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Friday, June 10, 2011

A Behavioral Modeling Text

The following is a book that was created for "the Human Effectiveness Division of the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory, with additional funding from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research" and so compiled by Greg L. Zacharias, Jean MacMillan, and Susan B. Van Hemel, Editors, Committee on Organizational Modeling: From Individuals to Societies, National Research Council.

Book: Behavioral Modeling and Simulation: From Individuals to Societies
Free PDF:

It is useful for mediators and facilitators to have an understanding of perceptional methodologies in common use by participants, particularly in highly structured social stratum such as the military. The editors point out that,

"the Air Force and the other military services are increasingly interested in using models of the behavior of humans, as individuals and in groups of various kinds and sizes to support the development of doctrine, strategies, and tactics for dealing with state and nonstate adversaries, in support of military planning and operations, acquisition programs, and as training and simulation tools. In this report, we are calling them individual, organizational, and societal (IOS) models."

These ideas about behavioral modeling represent the latest in institutional expertise and may be of use within the exopolitical mediation field. This book is submitted here for professional review.