Peace to the Sky
Sky to the Earth
Earth beneath the Sky
Strength in Everyone.
~ from Morrigu’s Prophecy

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Corporations and Contact Acclimation

Are corporations assisting in the problem of acclimation by seeking the root of human conceptual framework formulation? One observation could be made in favor of this question by noting that the idea of acceptability for the term alien as part of our living paradigm has supplanted the idea of health embodied in the term apple for children.

Mead Corporation (MeadWestvaco Corporation) has joined a number of other corporations quietly slipping the contact paradigm into our day to day lives by replacing the classic apple with alien on the "a" flashcard published for ages 4 thru 6 elementary school students. The flashcard has a generic image of green colored "grey" on the reverse side which presents the framework that an alien can be similar to ourselves and is so common place that there is no 'giggle factor' nor 'fear factor' involved when this new generation of students hear it every day as they learn their alphabet.

This takes the concept of Contact out of modern mythology and implies a more fundamental position and relationship in our living framework for the concept. This generation of children will, with the 'nod' from the corporate world, grow up side by side with the 'knowing' that humanity is only one of a multitude of other races in the universe. And they will grow up practicing its inclusion in their lives in little ways that pave the road for deeper explorations awaiting humanity in its future.
Here is the subtle communication that unambiguous contact is conceptually inevitable not a myth to be laughed at or a subject to be ridiculed and demeaned when broached. One could also surmise that here too is a message....a belief that the next generation are hoped or expected to be more competent in their approach as explorers of the unknown than those who followed before them and failed to embrace the obvious with logic twisted to maintain a shield wall of ignorance in the name of realism. In the face of the failings of our traditional leadership structures, here we see the mechanics of society's working power houses taking the lead and setting a new tone for Earth's future. A world which will soon value truth greater than status quo's. Well done, MEAD. Every little bit counts.
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