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Sunday, June 14, 2009

UN’s roaming mediation team termed a success

Here in the CM Journal I'm not specifically in a habit of pulling in outside articles but these are of particular interest in Exopolitical Mediation. With a burgeoning trend of change toward the introduction of the Contact Paradigm on a global and official level, I think it is worth noting that the United Nations is also exploring the value of mediators and mediation. I have been reflecting on how the nature of the work exopolitical mediators do will change. I think that certainly the scope of their involvement will broaden. They may well find themselves working in teams with other traditional mediators who specialize in conflict on an international level, to help mediation transition to a new definition of mediation on a global scale.

"10 June 2009 – The United Nations special on-call mediation team has helped respond to sticky problems all over the globe in their first year – and should do more, according to a top official at the world body.

So far, the Standby Team of Mediation Experts, established last year to help the UN respond more quickly to crises, has been asked to help with the Organization’s peacemaking and preventive diplomacy in nine areas in Africa, Europe and the Middle East, said Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs Haile Menkerios.

“Responding effectively to peacemaking opportunities depends on getting to the field quickly with the right kind of expertise,” said Mr. Menkerios. “The Standby Team is helping us to do just that.”

The six-member team “should be used more widely as a resource by envoys in the field,” he said at a luncheon honouring departing members of the team who serve one year terms. " UN News Center - Read More Here....

Thinking more on this. I have considered what work the 2008 UN Meetings on UFO-Contact Paradigm Disclosure may have initiated. If the interservice groups aren't already developing relationships with international mediators perhaps the value and experience gained by the UN's team will open that as a possibility at a later date....

"Some of the world’s most experienced mediators, high-level decision makers and key peace process actors will meet in Oslo, Norway, from 16-18 June 2009, to share their experiences of peacemaking and reflect on current mediation processes.

The focus of this year’s forum is “Reasserting diplomacy and mediation in a fragmented world”, focusing on the utility of mediation versus that of military force to resolve conflicts. How can mediation and diplomacy be made more relevant and effective? Issues will include experiences of negotiating with organised Islamist groups; " Read More - Click Here