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~ from Morrigu’s Prophecy

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Global Misbehavior: Information Control

Of Head-Hunters, Attack Poodles, & Communicators

There are three interlocking groups of information controllers operating in the public arenas where exopolitical mediation is concerned. One is part of the journalistic genre, another involves individuals associated with three-letter-acronym agencies, and the other are strong-willed opinionated individuals with their own ideas of righteousness who band together with like individuals and members of the first two groups.

In exopolitical mediation we have referred to these groups and individuals as 'head-hunters'. Head-hunting is a human behavior in which non-believers or anti-disclosure advocates seek exploitable weakness of any kind and then use it to destroy the message of researchers, contactees or insiders, along with their ability to communicate further, their reputations, careers, and public/private lives. This term applies to the toxic behavior irregardless of the truth pertaining to the individual presenting their story or knowledge. The working concept being that two wrongs do not make a right.

"It is hard to contend with passion for whatever it desires to get, it buys at the cost of Soul." ~ Heraclitus, On Nature.

A passionate believer in some ideal, or need will be more inclined to cross illicit boundaries. This being true of those who do not want the manufacturing or manipulation effort ensconcing our true paradigm, publicized in its stark entirety. There is no communication nor disclosure effort which will not have to contend with these forces.

Catherine Austin Fitts describes this in the accompanying video. She refers to head-hunters quite appropriately as 'attack poodles'.

BrasscheckTV publisher puts it this way:

...the three most common ways that the "news" media makes information safe for Corporate America (the actual rulers of the country):

1. Ignore the story completely (a favorite)

2. Dillute daily TV news shows and newspapers with so much junk reporting there's no room for real stories (they've got to put something on the screen)

3. Allow blatant lies on the part of "officials" and bought and sold "experts" to stand without even rudimentary research and analysis (it cost too much, don't you know)

However, occasionaly a story gets away from them (think Gary Webb and his Dark Alliance reporting.)

Then somebody actually has to do some work - that work being the attempted destruction of the reputation and career of the news source (usually a lone reporter or a publisher that's not safely "in the loop.")

There's a revolving door between the "news" industry and the PR "professionals" who take on this kind of work.

The system is so literally innudated with organized corporate interests that any portion can and does get used to control information which attempts presentation to the public. Insiders and contactees routinely express attitudes of powerlessness. This is their feeling that no matter what they do it will have little or no effect on their situation or the direction human life is taking. This in turn reinforces the condition of powerlessness which is the inability to contol the events that shape their lives and the lives of others. Attitudes or perspectives of this form of powerlessness "become barriers to effective self-help, independence, and self-respect."1

Look at the situation many of these individuals reside in. For starters many are affluent in some way. They have careers, some have power, a respectable income, resources, and reputations. These are the exploitable weaknesses. Why? Because they can't imagine how to live without any of it or how to recover from their loss. Many contact participants on the inside in particular have never done without. This is a little described form of poverty. Kenneth B Clark, an social psychologist, describes the poverty of powerlessness happening when human beings who live apart from the rest of society, who do not share in society's affluence, and who are not respected or granted the ordinary dignities and courtesy accorded to others will eventually begin to doubt their own worth.

Head-Hunters or Attack Poodles take advantage of this inherent culture of powerlessness which has been created by the secrecy in order to control the information about it. This culture is passed from one generation of participants to the next as a self-perpetuating cycle. The rest of humanity picks up on this culture through the effectiveness of the information controllers and further perpetuates it by inserting further toxicity through negative derogatory comments, votes of unsubstantiated disbelief, admonitions to speak no further on the subject, exposure of confidential personal life details, and so on which are viewed by other paradigm experiencers. In this way it's passed on preventing any coherent multi-force effort to coelesce together, pushing back the effort to control, supplanting it with an understanding in the mind of the public onlookers.

If we want to understand why the public does not understand or believe in paradigm issues such as corporate controllers, shadow government, global governance, extraterrestrial contact, or alternative human history then we must more thoroughly examine the processes being used to control the current existing information. Those who operate as head-hunters or attack poodles must have every aspect of their operation thoroughly examined and traced; back-engineering, pardon the pun, all the way up the ladder behind them to identify the sources of the anti-reality sentiment. The same is said for being able to function in a mediation or facilitory situation. There should be an expectation of hostile encounters with anti-reality representatives and plans made to address those encounters prior to public efforts.

1 Dye & Harrison, Power and Society, 2005 Wadsworth