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Sky to the Earth
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Strength in Everyone.
~ from Morrigu’s Prophecy

Saturday, July 18, 2009

In Support Of An Insider Amnesty For ET Contact Disclosers

In Support Of An Insider Amnesty For ET Contact Disclosers
By Cyrellys Geibhendach
July 18, 2009
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We are in need of ideas which continue the present synergy of positive pro-disclosure movement, allowing fresh avenues and incentives toward Disclosure; raising our R-Value in life. An Insider Amnesty created and applied to the Extra-terrestrial Contact Paradigm here on Earth would be an effective one. It would be a conscious endeavor toward modifying our current situation to initiate a large scale change. I believe that much of the initial change however must occur on a self-actualizing level. We must take pro-active actions to move the process beyond the baby steps it is currently making.

I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to
elevate his life by conscious endeavor.
~ Henry David Thoreau


In fact, until we take how we see ourselves (and how we see others) into account, we will be unable to understand how others see and feel about themselves and their world. Unaware, we will project our intentions on their behavior and call ourselves objective.

This significantly limits our personal potential and our ability to relate to others as well. But because of the unique human capacity of self-awareness, we can examine our paradigms to determine whether they are reality or principle-based or if they are a function of conditioning and conditions.
~ Stephen R Covey, Seven Habits of Highly Effective

I believe the vision of continuing in a paradigm without an amnesty & a synchronization with the history and knowledge, held by the insiders, is a vision disjointed and to say we can hunt the elites down successfully in their entirety without causing the WWIII response from which humanity WILL NOT recover is a vision out of is as the saying goes more projections than reflections, projecting the concerns and character weaknesses of people giving the input rather than accurately reflecting what we take that course is to be determined by the conditioning in our lives. The parameters of our lives must be changed.

The efficiency of the envelope is determined by two factors: the degree of insulation of walls, floors, ceilings, windows, and doors, and the rate of air leakage through these components. ~ Paul Lcinski & Michel Bergeron, Serious Straw Bale: A Home Construction Guide for ALL CLIMATES

Basically the issue of Amnesty is really not about relinquishing Justice. Not at all. It is about our personal right to choose. The choice we face is whether to go into and through our future backwards dwelling upon our past, or whether to go into and through it foward, focusing on our character and potential. It is a choice to be pro-active about our human paradigm to use our imagination and conscience to take over the governing of it; to access our unlimited is the path between stimulus and response.

Our bloom of awareness allows us to enlarge our circle of influence. With Earth's dawning of contact paradigm awareness it will become more difficult for such old paradigms to continue or renew themselves. Amnesty does not mean that the elites would get to continue business as usual with any certainty. The pro-active change approach is to change from the inside-out. To be Different, and by being Different, to effect positive-change in what's out there.

Right now just what is our circle of influence? Just how much influence do you really have in how the world functions or chooses to act? Not much. Amnesty inserts you into the equations. You must then be taken into account and have for your circle of influence an interface....that is if you use the structure of it without malice. That is a responsible act. Respons-able is fundamental to effectiveness and to every other aspect or habit of effectiveness.

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what
lies within us.
~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

Beginning with the end in mind. I fear only the absence of creative, constructive, and corrective responses to mistakes. And there were the mistakes of the past and there will be mistakes in the future where we are not more mindful; aware. If we are to be world (planetary) centered, then the reflection we create of our center may be the following:

*We retain the correct principles which benefit all, that do not change, regardless of external conditions.

*Our security is founded on extra-planetary acceptance.

*Our sense of personal security is as volatile as our people.

*Our feelings of self-worth become based upon our human reputation.

*Our human reflection becomes the scripting source of our correct attitudes & behaviors.

*Our judgement encompasses a broad spectrum of long-term consequences and reflects a wise balance and quiet assurance.

*We see things differently and thus we think and act differently from the largely reactive world of the past.

*Our decision-making criterion is what is good for all of humanity, or what our collective human family wants.

*We gain the option to interpret all of life in terms of the inter-planetary standards, creating a partial understanding and a healthy form of narcissim.

*We adopt a pro-active lifestyle, seeking to serve and build others.

*We interpret all of life's experiences in terms of opportunities for learning and contribution.

*Our actions expand to include awareness of larger models and allow new traditions or evolutions to form.

By changing our paradigm, we change the source from which all attitudes and behaviors flow. By pro-actively taking responsiblity and initiation toward change we are taking a leadership role in our lives. That role is an ongoing process of keeping our vision of our future and our future selves, our vision and values, before us and aligning our lives to be congruent with those most important things. This then allows the insiders and elites to begin to reflect us rather than the other way around.

Such choices create unity and tremendous commitment. It allows them to buy into the changeless core of what your vision is about too, changing them....change occuring from inside-out because in truth you are that inside.

"If the capillary action is not blocked, water will continue to migrate into the material until it is saturated." ~ Lacinski & Bergeron