarchies, exercising control over the masses and its governing systems, has only resulted in a growing conviction that neither experience nor human reason can establish Truths which should be universally accepted.

Pondering ancient Greece, "individualism and skepticism in thought coincided with the economic and political crisis that produced the Peloponnesian War, and the interaction of these various factors brought Greek thought to the dead end represented by the teachings" of their day, likewise in our time does collectivism and skepticism in thought coincide with the economic and political crisis which produces endless terminal wars in the seemingly more penurious areas of our world.  Among our masses rise various groups of highly critical thinkers largely tuned to man and society and who shun what they believe are fruitless speculations about the broader paradigm beyond age old human perspectives.  We observe with horror, all religious, ethical, and political values fall before the onslaughts of their attacks -- attacks utilized as forms of social engineering to create a niche within human perception more harmonious to their various purposes.  In their intent 'grounded being' is a controllable certainty, "a clever devise" of sociological statesmen as a means of preventing thought deviance, maintaining stability, and providing for the masses whose unconcern facilitates malleable intellectual regression.  Among these trans-paradigmic statesmen "justice is simply the interest of the stronger."   We are experiencing a peculiar synchronicity with the pre-Socratic thinkers of ancient Greece who agreed in interpreting the famous dictum of Protagoras, "man is the measure of all things," to mean that  truth and morality were relative and individual matters.  And many go on to accept the extreme skepticism regarding Truth formulated by Gorgias:  "Nothing exists; if anything did exist, it could not be known; if a man should chance to apprehend it, it would still be a secret: he would be unable to communicate it to his fellows."  This is the situation we find ourselves in today regarding extraterrestrial contact as unambiguous contact looms.

My fellow man, into this "intellectual and spirited vacuum" each of you must step.  Your place in history lies in great jeopardy.  It is your immediate destiny to reverse the destructive trend in our planetary human thinking and construct a viable foundation upon which our children may build a world fit for open participation in the greater community.  Your first task is to build an ethical, moral, and philosophical system for the masses to abide, in the face of unambiguous contact discovered, confirmed, and acclimated to, rather than disclosed prior to experience.  The investigating is done!  Like the Sophists, it is your lot to refuse to spend time without introspection.  Socrates explained this step in the following manner, "I have no leisure for such inquiries; shall I tell you why?  I must first know myself, as the inscription at Delphi says; it would be absurd to be curious about what is no business of mine, while I don't know my own self."  In other words, because man has reasoned all Truth and traditional values out of existence the resulting void of meaning demands your attention.  It is therefore the world within you; your behavior before the enigma, through the enigma, and in conjunction with the enigma experienced which must concern you and consume you in this time.  You must attend to the care of the soul and bear yourself anew as a broadened paradigm emerges and establishes itself.  Only you can prevent implosion.  In this it matters not how you identify the soul or the mind of man.  You can only know it is the seat of reason and capable of finding ethical truths, behavioral responsibility, and intrinsic excellence which can and will restore the meaning and value of life.  Like Socrates you must not doubt such things can be found and that they will be universally accepted as good.  Socrates believed if people would place themselves under the rule of reason, they would recognize and desire what is good and true, for the nature of goodness and truth is such that all who recognize it will want it; all evil and error are the products of ignorance.  This is the meaning of his well-known statements that "virtue is knowledge" and "nobody errs willingly".

I ask you, are you satisfied with the beliefs of being a singular presence in this universe?  Are you satisfied with the absences of Others contradictory to experiential evidence by so many of your peers?  It is said in sociology that it requires only 3% of a population to tip the scales of understanding.  Far greater than that percentage has encountered the enigma in varying degrees.  How much for you is enough to accept and live by this new scope of awareness, rather than by dialectical inconsistencies in what you have been taught systemically -- a false truth of your reality?  When will you exhort what you have come to understand?  Why do you cling to skepticism, whether by belief or by shield, when you accept and express so many other myths with less proof in hand?

The ground has been prepared.  Those who have experienced the enigma both within the system of governance and outside the system of governance have a great seed planted in common.  That seed is to grow into fruition a tree of life; a tree of change from subversive secrecy, fear, and self-servancy to a paradigm of optimism, commonality, exhortation, and an embrasure of an eternal truth both about reality and ourselves.  This achievement is yours to attain and bequeath to your children and associates.  The solution to the problem is you; knowing your time; knowing to speak and express an excellence of being, come what may.

Cyrellys Geibhendach
Compass Morainn
An Association of Exopolitical Mediators and Facilitators
Montana, USA December 2012

**Three reasons for speaking come what may:  for instruction against ignorance, council against strife, and Truth against harmful Falsehood.

***Three words of counsel from an old teacher:  know thy power, know thy wisdom, and know thy time.

Three followers of wisdom:  imagination, purpose, and endeavor. -- Irish Triad

FiOs ~ "Vision, Memory, Dream" Berla Feini (old Irish), "Knowledge" Modern Irish.

In singing, in exploring our connection to our Spirit and the Creative Source, then turning to examine our Reality, what we thought was only Imagination or only a Dream is revealed to be the most powerful Truth of all...