Peace to the Sky
Sky to the Earth
Earth beneath the Sky
Strength in Everyone.
~ from Morrigu’s Prophecy

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Rolling Into 2011

Happy New Year! to everyone both inside and outside of Compass Morainn!

2011 is already beginning to shape up into a fantastic year in many respects. Site updates to Compass Morainn have been completed. She's ready to rock! New information has been added. Some of the type cleaned up. And the broken links & widgets are now fixed.

Be sure to drop in and see how we've grown over the last three years. We are now at 61 published members and four unpublished members. If you are an active member in the field of ufology or exopolitics and know someone who would be interested in learning more about exopolitical mediation or in participating in some way, please refer them to the website and invite them in.

This year is beginning with solidifying Compass Morainn's Confidentiality Policy. All members are requested to check out the copy contained either here on the Journal (see next post) or the copy on the website here. Please either make a note on your profile to the effect, "I honor the Compass Morainn Confidentiality Policy" or send Cyrellys an email wrt it so that we can put a honor-flag on all profiles of approachable mediators, facilitators, researchers, etc for our prospective participants. Observers need not foward or post any notation on it if they do not wish to.

We have many new members that have joined us in 2010 and I'd like to take this moment to welcome all of them as members of 2011 too. To all of you who are new or who had not heard, the Compass Morainn Journal is open to publishing for all Compass Members on the subjects of mediation, facilitation, contact issues, contact insider/contactee communication & interaction processes, exopsychology, exopolitics/anthropology/sociology, current events, activities, and news pertaining to Exopolitical Mediation & Facilitation. The broader scope of news may be posted at the News & Data page on Compass Morainn's home site. Personal experiences not related to Exopolitical Mediation/Facilitation, off-topic research or other articles still in the realm of Exopolitics are provided the Exopolitics Wikizine at Zimbio. Those interested in posting in the Journal need to sign in to Blogger and request an invitation to be sent to you from the Admin.

Here's hoping everyone had a great holiday! We look forward to working with all of you through this coming year.