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~ from Morrigu’s Prophecy

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Project Camelot: A Gem in the Sky of the Online Universe

By Michael A. Melton, Psy.D.
MUFON Field Investigator #9744

In the field of Ufology and Exopolitics, we are observing changes, somewhat like a quickening of events. The number of UFO sightings are growing, and we see increases in the types of craft reported – specifically, orbs and triangles. There is a focus on disclosure, like never before. Recent polls show that the majority of Americans, and indeed people all over the world believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life. Cable channels such as The History Channel and The Science Channel feature a great number of shows and series on unidentified flying objects, and associated phenomena. On mainstream TV, the number of shows with a science and/or paranormal focus have grown in number season after season. Even the Catholic Church, Via the Vatican, has reassured its faithful that it is acceptable to believe in extraterrestrial life. Normally, I don't like to plug a site from my own soapbox here on the web, but I find myself today making an exception to this rule.

So with this quickening taking place, where might one look to be kept on the razor’s edge of what is going on, to stay in the know, and to be updated on a regular basis so as to not lose ground? I cannot stress the importance of staying in touch with what is happening, not on CNN, or on the evening news, but in the real world you can only find if you look on the internet. One excellent source, which gets my highest recommendation, is Project Camelot ( Since late summer of 2007, Project Camelot has been the most reliable and impartial place on the web to be educated, fascinated, and literally astounded by the news and information imparted on this website. Creators and owners Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan are at the helm of this fantastic well of information. They present their interviews and news with complete impartiality, and provide a forum for readers and whistleblowers alike to present their cases and opinions via the Project Avalon Forum. Bill and Kerry have the following mission statement for their site:

• “To provide researchers, activists and ‘whistleblowers’ with access to all forms of media in order to get the truth out.

• Our focus includes but is not limited to the following:
• extraterrestrial visitation and contact
• time travel
• mind control
• classified advanced technology
• free energy
• possible coming earth changes
• revealing plans that exist to control the human race.

• To establish ‘safety in numbers’ and unite these disparate factions under an umbrella of protection for activists and ‘whistleblowers’ who may have concerns for the safety of themselves and their loved ones.

• To provide a tribute to all activists in paradigm-challenging fields who have worked for the benefit of humanity... and who have suffered or been silenced for speaking the truth.”
There isn’t another place like it on the web, and for those who are interested; it should be the first link in everyone’s favorites. If you wish to commit to the cause, you can sign your name to the “Round Table,” the “safety in numbers” assurance tool. You can find my name among the 1200 names who have committed to the cause. It also creates a sense of community in that you truly feel a part of this movement of truth and validation.

One of the most informative and fascinating sections of this incomparable sight is the “interviews and reports” section. Within these web pages you will find interviews from scientists, whistleblowers, and superb sources of truth, such as Robert O. Dean, probably the most gentlemanly and convincing of the interviewees, Richard Hoagland, John Lear, Jim Marrs, and many, many other individuals whose interviews not only have you riveted to your seat, but you will learn a tremendous amount of information as well. These and others' reports are woven together with other whistleblower's tales and reports, and it seems that the web fits together in such a way as to reify the factual nature of the reports. Project Camelot also offers thorough analysis of information, and puts many of the pieces of the puzzle together for the reader.

As an avid fan of Project Camelot, and a strong supporter of the work that Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy are doing, and in such an undeniably honest, impartial and professional way, I highly recommend that Project Camelot be your “go to” source for all things in the contemporary UFO, paranormal, and scientific news fronts. As well, if you are interested in the prophecies of the 2012 phenomenon, or are interested in knowing just how advanced science is over what we see, use and experience around us, then join the multitudes of people who use Project Camelot as their source for information. If you can, support it with a donation, as well as Compass Morainn, and assure that this project and ours never has to shut down. We are all working hand-in-hand for a common goal: Peace, Truth, and Universal Harmony. There is nowhere else you can go to get so well informed, anywhere in this end of the galaxy.