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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Larry Bryant seeking records prohibiting all GSC personnel from publically discussing UFO-ET encounters

Larry Bryant, well known journalist, researcher, and member of Compass Morainn in the affairs of exopolitical facilitation is hard at work seeking records prohibiting all GSC personnel from publicly discussing UFO-E.T. encounters.  These records are very important to the public understanding of the restrictions under which our military first responders to extraterrestrial contact are forced to function. 
It also allows researchers, mediators, communication facilitators, and disclosure activists to understand how the secrecy works and what means of control are currently in operation. 
This is work that builds the fundamental image of our first responders not only as bounded-beings, but as individuals beyond skin and space.  It evolves our understanding of the current infrastructure; what drives its actions, what motivates it.  Aristotle once said, "the same causes and the same means that produce any excellence or virtue can also destroy it, and this is true of every art....the same holds true of the virtues:  in our transactions with other men it is by action that some become just and others unjust, and it is by acting in the face of danger and by developing the habit of feeling fear or confidence that some become brave men and others cowards...In a word, characteristics develop from corresponding activities.  For that reason, we must see to it that our activities are of a certain kind, since any variations in them will be reflected in our characteristics."  As a philosopher he said that our habits are no small matter; that it makes not only a considerable difference but all the difference. 
In order to grapple with these boundaries, we must first understand them.  The majority of the public trusts to the extent that we take them for granted.  Even many of the insiders live with them rather than challenge them.  This has produced a system which rules humanity rather than humanity ruling the system.  Research, illumination, and understanding returns control of our systems to those who would benefit or be managed by them.  It allows us to look at the true liabilities by which we suffer.  What are the results for our lives together?  What is invited and what is denied?  Kenneth Gergen, author of Relational Being - Beyond Self and Community, noted that there are enormous costs involved in our complacency over bounded-being and that this bounding emerges as a threat to the world.
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== The USAF's Broken FOIA Record ("No records, no records, no records, no ...") ==

[LWB Note (as posted in the comments section of my blog's Item 2.96):  The "authorities" here once again illustrate the public's need for emergence of whistleblowers bold enough to provide us with solid evidence that hard-core UFOtruth remains hostage of forces inimical to the public interest.] -

TO:  Larry W. Bryant

414 Curtiss Rd. Bldg 4714, Ste 208
Barksdale AFB, LA  71110

DATE:  April 12, 2011

Dear Mr. Bryant,

This is in response to your 11 February 2010 [sic] Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request #2011-02498-F, for a photocopy of all GSC generated and GSC received records prohibiting all GSC personnel from publicly discussing their own UFO-E.T. encounters and the UFO-E.T.-related reports of others, pertaining to Minot Air Force Base, Malmstrom Air Force Base, and F. E. Warren Air Force Base.

Upon your request, AFGSC FOIA office conducted a search to include Minot Air Force Base, Malmstrom Air Force Base, F. E. Warren Air Force Base, and Air Force Global Strike Command.  An appropriately detailed search of the relevant system of records was unable to locate any responsive records for your FOIA request.

Should you decide that an appeal of this decision is necessary, you must write to the Secretary of the Air Force at the address below in sufficient time so that the appeal reaches us no later than 60 calendar days after the date of this letter.  Include in the appeal your reasons for requesting reconsideration, and attach a copy of this letter.  Mail to:  Secretary of the Air Force; Thru:  HQ AFGSC/A60K (FOIA); 414 Curtiss Rd., Bldg. 4717, Ste 208; Barksdale AFB, 71110; Or e-mail to: .

Department of Defense Regulations 5400.7 indicates fees be assessed for processing FOIA requests; however, there were no chargeable fees assessed for this request.


Director of Communications [Headquarters, Air Force Global Strike Command]

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