Peace to the Sky
Sky to the Earth
Earth beneath the Sky
Strength in Everyone.
~ from Morrigu’s Prophecy

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Confidentiality Policy of Compass Morainn

The following policy pertains to work performed as a Member of Compass Morainn (CM) in the field of Exopolitical Mediation and Facilitation. A Member of Compass Morainn is any individual or group who signs on either publicly or anonymously as a member with the Compass Morainn coordinating website or Administrative Personnel and is approached by participant(s) as an active member operating under Compass Morainn Confidentiality Policy. A participant is defined as an individual or group which retains or utilizes the services of a Compass Morainn member operating as an exopolitical mediator, facilitator, or intermediary observing member relaying contacts/information to another member who actively operates as a Exopolitical Mediator, Facilitator, or other CM role.

•All participants are automatically protected by Compass Morainn’s Confidentiality Policy
•All Compass Morainn Members ahere to Compass Morainn's Confidentiality Policy as a term & condition of membership.
•All information obtained from participants is the property of the participant from which it came and public release of any information obtained from a participant is dictated and directed first by the participant and secondly by Compass Morainn's Confidentiality Policy.
•Any potential participant who approaches you as a Compass Morainn member is to be handled respectfully and given due process under Compass Morainn Confidentiality Policy.
•Limit your access to and use of consulting, mediation, and facilitation information to that required by your duties, permitted by law, and authorized by Compass Morainn.
•Use only legitimate and authorized (legal) means to collect information and whenever practical obtain it directly from the participant consulted.
•Release information concerning the person in the program regarding their status only in accordance with the special confidentiality rules & laws that apply to this information.
•Refrain from revealing any participant information unless supported by legitimate Compass Morainn exopolitical mediation or facilitation business or participant care purposes defined by Compass Morainn.
•Do not discuss participant operational or personal information with any person inside or outside Compass Morainn unless it is in connection with your work, permitted by law, and authorized by the participant(s) and by Compass Morainn.
•Be aware of your surroundings and guard against visitors and third parties needlessly overhearing participant information or discussions.
•Refrain from removing or electronically transmitting participant information or records from a designated storage facility or operational area without authorization and the appropriate physical and technical safeguards. i.e. locked containers, encryption, etc.

Compass Morainn members are to operate with the utmost sensitivity to the confidentiality needs of all participants. Even when we do not agree with the stated needs, desires, or intentions of our participants, all Compass Morainn members are expected to and defined by the act to hold themselves to the highest standards of honorable behavior, as well as personal and professional integrity through adherence to this policy.