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Sky to the Earth
Earth beneath the Sky
Strength in Everyone.
~ from Morrigu’s Prophecy

Thursday, September 26, 2013

News for Exopolitical Mediators 09-26-2013

For those interested in Exopolitical Mediation this tidbit is of interest: 

There are no national standards to measure a mediator's competency, but Maryland's Council for Dispute Resolution “performance-based certification” may serve as a model for other states. 

Source: LinkedIn's group ADR Conflict Resolution and Mediation Exchange Group Members


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cogs in the Wheel of Contact Preparations

Has any reader here considered what it would take to be ready for a world where Contact is a reality?  What might you need?  What would be your greatest fear?  Who would you employ?  What boundaries would be erased?  How would you define an expert?  And to what extent of effort might you be willing to go?

When you are intellectually beyond the un-informed squabbles over truths and deceptions, how might you view what you see in the situational landscape?  How would your concerns and values adjust?  Where would you invest your life and perspectives?

RIA NovostiFEMA, Russian Ministry to Join Forces Against Space ThreatFEMA, Russian Ministry to Join Forces Against Space Threat
12:27 26/06/2013 Russia and the United States will work together to improve protection against meteorites and other space threats, Russia’s emergencies minister said on Tuesday following a joint Russia-US working group meeting in Washington.>>

Friday, January 11, 2013

2013 Audio Interview of Cyrellys Geibhendach by TJMorrisET Radio

First ever audio interview with Cyrellys by TJ Morris of TJMorrisET Radio Show at BlogtalkRadio.  Cyrellys discusses issues currently facing the public, governance, and the exopolitical/ufology community.  The interview is 2.5 hours long with many subjects covered.

Listen to internet radio with TJMorrisETradio on Blog Talk Radio