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Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Warning Statement About the Forum Wars

,Compass Morainn has stepped into the public arena on the recent forum wars to make a statement about the use of hosting companies against their own as a weapon to censure public knowledge caches. 

Recently there has been an internet wide protest of great effect on the issue of censure-ship and how systemic processes and management tools are created and then applied under the guise of protective responses to unpalatable truths or malicious self-serving acts that may or may not fall under any heading termed terrorism.  That protest was over the recent attempts to install an open patent on what is happening anyway under the table.  SOPA and PIPA in the US Congress fell under world-wide condemnation across the net and was forced to withdraw their propositions for tyrannical controls and proposed eradication measures.

This is like I said only the public face of what goes on under the table across the board on issues of Constitutionality, corruption, and even the Contact Paradigm.  The Contact Paradigm, due to the derision it is subjected to by the controlled media is held in trust for the public by a broad community of public individuals who operate in association with not just idle entertainment but even professional bodies and in some cases aspects of governence.  These people are the only thing that stands between the world and complete utter inexcusable ignorance.  And they are under habitual attack by anti-disclosure factions who come by way of proxies in every form imaginable. 

That conflict paradigm has recently taken on a whole new level of dementia and violence in the way of Forum Wars which has resulted in a 6000 plus member forum of distinction and renown being virtually nuked into oblivion by its own hosting company who obliged complaints of Libel by disgruntled and self-serving parties.

This has raised serious questions about the extent of actions that the anti-disclosure factions out there in both their public and non-public forms will go to achieve societal control, thought insemination, and paradigm censor-ship and social engineering.  This has caused us to carefully consider whether we will tolerate this level of activity and unethical conduct.  Therefore Compass Morainn has deemed these actions as a CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER and so produced a public statement on the matter.  Here is a copy of that statement:

Re: Memos to Members
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Hi All!

I have an announcement to make: Due to the recent Forum Wars that is resulting in hosting companies being used as weapons of mass destruction to take out whole forums containing the People’s Knowledge Cache’s on the histories, interactions, and events of ufology and exopolitics (such as this and this and this), I am activating Emergency Action Plan No.1, in the event that these wars should roll around and attempt the same here at Compass Morainn.

In the event of catastrophic attack, Members are to go to either my Facebook page at:   or visit my account of published articles under  to review instructions that will be posted in short order article form, for where to go as a Reconvene point for the community, participants, and observers.
You should know that unlike other forums which have fallen victim in this under the table virtual knife war, that Compass Morainn will not remain idle were it to be so engaged. An offensive plan and a defensive plan stands ready to be applied and there would be no mercy in its actions across the Internet on the perps and their affiliates.
Rest assured that CM’s material content is subjected to a regular backup and any matter affecting its presence on the internet will only cause it to be rapidly reborn exponentially elsewhere. Someone who closely considers this in terms of effects and ramifications would rapidly come to the conclusion that this would theoretically result in a weird form of intergroup-communication and public notification of that communication, in such a way that would ultimately drag the Conflict Paradigm of the human reaction to Contact wide out into the open. That is true…it would be one wild way to disclose to the public about the proverbial pink elephant in the room, but it would be more to the point -- effective to paint the picture of the ethos and immaturity of some of the parties in the mix.

The whole point of this is precisely what a friend recently remarked: There is no half measures when it comes to Disclosure. If engaged the paradigm will roll over you like a tidal wave in full bore and it is not something once initiated that could possibly be held back. And with it will rise all the dirty inequities of mankind…the socks in it’s closet, so to speak, will be the vehicle and the sudden stop at the bottom of the long fall from grace. Pardon the pun.

Cyrellys Geibhendach
Compass Morainn

I will go to war if I must…and I will call the wildcards of the world into a new playground where dreams and fears and unconcern have by right of un-acknowledgement, great weight. WWIII may have to take a backseat to this one. And someone had the unbelievable nerve to tell an Apprentice to Synchronicity: sit down and shut up.  ~  Elemental Thoughts on Paradigm Commonalities, Patterning, and A Hidden Conflict

All Mankind of Earth bends knee and pays a homage in one form or another to the Creative Source...and you will be reminded of that.
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